December 26 Birthdays in History - December 26 Deaths - December 26 Events

1985 Steven Hartman, Westlake California, actor, Rick Forrester-Bold and Beautiful
1980 Serena Phillips, Corvallis Ore, figure skater, 1997 Pruetten champ
1977 Brandee Layne Loving, Miss Mississippi Teen USA 1996
1975 Marcelo Rios, Santiago Chile, tennis star, 1995 Amsterdam
1974 Tiffany Brissette, actress, Vicki-Small Wonder
1974 Tony Brackens, defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1973 Ryan Berube, U.S., 800m freestyle relay, 1996 Olympics gold
1972 Burnell Roques, NFL wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons
1972 Derrick Cullors, running back for the New England Patriots
1972 Jared Leto, born in Bossier City, Louisiana, actor, Jordan-My So Called Life
1971 Mark Lathwell, cricketer, England opening batsman vs. Australia 1993
1970 Lisa Gathright, Moline, Illinois, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-17th-1993
1970 Radka Zrubakova, Bratislava Slovakia, tennis star, 1994 Futures-GER
1970 Willie Williams, NFL cornerback, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seahawks
1968 Darren Barber, Victoria BC, rower 1996 Olympics
1967 Tony Covington, NFL safety for the Seattle Seahawks
1966 Tim Legler, NBA guard, Washington Wizards/Bullets
1965 Ben Husaby, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, cross country skier 1994 Olympics
1964 Colleen Dion, Newburgh, New York, actress, Search for Tomorrow
1964 Jeff King, Marion, Indiana, infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates
1963 Lars Ulrich, Danish/US heavy metal drummer, Metallica-Kill 'em All
1961 Tahnee Welch, La Tahn Renee Welch, born in San Diego, California, actress, Cocoon
1959 Lesley Tomlinson, Derbyshire England, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1956 Gail Tatterson, WBL center, New York Stars
1956 Karen Smith, WBL forward, New York Stars
1956 David Sedaris, born in London, England, writer, comedian, published, 'Barrel Fever', 'Naked', 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'
1955 Evan Bayh, born in Shirkieville, Indiana, politician, Democrat, U.S. Senator from Indiana, 46th Governor of Indiana, implemented a historic $1.6 billion tax cut for Indiana
1954 Ozzie Smith, Mobile AL, infielder for the St. Louis Cardinals
1954 Peter Woods, rocker, Romeo Void-Girl in Trouble
1954 Susan H Butcher, dog sled driver, Idatarod
1954 Ullrich Diessner, born in East Germany, 4 man cox 1976 Olympics gold
1954 Walter Diessner, born in East Germany, 4 man cox 1976 Olympics gold
1953 Matthew Harding, businessman/soccer supporter
1953 Valeri Yuriyevich Sharov, Russian cosmonaut
1952 Andre-Michel Schub, Paris, France, pianist, Van Cliburn-1981
1951 Richard Skinner, born in Portsmouth, England, British DJ, radio and television broadcaster, lead presenter on flagship programs 'Top of the Pops', 'Top 40 Show', 'Whistle Test'
1950 Michael Jones, rocker, BT Express-Here Comes the Express
1950 Victoria Racimo, New York City, actress, Corene-Falcon Crest
1949 Ira Newborn, born in New York City, New York, orchestra leader, Manhattan Transfer
1948 Chris Chambliss, 1st baseman, New York Yankee
1947 Carlton Fisk, born in Vermont, all star catcher, Red Sox, White Sox
1947 Joyce Jillson, Cranston, Rhode Island, psychic/actress, Superchick
1946 Lisette Hordijk, Dutch TV broadcaster
1945 John Walsh, activist/TV host, America's Most Wanted
1944 Jane Lapotaire, actress, Spirit of the Dead
1942 Barry Wood, cricketer, England opener in early 70's
1942 Earl Cate, Arkansas, country singers, Cate Bros-Fire on the Tracks
1942 Ernie Cate, Arkansas, country singers, Cate Bros-Fire on the Tracks
1942 Marco Vinicio Cerezo Arevalo, president of Guatemala, 1986-91
1942 Rob de Nijs, Dutch singer, Put a candle in your window
1942 Gray Davis, American Politician
1941 Daniel Schmid, actor and director, Paloma, Violanta, Hecate, Amateurs
1940 Harmen Siezen, Dutch TV-journal host
1939 Lynn Martin, U.S. secretary of Labor, 1991 - 1993
1939 [Harvey] Phil Spector, record producer, Wall of Sound
1939 Phil Spector, American Businessman
1936 Kitty Dukakis, wife of Michael Dukakis, Governor Massachusetts
1935 Abdul "Duke" Fakir, born in Detroit, Michigan, rock vocalist, Four Tops
1935 Barbara J Jacket, U.S. athletic coach, Olympics 1972
1935 Rohan Kanhai, cricketer, one of West Indies' finest batsmen
1935 Gnassingbe Eyadema, Togolese Statesman
1932 Walter Leblanc, Belgian painter
1931 Thomas Eden Binkley, musician
1931 Thomas K "Tom" van Brook, actor/interpreter, Soldier of Orange
1930 Donald Moffat, Plymouth England, actor, Kent-Logan's Run
