December 7 Deaths in History - December 7 Birthdays - December 7 Events

2005 Carroll A. Campbell, Jr., Representative-R-South Carolina, 1979 - 1986, Governor of South Carolina 1987 - 1995
2003 Joe Skeen, Representative-R-New Mexico 1981 - 2003
1996 Eugene Izzi, mystery writer, hangs himself at 43
1996 Jose Donoso, writer, dies at 72
1995 Larry Bartlett, photographer, dies at 42
1994 Elga Andersen, German/French model/actress (Global Affair), dies at 58
1993 Felix Houphouet-Boigny, President of Ivory Coast (1960-93), dies at 88
1993 Janet Margolin, actress (David and Lisa), dies of ovarian cancer at 50
1993 Robert Taft, Jr., Senator-R-Ohio 1971 - 1976, died at age 76
1992 Maurice Coutinho, writer/translator (Silent Struggle), dies at 79
1992 Ruth Corbett Thom, dies after long illness at 78
1992 Vincent Gardenia, actor (Moonstruck, LA Law), dies at 71
1990 Delecta "Dee" Clark, U.S. singer (Raindrops), dies at 52
1990 Horst Bienek, writer, dies at 60
1990 Joan Bennett, U.S. actress (House Across the Bay), dies at 80
1988 Andrei P Ershov, Russian computer pioneer, dies
1988 Christopher Connelly, actor (Liar's Moon, Hawmps), dies at 47
1988 Peter Langan, Irish restaurateur (Langans London), dies in fire
1985 Potter Stewart, 94th Supreme Court Justice 1958 - 1981, dies in New Hampshire at 70
1985 Robert Graves, English writer/poet (King Jesus), dies at 90
1984 Jeanne Cagney, actress (Quicksand, Kentucky Rifle), dies at 65
1983 Edgar Graham, member of N Ireland Assembly, shot dead by IRA
1982 Charlie Brooks, Jr., convicted murderer became 1st U.S. prisoner to be executed by lethal injection, at a prison in Huntsville, Texas
1980 Darby Crash, rocker, dies at 22
1979 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, 1st woman full prof at Harvard U, dies
1979 Mari Andriessen, sculptor (Docker), Amsterdam, dies at 82
1979 Nicolas Born, writer, wrote, 'Die Falschung', 'Die erdabgewandte Seite der Gerschichte', dies at 41 in Luchow-Dannenberg
1979 Prince Chahryar Shafik, Shah of Iran's nephew, murdered in Paris
1975 Hardie Albright, actress (Silver Streak, Scarlet Letter), dies at 71
1975 Thornton N Wilder, U.S. writer (Bridge of San Luis Rey), dies at 78
1975 Thornton Wilder, American Novelist
1972 Adrian J Zoetmulder, author (God's Hour), dies at 91
1971 Milton Rosmer, director (Murder in the Red Barn), dies at 90
1970 Rube Goldberg, U.S. cartoonist (Mike and Ike, Pulitzer 1948), dies at 87
1969 Eric Portman, actor (Naked Edge), dies from heart ailment at 66
1969 Hugh Williams, actor (Human Monster), dies after surgery at 65
1967 House Peters, silent film actor (Kansas Territory), dies at 87
1962 Kirsten Flagstead, Norwegian soprano (Wagner), dies at 67
1948 Godfrey Turner, composer, dies at 35
1943 John Bouber, Blom, actor/author (Bluejackets), dies at 22
1941 Cecil Forsyth, composer, dies at 71
1941 Iida, Japanese pilot/lt, dies in battle at 28
1917 Leon Minkus, composer, dies at 91
1912 George Darwin, theorized Moon was pulled out of Pacific Ocean, dies
1912 George Howard Darwin, British Scientist
1902 Thomas Nast, political cartoonist, dies
1902 Thomas Reed, American Politician
1899 Antoni Katski, composer, dies at 82
1894 Ferdinand de Lesseps, French engineer/diplomat/earl, dies at 89
1881 Julius FA Bahnsen, Germany philosopher (Tragic as Weltgesetz), dies at 51
1867 Rudolf Viole, composer, dies at 42
1862 Sylvester Churchill, U.S. Union Brigadier-General, dies
1860 Constantine S Aksakov, Russian historian/poet, dies at 43
1841 Johann Daniel Ferstenberg, composer, dies at 83
1839 Jan Matyas Nepomuk August Vitasek, composer, dies at 69
1834 Ludwig Schuncke, composer, dies at 23
1834 Edward Irving, Scottish Clergyman
1829 Johann Christoph Kienlen, composer, dies at 45
1826 John Flaxman, English sculptor (tombs at St. Paul's Cathedral), dies at 71
1823 Johann Gottlieb Schwencke, composer, dies at 79
1817 William Bligh, British naval officer of "Bounty" fame, dies at 63
1815 Michel Ney, French marshal (Waterloo), murdered at 46
1811 Ignaz Spangler, composer, dies at 54
1383 Wenceslaus, duke of Brabant, dies
1254 Innocent IV, Sinibaldo dei Fieschi, Pope (1243-54), dies
983 Otto II the Red, German king/emperor (973-83), dies at about 28

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