Armand Events in History

1994 Death - Gilbert Roland, Mexican/US actor (Armand in Camille), dies at 88

1991 Death - Armand HF Boni, Armand the Good, Flemish poet and writer, dies

1990 Death - Armand Hammer, CEO (Occidental Petroleum), dies at 92

1986 Event - Armand Hammer returns to U.S. with Jewish refusenik David Goldfarb

1986 Death - Armand Preud'homme, Flemish organist/lyricist, dies at 81

1971 Death - Armand Spitz, developer of small educational planetarium, dies

1969 Birthday - Armand Benneker, Dutch soccer player, MVV

1959 Death - Armand Louis Joseph Marsick, composer, dies at 81

1949 Birthday - Armand Assante, New York City, actor, Private Benjamin, Unfaithfully Yours

1948 Death - Raoul Armand Georg Koczalski, composer, dies at 64

1946 Birthday - Armand, Herman van Loenhout, singer, Blommenkinders

1943 Death - Arnaud/Armand Fraiteur, Belgian resistance fighter, hanged

1939 Death - Armand Calinescu, premier of Romania, murdered

1939 Death - Armand Calinescu, Romania's PM, assassinated by the iron guard

1934 Death - Armand Parent, composer, dies at 70

1909 Birthday - Armand H F Boni, the Good One, Flemish poet/writer

1907 Death - R F Armand Sully-Prudhomme, French poet (Poesies, Nobel 1901), dies

1904 Birthday - Armand Preud'homme, Flemish organist/poet

1902 Birthday - Armand Bernier, Belgian poet, Sorcier Triste

1899 Birthday - Armand Salacrou, French playwright

1898 Birthday - Armand Hammer, New York City, millionaire industrialist, Occidental Petroleum

1893 Birthday - Armand Calinescu, premier of Romania

1884 Birthday - Raoul Armand Georg Koczalski, composer

1877 Birthday - Armand Louis Joseph Marsick, composer

1863 Birthday - Armand Parent, composer

1839 Birthday - Rene F Armand Sully-Prudhomme, born in France, poet, 1st Nobel winner, 1901

1832 Birthday - Camille Armand Jules Marie de Polignac, Major General Confederate Army

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