1930 Sayed Mutawli imam ad-Darsh, scholar/broadcaster
1927 Alan King, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedian/actor, Anderson Tapes, Memories of Me
1927 Denis Quilley, born in London, England, actor, Masada
1926 Earle Brown, born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, composer, known for reviving interest in classical music with musical improvisation, creating formal and notational systems, and open forum style of muscial construction
1926 Edgar D Ngoyi, South African ANC leader, 17 years in Robbeneiland Jail
1926 Zlatko Pibernik, composer
1921 Steve Allen, New York City, comedian/TV host, Tonight Show, Steve Allen Show
1917 Rosemary Woods, Nixon's secretary, keep her away from your tapes
1917 Rose Mary Woods, American Celebrity
1916 Helmut Eder, born in Linz, Austria, composer, studied and later taught at the Linz Conservatory, conducted the Singakademie, founded electronic music studio in Linz in 1959
1915 Hans [Henri A] Gomperts, Dutch literature, Duck on Attic
1915 Una Mae Carlisle, U.S. pianist/vocalist, Walkin' at the River
1914 Richard Widmark, born in Minnesota, American actor in films, theater, radio, television
1910 Lucy Faithfull, children's campaigner
1908 Ralph Hill, U.S., 5K runner, Olympic-1932
1906 BVA Roling, Dutch lawyer
1904 Alentejo Carpentier, Cubans/French writer, Guerra del Tiempo
1904 Alejo Carpentier, Cuban Novelist
1902 Elisha Cook, Jr., born in San Francisco, California, actor, Maltese Falcon, Shane, Magnum PI
1901 Georgy Mikhaylovich Rimsky-Korsakov, composer
1901 Victor Hely-Hutchinson, composer
1897 Willie Corsari, Wilhelmina A Schmidt, Dutch writer
1894 Antonio Molina, composer
1893 Evgeny Karlovich Tikotsky, composer
1893 Mao Tse-tung, of little red book fame, Prime Minister of China PR, 1949 - 1976
1893 Yury Nikolayevich Tyulin, composer
1893 Mao Zedong, Chinese Leader
1891 Henry Miller, author, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, Sexus
1891 Jean Galtier-Boissiere, French writer/cartoonist/journalist
1888 Hiroshi "Can" Kikuchi, Japanese stagewriter, Tjitj Kaeru
1886 Gyula Gombos von Jakfa, general/dictator of Hungary, 1932-35
1883 Carl Oscar Ahues, Germany, International Chess Master, 1950
1883 Frank Debenham, Australian geographer/geologist
1880 Elton Mayo, Australian Psychologist
1879 Armen Tigran Tigranyan, composer
1879 Julius Weismann, composer
1878 Isaiah Bowman, U.S., geography/co-founder, Geographical Review
1874 Norman Angell, Lane, English cowboy/journalist, Nobel 1933
1873 Hubert Cuypers, Dutch composer/choir conductor, Minstrels
1873 Karel Moor, composer
1869 Harry Redman, composer
1867 Julien Benda, French philosopher and writer, Dialogues Byzance
1862 Alexander V Amfiteatrov, Russian/French/Italian writer
1861 Friedrich Engel, German mathematician, group theory
1859 Johan F van Bemmelen, Dutch zoologist
1855 Arnold Ludwig Mendelssohn, composer
1849 Samuel E "Sam" van Beem, actor, Fanfan la Tulipe
1845 Salvatore Auteri Manzocchi, composer
1837 Admiral George Dewey, American naval hero of Manila
1826 Franz Coenen, composer
1826 Martinus Nijhoff, founder Nijhoff's book/publisher, Van Dale
1824 Augustus Louis Chetlain, Major General Union volunteers
1822 Dion Boucicault, Irish/Us actor and playwright, Rip van Winkle
1820 Gustavus Adolphus Smith, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1815 Israel Bush Richardson, Major General Union volunteers
1812 Wilhelm Volkmar, composer
1809 William Nelson Pendleton, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1808 Albert Grisar, composer
1805 Joseph-Leon Gatayes, composer
1797 Hans Skramstad, composer
1793 Franz Hunten, composer
1792 Charles Babbage, English inventor, calculating machine
1778 Juan Lovera, Venezuela, artist
1771 Heinrich J von Collin, Austria dramatist/poet, Regulus
1770 Pierre earl de Cambronne, French general, Waterloo, Elba
1769 Ernst Moritz Arndt, German Poet
1762 Franz Wilhelm Tausch, composer
1751 Lord George Gordon, British Politician
1747 Cornelis Stevens, Belgium, RC foreman/polemist, Le sophisme devoile
1738 Thomas Nelson, merchant, signer of Declaration of Independence
1731 Anthony Ziesenis, architect/sculptor, Town Hall of Westzaan
1716 Thomas Gray, English poet, Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard
1687 Johann Georg Pisendel, German violinist and composer
1660 Peter Schenck, German/Netherlands engraver/publisher, baptised
1633 Charles E Biset, Flemish painter, baptised
1618 Elisabeth, Paltsgravin of Rhine/abbess
1194 Frederick II, Iesi Italy, German Emperor, 1212-1250, King of Sicily

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