September 28 Deaths in History - September 28 Birthdays - September 28 Events

2005 Constance Baker Motley, American Activist
2003 Althea Gibson, tennis/golf great, first black woman to win Wimbledon, dies at 76
2003 Elia Kazan, director, On the Waterfront, dies at 94
2002 Whitney Blake, actress, Hazel, dies at 77
2000 Pierre Elliott Trudeau, former Canadian Prime Minister, dies at 80
2000 Pierre Trudeau, Canadian Statesman
1996 Bob Gibson, folk singer, dies at 64
1995 Eddy Grove, dies
1995 Olive Gibbs, peace campaigner, dies at 77
1994 Harry Saltzman, producer (Dr. No, Nijinski), dies at 78
1994 Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, Mexican PRI-politician, murdered at 48
1994 Juliette Lady Huxley Baillot, author, dies at 96
1994 Warwick Hutton, illustrator, artist, author, created illustrations for children's books, worked with texts by Hans Christian Andersen, dies at 55 of cancer in Cambridge, England
1993 Alfonso Balcazar, dies
1993 Gustavo Brillembourg, Venezuela/U.S. advocate, dies in an accident at 35
1993 Peter De Vries, cartoonist (New Yorker), dies at 83
1992 Leech, mathematician, dies
1991 Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, dies of pneumonia at 65
1989 Ferdinand E Marcos, president of Philippines (1965-86), dies at 72
1989 Ferdinand Marcos, Statesman
1989 Ferdinand E. Marcos, Filipino Statesman
1988 Ethel Grandin, silent screen actress (Deserter), dies at 94
1988 Marjorie Bonner Lowry, actress (Reno, Poor Girls), dies at 83
1987 Mehdi Hashemi, Iranian aid of Ayatollah Khomeini, shot for treason
1986 Carmen DeRue, entertainer, dies
1986 Robert Helpmann, actor (Second Time Lucky, Patrick), dies at 77
1985 Andre Kertesz, Hungarian photographer and photojournalist, dies
1982 Larry Breeding, actor (Who's Watching the Kids), dies on 36th birthday
1982 Mabel Albertson, actress (Gazebo, Bewitched), dies of Alzheimer at 81
1979 Jimmy McCulloch, guitarist (Wings), dies at 26
1978 John Paul I, Albino Luciano, Pope (1978), dies after 33 days as pope
1978 Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), 263rd Catholic Pope, died
1978 Pope John Paul I, Pope
1975 Agnes Windeck, dies
1975 Sidney Fields, comedian (Abbott and Costello), dies at 77
1974 Raymond Largay, actor (April in Paris, Variety Girl), dies at 88
1973 Mantan Moreland, comedian (Watermelon Man), dies at 71
1973 Norma Crane, actress, 'Fiddler on the Roof', dies of cancer at 44
1973 Wystan H Auden, British/U.S. writer (Spain/Platonic Blow), dies at 66
1972 Maurice Thiriet, composer, dies at 66
1970 Gamal' Abd al-Nassar, Egypt President (1953-70), dies of heart attack at 52
1970 John Roderigo Dos Passos, U.S. writer (Manhattan Transfer), dies at 74
1968 Corry Lievens, Flemish actress/playwright/dir (Blue Bird), dies at 64
1966 Andre Breton, French Surrealist poet (Manifest of Surrealism), dies at 70
1966 Eric Fleming, actor (Gil-Rawhide), dies at 41
1966 Lucky Millinder, bandleader/singer, dies
1965 Eddie Gribbon, actor (Keystone Kops), dies after long illness
1964 George Dyson, composer, dies at 81
1964 Harpo [Arthur] Marx, comedian (Marx Bros), dies at 75
1964 Nacio Herb Brown, dies
1961 Michael Shepley, actor (Dick and the Duchess), dies at 54
1959 Gerard Hoffnung, artist/humorist/musician, dies
1957 Albert Ascoli, Italian developed anti-tuberculosis vaccine, dies
1957 Luis Cluzeau-Mortet, composer, dies at 67
1955 Arthur Donaldson, dies
1954 Bert Lytell, actor (Henry-One Man's Family), dies at 69
1954 Morten Korch, dies
1953 Edwin P Hubble, astronomer, designer of telescopes, dies at 63
1953 Edwin Powell Hubble, American Scientist
1952 Paul Hastings Allen, composer, dies at 68
1948 EJ Ratcliffe, dies
1948 Gregg Toland, cinematographer, dies at 44
1947 Francisco Santiago, composer, dies at 58
1947 William B Davidson, dies
1946 Jean Van de Eeckhoudt, Belgian painter, dies
1943 Fritzi Brunette, dies
1942 Evelyn Thatcher, dies
1939 Felicjan Szopski, composer, dies at 74
1928 Con Conrad, dies
1922 Andrejs Jurjans, composer, dies at 65
1920 Nestor de Tiere, Flemish playwright (Bride of the Sea), dies
1914 Porsteinn Erlingsson, Icelandic poet (Malleysingjar), dies at 56
1914 Stevan Mokranjac, composer, dies at 58
1914 Richard W. Sears, American Businessman
1911 Louis Pincoffs, businessman/Dutch politician 1st-Chamber, dies
1907 Frederich I W L, Grand Duke of Baden (1856-1907), dies at 81
1903 Jesus Monasterio, composer, dies at 67
1902 Emile Zola, French writer (Nana/Germinal/J'accuse), dies at 62
1899 Giovanni Segantini, Italian painter (Become his fare), dies
1895 Louis Pasteur, French bacteriologist (Pasteurization), dies at 72
1891 Herman Melville, writer (Billy Budd, Moby Dick), dies at 72
1884 Fred Morley, cricket lefty quick (16 wkts in 4 Tests for Eng), dies
1879 Nathan C. Meeker, U.S., poet and writer, murdered
1875 Aleksei K Tolstoi, Kozjma Prutkov, Russian poet, dies at 58
1873 Emile Gaboriau, detective writer (Monsieur Lecoq), dies at 37
1869 Libri, mathematician, dies
1868 Thomas Carmichael Hindman, attorney and Confederate general-major, shot at 40
1859 Rinse Posthumus, Fries writer, dies
1852 Johann Friedrich Schwencke, composer, dies at 60
1833 Lemuel Haynes, Revolutionary War veteran, dies at 88
1819 Karl Haack, composer, dies at 68
1815 Nicolas Desmarest, French geographer (Volcanos), dies at 90
1789 Thomas Day, author, killed by fall from a horse at Wargrave Berkshire
1759 Cornelis Pronk, portrait painter/cartoonist, dies at 67
1757 Andrea Zani, composer, dies at 60
1702 Robert Spencer 2nd earl of Sunderland, English Prime Minister 1687 - 1688, dies at 61
1694 Mouton, mathematician, dies
1667 Jacobus Golius, mathematician/founder (Leidse observ), dies at 71
1657 Emilia Secunda Antwerpiana, daugher of Willem of Orange, dies at 75
1652 John Asselijn, landscape painter/etcher, dies at about 42
1649 Ottavio Vernizzi, composer, dies at 79
1618 Gilles van Ledenberg, Secretary of Utrecht States 1588 - 1618, suicide at 68
1509 Siwara/Sjoerd Aylva, Fries army leader (siege of Franeker)
1296 Adolf VII, earl of Mountain (1259-96), dies
1197 Henry VI von Hohenstaufen, Roman Catholic German King (1169-97), dies
1104 Pedro I, king of Navarra and Aragon, dies
929 Wenceslaus I, duke of Bohemia, murdered

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