Airplane Events in History

2013 Event - Former President George W. Bush's airplane, a Gulfstream IV, on its way to Dallas' Love Field , was diverted safely to Louisville International AIrport when the pilot smelled smoke

2011 Event - The 'underwear bomber', Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, pleads guilty to attempting to blow up an airplane on Christmas, 2009

1988 Event - Experimental airplane Voyager, piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, complete 1st nonstop, round-the-world flight without refueling lands

1987 Event - West German Mathias Rust lands airplane on Red Square

1986 Death - Marcel Dassault, Bloch, French airplane builder, dies at 94

1986 Death - Stephen Stucker, actor (Trading Places, Airplane), dies

1982 Event - Indoor distance record for a paper airplane (47m) Tacoma Wash

1978 Event - John McClain performs 180 outside loops in an airplane over Houston

1977 Death - Sergei Ilyushin, Russian airplane builder (Ilyushin), dies at 82

1972 Death - George Collins, (Rep-Ill), dies at 47, in airplane crash

1971 Event - Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane seriously injured in a car accident

1970 Event - John Creach, joins Jefferson Airplane

1970 Event - World's largest airplane, Boeing 747, makes 1st commercial flight

1969 Event - Jim Morrison arrested on an airplane by FBI for drunkeness

1969 Event - North Korea shoots at U.S. airplane above Japanese sea

1968 Death - Donald L Hall, airplane designer (Spirit of St. Louis), dies at 69

1967 Event - "Somebody To Love" by Jefferson Airplane peaks at #5

1965 Event - Rock group "Jefferson Airplane" forms

1962 Death - Frederick Handley Page, designer of 1st big airplane (40 seats), dies

1961 Event - 1st U.S. airplane hijacked to Cuba

1958 Event - 1st airplane flight exceeding 1200 hours, lands, Dallas, Texas

1958 Death - Earnest H Heinkel, German airplane builder (WW II), dies at 70

1957 Event - Dodgers buy 44 passenger twin-engine airplane for $775,000

1956 Event - 1st American to land an airplane at South Pole - Rear Admiral G. J. Dufek

1956 Birthday - Lorna Patterson, Whittier California, actress, Airplane, Pvt Benjamin

1955 Event - 1st airplane to exceed 1800 mph (2897 kph)-HA Hanes, Palmdale, California

1955 Birthday - Julie Hagerty, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Airplane, Princesses

1955 Event - 1st magnesium jet airplane flies

1954 Event - Air Force One, 1st U.S. Presidential airplane, christened

1952 Event - 1st landing by an airplane at geographic North Pole

1951 Event - 1st missle to intercept an airplane, White Sands, New Mexico

1950 Birthday - David Leisure, actor, Joe Isuzu, Airplane, Charley-Empty Nest

1950 Birthday - Jerry Zucker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, director, Airplane, Naked Gun

1949 Birthday - Mickey Thomas, rock vocalist, Jefferson Airplane, Starship

1947 Event - Howard Hughes flies "Spruce Goose," a large wooden airplane

1947 Birthday - David Zucker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, director, Airplane, Naked Gun, Top Secret

1947 Birthday - Robert Hays, Bethesda, Maryland, actor, Airplane!, Starman, Scandalous

1947 Event - Convair Liner, 1st U.S. twin-engine pressurized airplane, tested

1945 Event - Airplane crashes into the Empire State Building

1945 Event - 1st gas turbine propeller-driven airplane flight tested, Downey, California

1944 Event - Harry Crosby takes 1st rocket airplane, MX-324, for maiden flight

1944 Birthday - Jack Casady, born in Washington D.C., rock bassist, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane

