April 22 Deaths in History - April 22 Birthdays - April 22 Events

2005 Philip Morrison, American Scientist
2004 Pat Tillman, soldier/pro football player, dies at 27
2003 Felice Bryant, Songwriter, ", Wake Up, Little Susie, ", dies at 77
1996 David Shipman, film historian, dies at 63
1996 Erma Bombeck, humorist (Grass is Greener), dies at 69
1996 Hiteshwar Saikia, Prime Minister of Indian state of Assam (1991-96), dies
1995 Don Pullen, pianist/composer, dies at 53
1995 Maggie Kuhn, activist (Gray Panthers), dies at 89
1994 D Nauta, theologist/church historian/lawyer, dies at 96
1994 Denis Pitts, film-maker, journalist, novelist, wrote, 'This City is Ours', 'The Predator', dies at 64
1994 Jack Alexander Bently, trombonist, dies at 80
1994 Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President (1969-75), dies of stroke at 81
1994 Schmidt Hans Burkhardt, artist, dies at 89
1994 Richard M. Nixon, American President
1994 Karl Hess, American Writer
1993 Andries Treurnicht, founder South Africa Conservative Party, dies at 72
1993 Cesar Chavez, U.S. farm worker (United Farm Workers), dies at 66
1993 Mark Koenig, baseball shortstop (New York Yankees), dies at 88
1992 Billy Wayne White, murderer, executed in Texas at 34
1992 Joop [Joseph] van Santen, Dutch 1st Chamber member (CPN), dies
1992 Youcca Troubatzkoy, actress (Flower of the Night), dies
1990 Bertil Unger, actor (Devil and Max Devlin), dies
1989 Huey Newton, U.S., Black Panther leader, shot dead at 47
1988 Irene Rich, U.S. actress (Beau Brumell, Champ), dies at 96
1988 Charles Melvin Price, Representative-D-Illinois 1945 - 1988
1986 Mircea Eliade, writer, dies
1984 Ansel Adams, U.S. photographer, dies at 82
1983 Earl "Fatha" Hines, U.S., jazz pianist/conductor, dies
1983 Walter Slezak, actor (Bedtime For Bonzo), commits suicide in New York at 80
1983 Earl Hines, American Musician
1982 Melville Bell Grosvenor, President National Geographic Society, dies at 80
1981 Brailsford Reese Brazeal, dean (Morehouse College), dies at 76
1980 Jane Froman, singer (Jane Froman's USA Canteen), dies at 72
1978 Will Geer, actor (Grandpa Walton-Waltons), dies at 75
1977 Charles Sanford, orchestra leader (Your Show of Shows), dies at 71
1976 Frutuoso de Lima Viana, composer, dies at 79
1975 Mary Philips, actress (Farewell to Arms), dies at 75
1967 Tom Conway, actor (Mark Saber, Betty Hutton Show), dies at 62
1962 Solomon Pimsleur, composer, dies at 61
1962 Vera Reynolds, actress (Dragnet Patrol, Lawless Woman), dies at 62
1961 Maria Radulphus, Adrian Hermus, Curaeao school inspector, dies at 91
1957 Ignatius Roy D Campbell, British poet (Garcia Lorca), dies at 54
1953 Top Naeff, Anthonetta van Rhijn-N, Dutch writer, dies at 75
1951 Stanley Ridges, actor, 'Possessed', 'Sergeant York', 'Mr. Ace', dies at 59
1950 Charles H Houston, architect of NAACP legal campaign, dies at 54
1946 Harlan Fiske Stone, Chief Justice Supreme Court (1941-46), dies at 73
1946 Lionel Atwill, actor (Captain Blood, Great Waltz), dies at 61
1946 Harlan Stone, American Lawyer
1945 Kathe Kollwitz, German graphic artist, dies at 77
1944 Mezio Agostini, composer, dies at 68
1933 Frederick Henry Royce, motorcar pioneer, dies
1930 Jeppe Aakjaer, Danish journalist, author and poet (Rugens sange), dies at 63
1929 Odon Peter Jozsef de Mihalovich, composer, dies at 86
1925 Andre Caplet, composer, dies at 46
1908 Henry Campbell-Bannerman, British premier (1905-08), dies
1901 William Stubbs, historian/bishop, dies
1892 Edouard-Victoire-Antoine Lalo, composer, dies at 69
1883 Octave Fouque, composer, dies at 38
1865 Francis Washburn, U.S. Union colonel/general major, dies of injuries
1864 Joseph Gilbert Totten, U.S. Union general-major, dies at 76
1844 Henri-Montan Berton, composer, dies at 76
1833 Richard Trevithick, inventor (steam locomotive), dies at 62
1830 Knud L Rahbek, Danish literary/historian, dies at 69
1827 Thomas Rowlandson, caricaturist, dies
1821 John Crome, Old Crome, English landscape painter/etcher, dies at 52
1788 Zacharias H Alewijn, Dutch poet, dies 46
1782 Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger, composer, dies at 66
1778 James Hargreaves, inventor (spinning jenny), dies
1776 Johann Adolph Scheibe, German music theroist/composer, dies at 67
1722 Pieter Erberfeld, German/Thais merchant on Java, dies
1699 Hans A baron von Abschatz, Silesian poet, dies at 53
1677 Wenzel E Furst von Lobkowitz, Austria chancellor (16..-74), dies at 68
1672 Georg Stiernhielm, Swed scholar, author and poet (Hercules), dies at 73
1662 John Tradescant, traveller/gardener, dies
1648 Catharina Belgian van Nassau, daughter of Willem, dies at 69
1592 Bartolommeo Ammanati, Italian sculptor/architect, dies at 80
1521 Juan de Padilla, Spanish nobleman/communero-rebel, beheaded
1462 Gilbert of Lannoy, master of Villerval/Tronchiennes/Santes, dies
1355 Eleonora Plantagenet, daughter of King Edward II, dies at 36
1253 Elias van Cortona, Italian general (1232-39), dies at about 53
536 Agapitus I, Italian Pope (535-36), dies

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