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1983 Samantha Mumba, born in Dublin, Ireland, singer, actress, song, 'Gotta Tell You' reached number one in the Irish charts, appeared in movie, 'The Time Machine'
1981 Kimberly Gloudemans, Miss California Teen USA 1997
1981 Latoya Farley, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1996
1976 Laurence Courtois, Kortrijk Belg, tennis star, 1995 finalist Jakarta
1976 Vincent Polvliet, soccer player for the FC Utrecht
1975 Derek Smith, linebacker for the Washington Redskins
1975 David Ortiz, Dominican Republican Athlete
1974 Devon Odessa, actor, Sharon-My So Called Life, Girl of Limberlost
1974 Shane Burton, defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins
1973 Crispian Mills, London, vocalist and guitarist, Kula Shaker
1973 Edward Jasper, defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles
1973 Junior Burrough, NBA forward for the Boston Celtics
1973 Regilio Vreede, soccer player, Blue White, RKC
1972 Dwayne Carswell, NFL tight end, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1972 Mike Lieberthal, born in Glendale California, catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1972 Ryan Kuehl, defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins
1972 Steven Conley, linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1972 Vinod Kambli, cricketer, prolific Indian batsman 1993-
1971 Andre Coleman, NFL wide receiver/kick returner for the San Diego Chargers
1971 Greg Engel, NFL center for the San Diego Chargers
1970 Leo Araguz, NLF/WLAF punter, Oakland Raiders, Rhein Fire
1969 Larry Webster, defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens
1969 Marvin Pope, CFL defensive end for the Calgary Stampeders
1967 Kim Perrot, WNBA guard for the Houston Comets
1967 M C Tab, Sharon Richard, New York City, rapper
1967 Peter Cox, Jr., Bronxville, New York, fencer-sabre 1996 Olympics
1965 Dave Attell, born in Queens, New York, comedian, host, appeared on television show, 'The Gong Show with Dave Attell' and 'Insomnia with Dave Attell'
1964 Brady Anderson, born in Silver Spring, Maryland, outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles
1964 Jenny Holliday, Australian softball pitcher 1996 Olympics bronze
1964 Richard Dunwoody, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, British jockey in National Hunt Racing, won King George VI Chase four times on the famous grey Desert Orchid in 1989 and 1990
1963 Jane Horrocks, Lancashire England, actress, Absolutely Fabulous
1962 Alison Arngrim, actress, Nellie-Little House of the Prairie
1962 David O'Connor, equestrian 3-day, 1996 Olympics silver
1961 Mark D Messier, born in Edmonton, Alberta, NHL Center, Edmonton, New York Rangers
1959 Bob Rosenberg, rocker, Will To Power
1958 Jeffrey N Williams, Superior Wisconsin, Major Army/astronaut
1958 Larry Smith, born in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, professional basketball player, coach, played forward/center for Alcorn State University, played for NBA's Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, credited as best rebounder in the 1980's, coached Anaheim Arsenal
1957 Tom Bailey, rock vocalist/keyboardist, Thompson Twins-Doctor Doctor
1956 Mark Collie, Waynesboro, Tennessee, country singer, Another Old Soldier
1955 Johannes AM "Hans" van Tongeren, Dutch actor, Hunk
1955 Kevin Costner, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Fandango, Silverado, Bull Durham
1955 Mable Fergerson, born in Los Angeles, California, 4x400m runner 1972 Olympics silver
1953 Brett Hudson, born in Portland, Oregon, comedian, Bonkers, Hudson Brothers Show
1950 Claudia de Colombia, born in Bogato, Columbia, spanish singer, Yo Creo En Ti
1950 Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian auto racer
1950 John Hughes, director, Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Weird Science
1948 Takeshi Kitano, Tokyo, Japan, actor, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
1946 Katia Ricclarelli, actress, Falstaff, Otello, Turandot
1944 Larry "Legs" Smith, rocker, Bonzo Dog Band-Urban Spaceman
1944 Relus ter Beek, Dutch Minister of defense, PvdA
1943 Kay Granger, American Politician
1941 Bobby Goldsboro, Marianna, Florida, singer, Honey
1941 David Ruffin, Mississippi, vocalist, Temptations-Papa Was a Rolling Stone
1941 Iva Zanicchi, actress, Ragazza Tutta d'Oro
1939 Bernard Glassman, New York, Zen teacher/head, Zen Center of New York
1937 John Hume, Irish Politician
1935 Raymond Briggs, English author, Fungus the Bogeyman
1933 David Bellamy, English botanist/tv-program maker
1933 John Boorman, producer/dir, Exorcist II, Deliverance, Zardoz
1933 Ray Dolby, sound expert/inventor, Dolby noise limiting system
1933 Vladimir Yevgrafovich Bugrov, cosmonaut
1932 Joe Schmidt, NFL Hall-of-Famer
1932 Robert Anton Wilson, U.S., sci-fi author, Trick Top Hat
1925 Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere, TV producer
