June 13 Deaths in History - June 13 Birthdays - June 13 Events

2008 Tim Russert, dies in Washington, D.C., of a heart attack, at 58
2004 Danny Dark, voice, Superman in the '70s and '80s, dies at 63
2004 Robert Teeter, American Politician
1996 David Nicholls, priest/theologian/political theorist, dies at 60
1995 David Parry, guitarist, dies 53
1994 Anne Aitken, student of Zen, dies at 83
1994 Igor Youskevitch, dancer, dies at 82
1994 James Pollack, U.S. room designer, dies at 55
1994 Nadia Gray, actress (Naked Runner, Maniac, Candide), dies at 71
1994 John Britton, English Mathematician
1994 Charles A. Beckwith, American Soldier
1993 Donald "Deke" K Slayton, U.S. major/astronaut (Apollo 18), dies at 69
1989 Fran Allison, actress (Kukla, Fran and Ollie), dies at 81
1989 Howard Simons, American Editor
1987 Geraldine Page, actress (Blue and Gray), dies at 62
1986 Benny Goodman, clarinetist/bandleader (King of Swing), dies at 77
1984 Marinus de Jong, Dutch composer, dies at 92
1982 Abdul Aziz Khaled, King of Saudi-Arabia, dies at 69
1979 Darla Hood, actress (Our Gang 1935-45), dies at 47
1977 Tom C Clark, former Supreme Court Justice (1949-67), dies in New York at 77
1977 Tom C. Clark, American Politician
1976 Don Bolles, U.S. journalist (against Arizona), dies
1973 Alvin Derold Etler, composer, dies at 60
1973 Frantisek Suchy, composer, dies at 82
1972 Clyde McPhatter, rhythm and blues singer, member, Billy Ward & the Dominoes, founded, The Drifters, dies in Teaneck, New Jersey at age 39
1965 Martin Buber, German/Israel philosopher/zionist/theologist, dies at 87
1962 Eugene Goossens, British composer (Perseus), dies at 69
1961 Ben Jones, Missouri, horse trainer (Citation, Whirlaway), dies at 79
1958 Pierre-etienne Flandin, French Prime Minister 1934 - 1935, dies at 69
1954 Nikolai Obouhov, composer, dies at 62
1952 Max Pulver, writer, dies
1946 Edward Bowes, radio host (Major Bowes Amateur Hour), dies at 71
1939 Volter A Kilpi, Finnish writer (Suljetuilla Porteilla), dies at 64
1934 Theodor Dabler, German writer (Tie Sternenkind), dies
1928 Damaso Ledesma, composer, dies at 60
1927 Henry CK "Clan" Petty-Fitzmaurice, Governor of India (1888-94), dies at 82
1920 Essad Pasja, Albanian military man/minister, murdered at peace confer
1905 Theodoros Delyannis, premier Greece, murdered
1905 Tippo-Tip, Hamed ben Mohammed, Zanzibar merchant, dies at about 67
1901 Clarin, writer, dies
1886 Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, drowns, dies at 40
1876 Mikhail Bakunin, Russian Revolutionary
1873 Angelo Maurizio Gaspare Mariani, composer, dies at 51
1865 Cleaveland J Campbell, Union Brigadier-General, dies at about 29
1839 Martin-Pierre Dalvimare, composer, dies at 66
1825 Johan Peter Melchior, German sculptor, dies at 82
1821 [Izaak J] Alexander Gogel, minister of finance/patriot, dies at 55
1810 Johann Gottfried Seume, writer, lyric poet, wrote 'Mein Sommer in Jahr' 1805, 'Spaziergang nach Syrakus' 1803, dies at 47
1749 Jan F van Bloemen, Orizonte, Flemish painter, dies at 87
1713 Arcangelo Corelli, Italian violinist and composer, dies at about 49
1665 Auke Stellingwerf, lt-admiral of Friesland, dies in battle at about 29
1665 Egbert Meussen Kortenaer, Vice-Admiral, dies in battle at about 29
1665 Jacob van Wassenaer, Foggy Obdam, lt-admiral, dies in battle at 55
1612 Charles van Croij, prince of Chimay, dies at 51
1550 Johann Spangenberg, composer, dies at 66
1550 Veronica Gambara, Italian poet, dies at 64
1371 Jan V of Virneburg, bishop of Utrecht (Pledge Vollenhove), dies
1142 Godfried II, duke of Brabant/Netherlands-Lotharingen, dies

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