1944 Event - 140 Lancasters bomb airplane manufacturer in Toulouse

1943 Event - RAF bombs Fokker airplane factory in Amsterdam

1942 Birthday - Paul Kantner, born in San Francisco, California, rock singer/guitarist, Jefferson Airplane

1941 Event - Ark Royal airplane sights German battleship Bismarck

1940 Birthday - Jorma Kaukonen, Washington D.C., rock guitarist, Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna

1940 Event - Airplane manufacturer in Woolston bombed, 30 killed

1940 Death - Edmund Rumpler, Austria auto/airplane builder, dies

1940 Event - 1st U.S. telecast from an airplane, New York City

1939 Death - Anthony H G Fokker, Dutch airplane builder (Spider), dies at 49

1937 Event - 1st automobile/airplane combination tested, Santa Monica, Ca

1936 Birthday - Chad Everett, born in South Bend, Indiana, actor, Medical Center, Airplane II

1936 Event - 1st KLM airplane to land on Bonaire

1935 Event - 1st U.S. airplane flight with auto slung beneath fuselage, New York

1934 Event - 1st airplane train, plane tows 3 mail gliders behind it

1933 Event - 1st airplane to exceed 300 mph (483 kph), JR Wendell, Glenview, Il

1933 Event - 1st airplane flight over Mount Everest

1930 Event - 1st nonstop airplane flight from New York to Panama

1930 Event - 1st non-stop airplane flight from Europe to U.S. (37 hours)

1930 Death - Glenn Hammond Curtiss, aviation pioneer/airplane builder, dies at 52

1930 Event - 1st airplane catapulted from a dirigible, Charles Nicholson, pilot

1930 Event - 1st NewYork - Bermuda airplane flight lands in Bermuda

1927 Event - 1st commercial airplane flight in Hawaii

1925 Death - Clement Ader, French engineer (steam engine airplane), dies at 84

1924 Event - 1st Dutch airplane (Fokker's F-7) reaches Batavia (Java)

1922 Event - Dutch auto/airplane manufacturer Trompenburg declares bankruptcy

1922 Event - 1st airplane lands at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

1919 Event - 1st scheduled passenger service by airplane (Paris-London)

1919 Event - Anthony Fokker's establishes airplane factory at Hamburg and Amsterdam

1919 Birthday - Robert Stack, born in born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Eliot Ness-Untouchables, Airplane

1918 Event - 1st airplane bombing raid by an American unit, France

1918 Event - 1st U.S. pilot to down an enemy airplane, Stephen W. Thompson

1917 Birthday - Pape John Creech, rocker, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane

1916 Birthday - Howard Koch, producer/director, Frankenstein, Airplane II

1915 Event - Dodgers manager Wilbert Robinson tries to catch a baseball dropped from an airplane, but the pilot substituted a grapefruit

1914 Event - 1st airplane flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco

1913 Event - Lincoln Deachey performs 1st airplane loop-the-loop (San Diego)

1913 Event - Lt Peter Nestrov, of Imperial Russian Air Service, performs a loop in a monoplane at Kiev (1st aerobatic maneuver in an airplane)

1913 Event - Tiny Broadwick is 1st woman to parachute from an airplane

1913 Birthday - Lloyd Bridges, born in San Leandro, California, actor, Sea Hunt, Roots, Airplane

1912 Event - 1st U.S. postage stamp picturing an airplane, 20 cent parcel post, issued

1912 Event - Naval torpedo launched from an airplane patents by B. A. Fiske

1912 Event - Albert Berry made the 1st parachute jump from an airplane

1912 Event - Captain Albert Berry performs 1st parachute jump from an airplane

1912 Event - Albert Berry makes 1st parachute jump from an airplane

1912 Event - J. Vedrines makes 1st airplane flight over 100 mph - 161.29 kph

1911 Event - Calbraith Rogers completes 1st crossing of U.S. by airplane (84 days)

1911 Event - Calbraith Rodgers arrives in Pasadena completing 1st transcontinental airplane flight (84 days) (left Sheepshead Bay, New York, Sept 17)

1911 Event - Britain's 1st twin-engine airplane (Short S.39) test flown

1911 Event - 1st photo in U.S. taken from an airplane, San Diego

1911 Event - 1st airplane bombing experiments with explosives, SF

1910 Event - 1st airplane flight from deck of a ship, Norfolk, Va

1910 Event - Blanche Scott became 1st woman solo a public airplane flight

1910 Event - 1st test flight of a twin-engined airplane (France)

1910 Event - Walter Brookins becomes 1st to pilot an airplane to 1 mile altitude

1909 Event - Comte de Lambert of France sets airplane altitude record of 300 m

1909 Event - AH Latham of France sets world airplane altitude record of 155 m

1909 Event - Orville Wright tests 1st U.S. Army airplane, flying 1h12m40s

1909 Event - France's Louis Bleriot, makes 1st airplane flight across English Channel

1909 Event - Etten-Leur 1st airplane flight in Netherlands (Belgium count De Lambert)

1909 Event - 1st U.S. airplane sold commercially, by Glenn Curtiss for $5,000

1908 Event - Orville Wright makes 1st 1-hour airplane flight, Fort Myer, Va

1908 Event - Miss Pottelsberghe de la Pottery is 1st airplane passenger (Belgium)

1908 Event - Paris advocate E Archdeacon is 1st passenger in a airplane

1908 Event - 1st passenger flight in an airplane

1906 Event - 1st airplane flight in Europe

1904 Event - 1st airplane flight to last more than 5 minutes

1904 Event - Wilbur Wright makes his 1st airplane flight

1903 Event - Wright brothers obtain airplane patent

1900 Birthday - George Antheil, Trenton, New Jersey, composer, Airplane Sonata

1894 Birthday - Sergei Ilyushin, Russian airplane builder, Ilyushin

1893 Birthday - Bessie Coleman, 1st black airplane pilot

1892 Birthday - Marcel Dassault, French airplane builder

1889 Birthday - [Richard] Stafford Cripps, English minister of airplane manufacturing, 1942 - 1945

1872 Birthday - Louis Bleriot, 1st man to fly an airplane across English Channel

1872 Birthday - Edmund Rumpler, Austria, auto/airplane builder

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