1925 Gilles Deleuze, philosopher
1925 Roepie Kruize, Dutch field hockey player, Olympic-Bronze-48/Silver-52
1924 Donald Baverstock, TV producer
1922 Constance Moore, Sioux City Iowa, actress, Window on Main Street
1922 Yehezkiel Braun, composer
1921 Bruce Woodcock, born in England, boxer, British and Empire heavyweight champion 1945 - 1950, European heavyweight champion 1946 - 1949, events attracted sellout crowds
1919 Juan Antonio Orrego-Salas, Santiago Chile, composer
1918 Adriano Mandarino Hypolito, priest
1918 Ton Brandsteder, CEO/founder, Sony Nederland
1917 Oscar Lewenstein, impressario
1916 Alec Coxon, cricketer, England pace bowler in one Test, 2-90 and 1-82
1914 Arno Schmidt, born in Hamburg, Germany, German writer, author, translator, individualist, solipsist, admired for colloquial language style and theory of etyms he developed in magnum opus, titled Zettels Traum
1913 Danny Kaye, born in Brooklyn, New York, UNICEF/comedian/actor, Danny Kaye Show
1912 Charles Moeller, Belgian theologist, Humanism et saintete
1912 Rene Gabriels, Belgian billiard pro, 7 World/9 European championships
1912 William Sansom, English writer, Loving Eye
1911 Gabor Darvas, composer
1910 Arthur John Howard, actor, Frieda, Last Holiday, Paradiso, Glass Cage
1908 Albert P. Morano, born in Paterson, New Jersey, Representative-R-Connecticut, 1951 - 1959
1908 Jacob Bronowsky, British mathematician/cultural historian
1907 Janos Ferencsik, Budapest Hungary, conductor, Budapest Opera
1906 Hans Aeschbacher, Swiss sculptor, Venus de Six-Tours
1905 Chick Chandler, Kingston, New York, actor, Barney-One Happy Family
1904 Cary Grant, born in England, actor, 'Arsenic and Old Lace', 'North by Northwest'
1904 Henri-Georges Adam, French etcher/painter/sculptor, Grand Nude
1903 Berthold Goldschmidt, German/British, opera, composer, Beatrice Cenci
1901 Arie Querido, Dutch social psychiatrist
1896 Hans H Holm, Norwegian poet, Jonsoknatt
1894 Wilhelm HC Tenhaeff, Dutch parapsychologist
1893 John Lawrence Seymour, composer
1893 Jorge Guillen, Valladolid Spain, poet and critic, Cantico, Final
1892 Oliver Hardy, Harlem, Georgia, comedy team member, Laurel and Hardy
1886 Antoine Pevsner, French sculptor
1886 Peter Alma, Dutch painter/graphic artist
1884 Arthur Ransome, English author, Swallows and Amazons
1882 Alan Alexander Milne, English author, Winnie-the-Pooh
1882 Jacob Clay, Dutch philospher/phyicist, Mesones
1882 Sylvia Pankhurst, English feminist
1882 A. A. Milne, English Author
1880 Paul Ehrenfest, Austria/Netherlands physicist, adiabates hypothesis
1879 Henri-Honore Giraud, French general/member of parliament
1878 Hendrik Baels, Belgian politician
1872 Paul Leautaud, Maurice Boissard, France, writer, Petit ami
1871 Franz Blei, Peregrinus Steinhovel, Austrian painter/critic
1870 Berend Modderman, printer, Drukkers yearbook
1869 Willem De Vreese, Flemish linguist/biblographer
1867 Ruben Dario, national poet, Nicaragua
1861 Hans Goldschmidt, German chemist
1861 Raymond Huntington Woodman, composer
1857 Otto von Below, German commandant, WW I
1856 Daniel Nathan Hale Williams, surgeon, 1st open heart operation
1856 John Hyatt Brewer, composer
1854 Thomas A. Watson, needed by Bell, inventor assistant, Telephone
1850 Seth Low, American Educator
1849 Edmund Barton, 1st Prime Minister of Australia, 1900 - 1903
1841 Alexis-Emmanuel Chabrier, France, composer, Le Roi Malgre Lui
1840 Austin Dobson, England, poet, critic and biographer
1840 Ernst Rudorff, composer
1840 Henry Austin Dobson, English Poet
1836 Thomas Jordan Jarvis, American Politician
1835 Cesar A. Cui, Vilna Lithuania, fort architect/composer
1835 Jan van Droogenbroeck, Flemish poet
1831 Edward Ferrero, Major General Union volunteers
1829 Louis van Haecke, Flemish chaplain/author, Blood to Bridge
1820 Abraham Buford, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1818 Johannes van Vloten, Dutch literary/theologist
1817 Jacques Gregoir, composer
1815 James Chesnut, Jr., Brigadier General Confederate Army
1815 Richard Yates Gov, MC, Union
1813 Joseph Farwell Glidden, inventor, 1st coml useable barbed wire
1809 Richard Caswell Gatlin, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1795 Anna Paulowna Romanova, monarch of Russia/daughter of czar Paul I
1793 William Henry Havergal, composer
1782 Daniel Webster, Salisbury, New Hampshire, orator, politician, and lawyer
1779 Peter Roget, thesaurus fame/inventor, slide rule, pocket chessboard
1751 Ferdinand Kauer, composer
1732 Jean-Guillain Cardon, composer
1726 Hendrik D F L, prince of Prussia/diplomat
1689 Charles de Montesquieu, France, philosopher and writer, Letters Persanes
1689 Baron de Montesquieu, French Philosopher
1685 Tiberius Hemsterhuis, Dutch Classical professor, baptized
1657 Hendrik Casimir II, Dutch Field Marshal, Nassau
1641 Francois Michel le Tellier, French statesman, Marquis de Louvois
1543 Alfonso Ferrabosco, composer

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