May 15 Deaths in History - May 15 Birthdays - May 15 Events

2008 Willis Lamb, dies in Tucson, Arizona, complications of a gallstone disorder, at 94
2008 Robert Mondavi, dies in Yountville, California, at 94
2007 Jerry Falwell, dies in Virginia, of cardiac arrest, at 73
2006 Chic Hecht, Missouri, Senator-R-Nevada 1983 - 1989, died of prostate cancer
2003 June Carter Cash, singer/actress, The Apostle, dies at 73
2003 June Carter, American Musician
2002 "Darwood ""Ken"" Kaye Smith", actor/minister, Our Gang, dies at 72
1999 John Minor Wisdom, American Judge
1996 George M Tindley, songwriter/vocalist, dies at 57
1995 Edouard Dermit, actor (Testament of Orpheus), dies at 69
1995 Eric Richard Porter, actor (Crucible, Hennessy), dies at 67
1995 Johnny Van Derrick, jazz violinist, dies at 68
1995 Perry Lederman, folk singer, dies at 52
1994 Frederik baron van Pallandt, Danish singer (Nina and F), murdered at 61
1994 Gilbert Roland, Mexican/US actor (Armand in Camille), dies at 88
1994 Ronnie Potsdammer, singer/song/text writer/programmer, dies at 71
1994 Royal Dano, actor (Ghoulies 2), dies of a heart attack at 71
1994 [Henry] John Baker, resistance fighter/journalist (Slogan), dies at 79
1992 Bruce Hopkins, performer/director, dies at 44
1992 Robert Morris Page, U.S. physicist (radar), dies at 88
1991 Bud Freeman, jazz tenor saxophonist, dies of cancer at 84
1991 Freddie Paris, dies
1991 Reno Brown, dies
1989 John Waldo Green, composer, dies at 80
1988 Andrew Duggan, actor (Jigsaw, Firehouse), dies of cancer at 64
1988 Greta Nissen, actress (Ambassador Bill), dies
1987 John Baur, museum director, dies at 78
1987 Wynne Gibson, actor (Night After Night, Aggie Appleby), dies
1986 Theodore H White, U.S. journalist (Making of President, Pulitzer), dies at 71
1986 Theodore White, American Journalist
1985 Jackie Curtis, actor (Underground USA), dies of a drug overdose at 38
1984 Lionel Charles Robbins, British economist, dies at 85
1984 Francis Schaeffer, American Theologian
1983 James Van Der Zee, American Photographer
1976 Samuel Eliot Morison, U.S. historian (Admiral of Ocean Sea), dies at 88
1976 Samuel E. Morison, American Historian
1973 Willem H Rassers, Dutch cult anthropologist (Pandji-Novel), dies at 95
1972 Nigel Green, actor (Skull, Tobruk, Ipcress File), dies at 47
1967 Edward Hopper, U.S. painter (House by Railroad), dies at 84
1967 Jaromir Fiala, composer, dies at 74
1965 Adrian Schoevers, Dutch director (Schoevers Institution), dies
1964 Cornelis H Edelman, Dutch geologist, dies at 61
1959 Berend van den Amstel, Bernard CED Hattink, Dutch actor, dies at 56
1958 Michael G the Boer, historian (Harbor of Amsterdam), dies at 91
1952 Albert Basserman, actor (Madame Curie, Rhapsody in Blue), dies at 84
1952 Italo Montemezzi, composer, dies at 76
1949 Mary Antin, Russian Activist
1945 Major Courtney, U.S. medal of honor marine, dies in battle of Sugar Loaf
1940 Joseph Limburg, liberal 2nd-Member of parliament (1905-19), dies at 75
1940 Willem A Bonger, Dutch criminologist (Race and Crime), suicide at 63
1935 Kazimir Malevich, Polish Artist
1933 Ernest Torrence, actor (I Cover the Waterfront), dies at 54
1932 Ki Inukai, premier Japan (1931-32), murdered
1926 Mohammed VI Vahideddin, last sultan of Turkey (1918-22), dies
1925 Nelson A. Miles, American Soldier
1924 Paul d'Estornelles de Constant, French diplomat/pacifist, dies at 71
1899 Francisque Sarcey, French writer (Le Temps), dies at 70
1895 Joseph Whitaker, British publisher (Whitaker' Almanack), dies at 75
1892 Arthur Hodister, British ivory seller (Heart of Darkness), murdered
1889 Alfred Potocki, premier Austrian/governor/viceroy of Galicia, dies
1886 Emily Dickinson, U.S. poet, dies at 55
1873 Alexander J Cuza, monarch of Moldavia/Romania, dies at 53
1872 Thomas Hastings, composer, dies at 87
1855 Jan Mazereeuw, Frisian farmer/sect leader, dies at 75
1852 Louisa Catherine Adams, American First Lady
1847 Daniel O'Connell, Irish Politician
1845 Samuel I Wiselius, Dutch lawyer/businessman/writer, dies at 76
1842 Emanuel A D M J count de las Cases, French historian (Napoleon), dies at 76
1833 Edmund Kean, English actor (Shylock), dies at 46
1832 Carl Friedrich Zelter, composer, dies at 73
1824 Alexander Campbell, composer, dies at 60
1823 Antonio Frantisek Becvarovsky, composer, dies at 69
1822 Christian Ludwig Dieter, composer, dies at 64
1821 John Wall Calcott, composer, dies at 54
1801 Louis C count Barbiano de Belgioioso, Austrian diplomat, dies at 73
1785 Karel Blazej Kopriva, composer, dies at 29
1761 Jacob Mossel, governor-general (Dutch East Indies), dies at 56
1746 Giovanni Antonio Ricieri, composer, dies at 67
1685 Henri Otto, Spanish marquis of Caretto/Savona/Grana, dies
1622 Peter Plancius, Flemish vicar/cartographer, dies at about 69
1621 Henrick de Keyser, Amsterdam's master builder, dies at 56
1591 Dimitri Ivanovitch, Russian son of czar Ivan IV, murdered at 9
1482 Paolo Toscanelli, Italian physician and mapmaker, dies
1470 Charles VIII, Knutsson Bonde, king of Sweden (14??-70), dies
1174 Nur ad-Din Mahmud, King of Syria, dies
884 Marinus I, Martinus II, Pope (882-84), dies
392 Valentinianus II, emperor of Rome (375-392), murdered at 21

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