November 16 Deaths in History - November 16 Birthdays - November 16 Events

1999 Daniel Nathans, American Scientist
1997 George Petrie, actor (Honeymooners), dies on 85th birthday
1997 Georges Marchais, Sec General of French Communist Party (1972-94), dies
1997 Russ "Mad Monk" Meyer, pitcher (Philadelphia Phillies), dies at 74
1996 George Byatt, playwright, dies at 73
1996 Jack Popplewell, composer/playwright, dies at 87
1996 John Reginald Bevins, politician, dies at 88
1995 Gwyn A Williams, historian/socialist, dies at 70
1995 Jack Finney, author (Body Snatchers), dies at 84
1994 Chester Dino Powers Valenti, singer/Songwriter, dies at 57
1994 Dan Smith, harmonica/gospel singer, dies at 83
1994 David Rayner, cyclist, dies
1994 Doris Speed, actress (Annie-Coronation Street), dies at 95
1994 Harvey Watkins, gospel Singer, dies at 64
1994 John Boylan, U.S. actor (Twin Peaks, Sleepless in Seattle), dies at 82
1993 Evelyn Venable, model (Columbia Pictures logo), dies of cancer at 80
1993 Lucia Popp, Czechoslovakia/Austria soprano (Vienna Opera), dies at 54
1991 Ralph Marrero, actor (Babe, Johnny Suede), dies in car accident at 33
1988 Lotte Stam-Beese, German/Netherlands architect, dies at about 85
1986 Siobhan McKenna, actress (Dr. Zhivago, Hungry Hill), dies at 63
1985 John Sparkman, Senator-D-Alabama 1946 - 1979, dies at 85
1982 Arthur Askey, British comedian, dies at 82
1981 Enid Markey, actress (Aunt Violet-Bringing Up Buddy), dies at 85
1981 Morgan Conway, actor (Dick Tracy Detective), dies
1981 William Holden, actor (Network, Wild Bunch, Breezy), dies at 63
1980 Imogen Hassall, Countess of Cleavage (Carry on Lovng), suicide at 37
1978 Claude Dauphin, French actor (Les Miserables, Mado), dies at 75
1978 Cornelis P "Cor" Bruon, Dutch novelist (Sil), dies at 95
1976 Franz MT de Liage Bohl, German/Dutch assyriologist, dies at 94
1975 Ernst van Raalte, lawyer/minister-president, dies at 83
1974 Walther Meissner, German physicist (Meissner Effect), dies at 91
1973 Alan Watts, writer, speaker, and philosopher, 'The Spirit of Zen' and 'The Art of Contemplation', died of heart failure at the age of 58
1972 Andrey Filippovich Pashchenko, composer, dies at 87
1971 Charlie Dell, comedian, dies at 90
1971 Edward Sedgwick, director, dies of barbiturate overdose at 28
1968 Greet Hofmans, faith healer of Dutch queen Juliana, dies at 74
1965 Alexander King, author (Jack Paar Show), dies at 66
1964 Albert Hay Malotte, composer, dies at 69
1964 John Emery, actor (Ship Ahoy, Kronos, Mademoiselle Fifi), dies at 59
1964 Piet Moeskops, Dutch world champion cyclist (1921-24, 26), dies at 71
1961 Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the House for 17 years, dies at 79
1961 Samuel Rayburn, Representative-D-Texas, speaker of the House, 1940 - 1957, died of pancreatic cancer at age 79
1960 Clark Gable, actor, 'Gone With the Wind', dies at 59
1958 Johan W F Werumeus Buning, poet, dies
1958 Warner Fabian, S Adams, U.S. author (Great American Fraud), dies at 87
1957 Cora Witherspoon, actress (Quality Street, Bank Dick), dies at 67
1955 Tomasz Arciszewski, Polish premier (1944-47), dies at 88
1945 Kaarlo Sarkia, Finnish poet (Kohtalon Vaaka), dies at 43
1943 Marcel Verhamme, Belgian resistance fighter, executed
1935 Kurt Schindler, composer, dies at 53
1934 Carl P G von Linde, German physicist (Linde-procede), dies at 92
1934 Joachim Ringelantz, writer, dies
1932 Carry van Bruggen, de Haan, Dutch author (Eva), dies at 51
1924 Alexander Andreyevich Archangel'sky, composer, dies at 78
1924 Edward Everett Rice, composer, dies at 75
1919 Sofert H Koorders, botanist (Java), dies at 55
1909 Francis Thome, composer, dies at 59
1894 Robert Charles Winthrop, American Politician
1893 George Alexander Osborne, composer, dies at 87
1890 Johann A H Scheler, Belgian man of letters/librarian, dies at 71
1885 Louis Riel, French rebel who fought against Canada, executed at 41
1835 Louis Angely, German comedic poet (Paris in Pommern), dies at 48
1831 Karl von Clausewitz, Prussian strategist (Campaign 1813), dies at 51
1808 Mustapha IV, sultan of Turkey (1807-08), dies at 29
1797 Frederik Willem II, king of Prussia (1786-97), dies at 53
1775 Marian Paradeiser, composer, dies at 28
1766 Dominikus Zimmermann, German architect/painter, dies at 81
1724 Jack Sheppard, English robber, hanged
1706 Cornelis Evertsen, mutineer/ltalian-admiral of Zeeland, dies at 64
1706 Godfried Schalcken, painter/etcher/engraver, dies
1668 Antoon Anselmo, South Netherlands lawyer, dies at about 79
1667 Nathaniel Schnittelbach, composer, dies at 34
1632 Gustavus II Adolphus, king of Sweden, dies in battle at 37
1603 Pierre Charron, French philosopher/theologian, dies
1548 Caspar Cruciger, German church reformer, dies at 44
1512 Gerbrand Mockema, Fries rebel, beheaded
1512 Jemme Herjuwsma, Fries rebel, beheaded
1271 Henry III, king of England (1216-71, Provisions of Oxford), dies

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