October 22 Deaths in History - October 22 Birthdays - October 22 Events

2002 Richard M. Helms, American Celebrity
2001 Howard Finster, American Artist
1996 Charles Edward Pevensey Tennant, aristocrat, dies at 39
1996 John Bauldie, music journalist/Dylanologist, dies at 47
1996 Matthew Harding, businessman/football supporter, dies at 42
1995 K B Wilson, methodist principal (Westminster College), dies at 50
1995 Kingsley Amis, author, dies of injuries from a fall at 73
1995 Mary Wickes, actress (Sister Act), dies at 79
1995 Ralph Whitlock, writer, dies at 81
1995 Simone Gallimard, publisher, dies at 77
1994 Benoat Regent, French actor (Du Bottom du Coeur), dies at 41
1994 Chester WIlliams, painter, dies at 73
1994 David Buchan, ethno-Musicologist, dies at 55
1994 Fabio Grobart, founder (Cuban Communist Party), dies
1994 Harold Horace Hopkins, inventor (Endoscope), dies at 75
1994 Jimmy Miller, pop drummer/singer/producer (Motorhead), dies at 52
1994 Rollo May, founder (Humanistic Psychology Movement), dies at 85
1994 Sandy Horn, lesbian Activist, dies at 59
1993 Elie A Cohen, physician (held in Auschwitz), dies at 84
1993 Fred C Shapiro, U.S. journalist (Tiananmen-square 1989), dies at 62
1993 Jiri Hajek, Czechoslovakian lawyer/minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 80
1992 Cleavon Little, actor (Blazing Saddles), dies of colon cancer at 53
1992 Red Barber, sportscaster (Dodgers, Yankees), dies at 84
1991 Peter Willes, British actor/producer (Way We Live), dies
1991 Steven Jesse Bernstein, American Writer
1989 Roland Winters, actor (Jet Pilot, Meet Millie), dies at 84
1987 Lino Ventura, Italian/French actor (Medusa touch), dies at 68
1986 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, bio-chemist (Vitamin C, Nobel 1937), dies at 93
1986 Ivor Francis, actor (Dusty's Trail), dies at 68
1986 Jane Dornnacker, WNBC-AM New York City helicopter traffic reporter, dies doing a live traffic report as her copter crashes
1986 Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Hungarian Scientist
1984 Harold Laurence Walters, composer, dies at 66
1984 Napoleon Whiting, actor (Silas-Big Valley), dies at 75
1982 Savitri Devi, French Writer
1981 Michael Granger, actor (Creature with Atom Brain, Pier 5 Havana), dies
1979 Jesse Bishop, murderer, dies in Nevada gas chamber
1979 Nadia Boulanger, French composer (Lasirene), dies at 92
1975 Arnold Toynbee, English historian/cultural sociologist, dies at 86
1975 Arnold J. Toynbee, British Historian
1973 Pablo Casals, Spanish cellist, conductor and composer, dies at 96
1972 Kurt Edzard, German sculptor (nudist/portraits), dies
1970 Rene Schneider, Chilean general/supreme commander, murdered
1969 Giovanni Martinelli, Italian opera singer (New York Met), dies on 84th birthday
1966 Hewlett Johnson, Red Deacon of Canterbury, dies
1965 Dipa Nusantara Aidit, Indonesian leader (PKI 1951-65), murdered at 42
1965 Paul Tillich, German/US Theologist (Courage To Be), dies
1961 Joseph Schenck, Russian Businessman
1960 Edgar Scauflaire, Belgian, painter/decorator, dies at 67
1954 Prosper Cocquyt, Belgian brewer/pilot, dies at 54
1948 Augustyn Hlond, Polish cardinal, dies
1943 Josef Venantius von Woss, composer, dies at 80
1942 Gustave "Staff" de Clercq, leader Flemish Nationally Covenant, dies
1942 Sybren Tulip, NSBer/supt of police in Amsterdam (1941-42), dies
1934 Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, gangster, shot dead at 30 by FBI in Ohio
1932 Anna Dickinson, dies just a week shy of her 90th birthday
1927 Ross Youngs, Hall of Fame baseballer, dies of Bright's disease at 30
1926 Jules Van de Hill, Belgian lawyer/politician, dies
1922 Lyman Abbott, American Author
1919 Bruce F Cummings, English author (Enjoying Life), dies at 30
1906 Paul Cezanne, French painter, dies at 67
1897 Justin Winsor, American Writer
1889 Olivier Metra, composer, dies at 59
1882 Janos Arany, Hungarians poet (Toldi Szerelme), dies at 65
1881 Janis Cimze, composer, dies at 67
1869 Michael Sars, Norwegian zoologist, dies at 64
1859 Louis (Ludwig) Spohr, composer (Faust), dies at 75
1852 Hans C E Freiherr von Gagern, German advisor to Dutch king, dies at 86
1835 Willem G F Bentinck, earl/politician/organist, dies at 73
1818 Joachim H Campe, German theory/author, dies at 72
1813 August Harder, composer, dies at 38
1802 Samuel Arnold, English composer, dies at 62
1764 Jean Marie I'aine Leclair, composer, dies at 67
1763 French van Mieris "the Young", painter/historian, dies at 73
1751 Willem IV KH Friso, prince of Orange-Nassau, dies at 40
1725 Alessandro Scarlatti, composer, dies at 65
1725 Pietro Alessandro Gaspare Scarlotti, composer, dies at 65
1708 Herman Witsius, Wits, reformed theologist, dies at 72
1707 Cloudesley Shovell, Admiral, drowns at Scilly
1651 Jacob Praetorius, composer, dies at 65
1613 Mathurin Regnier, French poet (Macette), dies
1565 Jean Grolier de Servieres, French bibliophile, dies
1494 Gian Galeazzo, Italian duke of Milan (1476-94), dies
1383 Ferdinand I, the wise, king of Portugal, dies
741 Charles Martel, ruler of the Franks, dies at 63

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