July 7 Deaths in History - July 7 Birthdays - July 7 Events

2006 John Money, New Zealander Psychologist
2004 Jeff Smith, cookbook writer, The Frugal Gourmet, dies at 65
1997 Jerry Doggett, sportscaster (Bkln/Los Angeles Dodgers), dies at 80
1996 Albrecht Luitpold Michael Wittelsbach, duke of Bavaria, dies at 91
1995 Geoffrey Freeman Allen, railway writer, dies at 73
1994 Anita Garvin, U.S. actress (Sailors Beware), dies at 80
1994 Rosa Chacel, spanish Novelist, dies at 96
1992 Ruurd Faber, mayor of Aalten (1971-75), dies at 79
1990 Bill Cullen, game show host (Price is Right), dies at 70 of cancer
1990 Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle, Jes priest/apprentice Zen teacher, dies at 92
1988 Jimmy Edwards, actor (Plank, Bottoms Up, Late Mr. H), dies at 68
1985 Patti McCarty, actress (Gangster of the Frontier), dies at 64
1984 Flora Robson, actress (Great Day, Frieda), dies in her sleep at 82
1984 George Oppen, American Poet
1983 George Cukor, director (My Fair Lady), dies on 84th birthday
1983 Herman Kahn, U.S. futurist/nuclear strategist, dies at 71
1983 Vicki Morgan, mistress (Beautiful Bad Girl), murdered at 30
1982 Bep [Elisa H] Bakhuis, soccer star/writer, dies at 76
1982 Fred Stuthman, actor (Henry Adler-Hello Larry), dies at 63
1981 Keefe Brasselle, actor (Be Our Guest), dies at 58
1980 Reginald Gardiner, actor (Great Dictator), dies at 77
1980 Dore Schary, American Producer
1976 Gustav Heinemann, German president, dies at 76
1976 Norman Foster, dies at 75
1975 Barbara Brown
1975 Vito Frazzi, composer, dies at 86
1973 Max Horkheimer, German philosopher/sociologist, dies at 78
1973 Veronica Lake, Constance Ockleman, actress (Ramrod), dies at 58
1972 Athenagoras, 268th patriarch of Constantinople, dies
1972 Athenagoras I, Greek Clergyman
1970 Allen Lane [Williams], English publisher (Penguin Books), dies at 67
1970 Louise Harrison, mother of Beatle George, dies
1970 Marjorie Rambeau, actress (Primrose Path, Torch Song), dies at 80
1970 Sylvester Wiere, comedian (Wiere Brothers-Ford Festival), dies at 60
1969 Erskine Sanford, dies at 83
1969 Gladys Swarthout, U.S. mezzo-soprano (La Gioconda), dies at 69
1968 Leo Sowerby, composer (Pulitzer Prize), dies at 73
1967 Vivian Leigh, actress, Scarlet 'Gone with the Wind', dies at 53
1966 Carmelita Geraghty, dies of heart attack at 65
1965 Bill Hitch, England cricket fast-bowler (7 Tests 1911-21), dies
1959 Ernest Newman, English Critic
1958 Raymond Hackett, dies at 55
1956 Gottfried Benn, writer, dies at 70
1955 Franco Casavola, composer, dies at 63
1944 Erich Salomon, German photographer, dies
1944 Georges Mandel, Louis Rothschild, French Foreign Minister, dies
1939 James Deacon White, ball player jumped teams in 1876 (Chi), dies at 91
1933 John M Acket, literary (New Friends), dies at 70
1930 Arthur Conan Doyle, British writer (Sherlock Holmes), dies at 71
1919 Paul Deusen, German philosopher/CEO (Schopenhauer-Gesellschaft), dies
1907 James McGranahan, composer, dies at 67
1903 Ferreira Veiga, Viscount d' Arneiro, composer, dies at 64
1903 Jose Augusto da Ferreira Veiga, composer, dies at 64
1901 Johanna Spyri, Swiss Novelist
1898 Lucien Petipa, French dancer/choreograph/ballet leader, dies
1893 Guy de Maupassant, writer, dies at 42
1889 Giovanni Bottesini, composer, dies at 67
1885 Nicola De Giosa, composer, dies at 66
1865 Mary Surratt, and 3 other Lincoln conspirators, hanged
1861 John Willis Ellis, U.S. governor of North Carolina (1858-61), dies
1826 Friedrich Ludwig Dulon, flautist/composer, dies at 56
1816 Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Irish Playwright
1816 Richard Sheridan, Irish Playwright
1814 Robert Jasper van der Capellen, Dutch politician, dies at 71
1799 William Curtis, English botanist (Botanical Magazine), dies at 53
1794 Pascal Boyer, composer, dies at 51
1790 Franciscus "Frans" Hemsterhuis, Frisian philosopher, dies at 68
1783 Magnus G Lichtwer, German writer (esopischer Fabeln), dies at 64
1774 Giuseppi Maria Carretti, composer, dies at 83
1773 Cornelis Douwes, Dutch mathematician/astronomer, dies at 60
1771 Thomas Gray, English poet (Elegy), dies at 54
1694 Dokusho, Zen teacher, Obaku line, dies
1656 Michelangelo Rossi, Italian opera composer, buried at about 55
1647 Thomas Hooker, clergyman, father of American democracy, dies
1572 Sigismund II August, last Jagellonen king of Poland, dies at 51
1348 John Andreae, Italian canonist, dies
1307 Edward I, King of England (1272-1307), dies at 68
1304 Benedict XI, Niccolo Boccasini, Pope (1303-04), dies [poisoned]
1129 Shirakawa, emperor of Japan (1072-86)/budhist monk, dies at 76

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