April 24 Deaths in History - April 24 Birthdays - April 24 Events

2004 Estee Lauder, entrepreneur, dies at 97
2002 Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, American Writer
2001 Al Hibbler, singer, Unchained Melody, dies at 85
1999 Arthur Boyd, Australian Artist
1997 Pat Paulsen, comedian (Smothers Brothers Show), dies at 69
1996 Donald Cammell, film director, dies at 62
1996 Erma Bombeck, columnist (Septic Tank is Always Greener), dies
1996 Preston Lockwood, actor (House of Windsor, Black Candle), dies at 83
1995 Douglas Gunsekera, banker, dies at 77
1993 Oliver R Tambo, chairman (African National Congress), dies at 75
1991 J de Graaf, ethicus/president church and peace, dies
1990 Joseph Leberman, entertainer, dies
1990 Tom Rolfing, actor (He Knows You're Alone, Cliff-Another World), dies
1986 Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson, (Edward abdicated for her), dies at 89
1985 Sergei Yutkevich, Russian director, (Otello, Banya), dies at 80
1980 Alentejo Carpentier, Cuban/French writer (Guerra del Tiempo), dies at 75
1980 Alejo Carpentier, Cuban Novelist
1979 John Carroll, actor (Hired Wife, Fiesta, Geraldine), dies at 72
1976 Mark Tobey, U.S. abstract painter, (Broadway Norm), dies at 85
1975 William Hartnell, actor (Jackpot, This Sporting Life), dies at 67
1974 Bud Abbott, comedian (Abbott and Costello), dies at 78
1968 Norman McKaye, actor (Untamed Fury, Frogman), dies at 62
1968 Tommy Noonan, actor (Gentlemen Perfer Blondes), dies at 45
1967 Frank Overton, actor (12 O'Clock High), dies at 48
1967 Vladimir M Komarov, cosmonaut (Voshkod I), dies in Soyuz 1 at 40
1966 Louis A. Johnson, American Public Servant
1965 Louise Dresser, actress (State Fair, Ship Comes In, Mammy), dies at 86
1961 Lee Moran, actor (Circus Clown), dies of heart ailment at 72
1960 John P "John" Musch, actor/founder (JM), dies at 84
1959 Jef van Hoof, composer, dies at 72
1957 Andries CD de Graeff, Governor-General of Netherlands Indies (1926-31), dies at 84
1956 Albrecht G Alt, German theologist (Small Schriften), dies at 72
1956 Henry Stephenson, actor (Conquest, Mr. Lucky), dies at 85
1955 Alfred Polgar, Austrian writer/theater critic, dies at 79
1952 Hans [Hendrik A] Kramers, physicist (quantum mechanics), dies at 57
1952 Jules Poncelet, Belgian minister of State, dies at 82
1948 Joseph Wihtol, composer, dies at 84
1948 Manuel Marua Ponce, Mexican composer (Ferial), dies at 65
1948 Rosita Marstini, actress (I Cover Waterfront, Big Parade), dies at 54
1947 Willa Cather, American Author
1945 Anton de Kom, Suriname resistance fighter, dies at 47
1945 Hubert Bath, composer, dies at 61
1943 Gerardus H de Hare, socialist vicar, dies at 63
1941 Karin Boye, Swedish Poet
1939 John Foulds, composer, dies at 58
1936 Alphons Diepenbrock, composer, dies at 73
1936 Bernard van Dieren, composer, dies at 51
1935 Paul Klengel, composer, dies at 80
1933 Felix Adler, German Educator
1928 Ferdinand B Hummel, composer, dies at 72
1924 George Street, English cricket wicket keeper (1 Test 1923), dies
1924 G. Stanley Hall, American Psychologist
1922 Richard Batka, composer, dies at 53
1917 Oskar Blumenthal, writer, dies
1915 Harry Banks, English Soldier
1912 Justin M'Carthy, politician/novelist (Miss Misanthrope), dies at 81
1904 Friedrich Siemens, German industrialist, Siemens, dies
1904 Friedrich Siemens, German industrial, dies at 77
1900 George J D Campbell, British Minister of Indies (1868-74, 80-85), dies at 76
1891 Count Helmuth K B von Moltke, Prussian gen/Field Marshal, dies
1875 Jose Maria de la Purificacion Ventura, composer, dies at 58
1855 Walenty Karol Kratzer, composer, dies at 75
1850 Louis Alexandre Piccinni, composer, dies at 70
1848 Francois van Campenhout, Belgian composer (Brabaneonne), dies at 69
1827 Pierre Joseph Candielle, composer, dies at 82
1824 Herman Muntinghe, theologist (History of Mankind), dies at 71
1776 Carolus van de Abeele, Flemish Jesuit, dies at 84
1776 Giuseppi Paolucci, composer, dies at 49
1758 Florian Wrastill, composer, dies at 41
1731 Daniel Defoe, English novelist (Robinson Crusoe), dies
1617 Carlo Concino, French marquis of Ancre/state advisor, murdered
1530 Jacopo Sannazaro, Italian poet (De partu Virginis), dies
1185 Antoku Taira, emperor of Japan (1180-85), drowns
1077 Geza I, King of Hungary (1074-7), dies
729 Egbertus, English bishop/saint, dies in Iona at 89
709 Wilfried, bishop of York, dies at about 76

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