October 21 Deaths in History - October 21 Birthdays - October 21 Events

2005 Robert Badham, Representative-R-California 1977 - 1989
2003 Elliott Smith, singer/songwriter, Miss Misery, dies at 34
2003 Fred Berry, comic, Whats Happening, dies at 52
1997 Dolph Camilli, Brooklyn Dodger/MVP (1941), dies at 90
1996 Abdelhamid Benhadugah, novelist, dies at 71
1996 Eric Halsall, sheepdog trial commentator, dies at 76
1996 George Houston, land economist, dies at 74
1996 Georgios Zoitakis, leader of Greece (1967-72), dies
1996 Robert O'Neill Crossman, politician, dies at 49
1996 Wang Li, politician, dies at 78
1995 Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, writer, dies at 58
1995 Maxene Andrews, vocalist (Andrews Sister), dies of heart attack at 79
1995 Shannon Hoon, vocalist (Blind Melon), dies of drug overdose at 28
1994 Edward Moss Hutchinson, educationalist, dies at 85
1994 Jerome Bert Weisner, military Scientist/Disarmer, dies at 79
1993 Assad Saftawi, Palestinian co-founder of al-Fatah, murdered at 58
1993 Irving Torgoff, U.S. baseball player (Detroit Tigers), dies at 75
1993 Melchior Ndadaye, banker/1st Hutu President of Burundi (1993), murder at 40
1993 Sam Zolotow, U.S. theater critic (New York Times), dies at 94
1993 Scott Heiser, U.S. photographer (Interview), dies at 44
1992 Jackson Weaver, voice of Smokey Bear, dies of diabetes
1992 Jim Garrison, Louisiana DA (investigate John F. Kennedy assassination), dies at 70
1992 Shirley Booth, actress (Hazel), dies at 94
1987 Ying-Chin Ho, Taiwan government official, dies at 88
1984 Dalibor Cyril Vackar, composer, dies at 78
1984 Francois Truffaut, dir (Fahrenheit 451), dies of brain cancer at 52
1983 Theodorus H J Zwartkruis, Bishop (Haarlem), dies
1978 Anastas I Mikojan, Russian politician, dies at 83
1977 Stevie Gaines, guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
1973 Arabi El Goni, Vice President/Chad parliament, murdered
1971 Etienne Gailly, Belgian marathoner (Olympic-bronze-48), dies at 48
1971 Raymond Hatton, actor (Girls in Prison), dies of heart attack at 84
1970 John T Scopes, U.S. teacher (Scopes "monkey trial" 1925), dies at 70
1969 Jack Kerouac, U.S. writer (Doctor Sax, On the Road), dies at 47
1967 Ejnar Hertzsprung, Danish astrophysicist, dies at 94
1966 Gertrude Hoffman, actress (Mrs Odetts-My Little Margie), dies at 95
1965 Bill Black, musician, rocker, bassist for Elvis Pressley, dies at 39
1965 Marie McDonald, singer and actress (Promises Promises), dies of OD at 42
1963 George B Cressey, U.S. geographer (Crossroads), dies at 66
1961 Nils J E Ferlin, Swedish songwriter (Goggles), dies
1943 Alfred DPR Pound, British admiral/1st Sealord (Jutland, WW II), dies
1937 Betty Carver, wife of Bernard Montgomery, buried
1931 A Schnitzler, writer, dies at 69
1931 Arthur Schnitzler, Austrian Playwright
1924 Martin Pierre Joseph Marsick, composer, dies at 76
1919 Sven August Korling, composer, dies at 77
1916 Karl von Sturgkh, premier Austria, assassinated
1908 Charles Eliot Norton, American Writer
1906 [Georgette A] Helena Amelung, actress (Small Lord), dies at 55
1905 Jose Teodor Vilar, composer, dies at 69
1897 Paul Kuczynski, composer, dies at 50
1886 Jose Hernandez, Argentine poet (La vuelta the Martin Fierro), dies
1872 Jacques Babinet, French physicist/mathematician/astronomer, dies at 78
1863 Lambertus GC Ledeboer, Dutch old-reformed vicar, dies at 55
1861 Edward Dickinson Baker, U.S. attorney/senator, dies in battle at 50
1861 John Breckinridge Grayson, Confederate Brigadier-General, dies
1856 Henry FC Tollens, merchant/poet (Vienna Nearlands blood), dies at 76
1831 Nat Turner, and 19 associates, hanged at 31
1810 Franz Teyber, composer, dies at 52
1805 Horatio Nelson, dies in Battle of Trafalgar
1805 Johann Baptist Lasser, composer, dies at 54
1805 Lord Nelson, British Soldier
1798 Johann Christoph Schmugel, composer, dies at 71
1793 Johann Ernst Hartmann, composer, dies at 66
1773 Johann Conrad Schlaun, German barok architect, dies at 78
1765 Giovanni Paolo Pannini/Panini, Italian painter/architect, dies at 73
1708 Christian Weise, German writer (That Bose Catherine), dies
1687 Edmund Waller, English poet/plotter (Waller's plot), dies
1662 Henry Lawes, composer, dies at 66
1650 Pedro de Espinosa, Spanish poet and writer, dies
1637 Laurens Reael, vice-governor of Ambon/poet/admiral, dies at 54
1629 Tumengung Buraksa, Matarams/Javanese general, dies in battle
1627 Frederik de Houtman, navigator/governor of Ambon, dies at about 56
1561 Johannes Vasaeus, Flemish humanist/historian, dies at about 49
1558 Julius Caesar Scaliger, Italian physician (Poetice), dies at 74
1556 Pietro Aretino, Italian author, poet and playwright, said to have died from laughing
1439 Traversari Ambrosius, Italian humanist/leader, dies at 53
1422 Charles VI, King of France (1380-1422), dies at 54

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