March 21 Deaths in History - March 21 Birthdays - March 21 Events

2001 Norma MacMillan, cartoon voice, voice of Casper, dies at 79
1996 Eric Brand, diplomat, dies at 73
1996 Frank Murray, police Officer, dies at 51
1995 Daan Wildschut, Dutch painter/author, dies at 81
1995 Etienne Martin, French sculptor, dies at 82
1995 Norman Schwartz, record Producer, dies at 66
1995 Robert Urquhart, actor (Dunkirk, Bulldog Breed), dies at 72
1994 Dack Rambo, actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas), dies from AIDs at 52
1994 Lili Damita, wife of Errol Flynn (Bridge of San Luis Rey), dies at 89
1994 Macdonald Carey, actor (Days of Our Lives), dies of cancer at 81
1992 John Ireland, actor (Rawhide), dies of leukemia at 78
1991 Leo Fender, inventor (Fender guitar), dies
1991 Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, killed by bomb at 46
1989 Milton Frome, actor (Family Jewels), dies
1987 Dean Paul Martin, actor (Billy-Misfits of Science), dies at 35
1987 Robert Preston, actor (Harold Hill-Music Man), dies at 68
1986 August de Boodt, Belgian politician, dies at 90
1985 Michael Redgrave, actor (Goodbye Mr. Chips, Mr. Arkadin), dies at 77
1985 Salvador Ley, composer, dies at 78
1982 Harry H Corbett, Brits actor (Steptoe and Son, Jabberwacky), dies at 57
1980 Gideon Fagan, composer, dies at 75
1980 George H. Fallon, American Politician
1975 Berend Giltay, composer, dies at 64
1975 Ralph Hawtrey, economist (multiplier), dies at 95
1974 Candy Darling, James Slattery, female impersonator, dies
1973 Antoni Szalowski, composer, dies at 65
1970 Marlen Haushofer, writer, dies at 49
1969 Gerhart Fritsch, writer, dies at 44
1958 Cyril M Kornbluth, U.S. sci-fi writer (Space Merchants), dies at 34
1955 Muriel Aked, dies at 67
1954 Harry Lawrence Freeman, composer, dies at 84
1952 A J Pieters, SS-Untersturmfuhrer, executed
1952 Wilhelm Albrecht, German SD-chief, executed
1945 J Woortman, Dutch resistance fighter, dies in Bergen-Belsen at 39
1942 Captain Moravec, Czechoslovakian resistance fighter, commit suicide
1941 Robert Liefmann, German economist (Kartelle und Trusts), dies at 67
1939 Evald Aav, composer, dies at 39
1938 Oscar Apfel, actor (Inspiration), dies at 60
1938 John Bates Clark, American Economist
1936 Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov, composer (Chopiniana), dies at 70
1934 Franz Schreker, composer, dies at 55
1934 Lilyan Tashman, actor (Bulldog Drummond), dies at 34
1921 "Big Jim" Colisimo, U.S. gangster, murdered by Al Capone
1920 Federigo Tozzi, Italian writer and journalist (Torre, Tre Croci), dies at 37
1916 Victor de Stuers, Dutch art expert, dies at 72
1916 Cole Younger, American Criminal
1915 Frederick W. Taylor, American Scientist
1894 Jacob Rosenhaim, composer, dies at 80
1863 Edwin Vose Sumner, U.S. Union-general-major (Fair Oaks), dies at 66
1857 Abraham J van der Aa, lexicographer (Biograph dictionary), dies at 64
1844 Leopold F J J J van Sassen Ysselt, Dutch politician, dies at 65
1843 Robert Southey, English Poet
1810 Philippe-Joseph van den Berghe graaf Limmighe, Brabants ships, dies
1801 Andrea Lucchesi, composer, dies at 59
1793 Johann Michael Schmidt, composer, dies at 51
1768 Jan J Mauricius, Dutch governor-general of Suriname (1742-51), dies at 75
1734 Gunther Jacob Wenceslaus, composer, dies at 48
1729 John Law, Scottish financier, dies at about 57
1656 Armagh James Ussher, Archbishop (said world began 4004 BC), dies at 76
1654 Johann Neukrantz, composer, dies at 51
1652 Vredius, Olivier de Wree, Flem historian/mayor (Brugge), dies at 55
1556 Thomas Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury, burned at stake at 66
1538 Hugo, earl of Leisnig, governor of Frisia, dies at about 79
1487 Nicholas van Flue, Swiss saint/patron of Switzerland, dies

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