Authorizes Events in History

2014 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama authorizes air strikes against Islamic State militants for situations in which the forces appear to threaten U.S. personnel; food drops were also carried out along the Syrian border to civilians trapped by the violence

2014 Event - U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder authorizes federal prosecutors to pursue the death penalty for Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

1993 Event - U.N. authorizes arms, miltary and police supply embargo against Haiti

1993 Event - U.N. authorizes worldwide oil embargo against Haiti

1990 Event - U.N. security council authorizes military action against Iraq

1975 Event - Bill authorizes admission of women to military academies

1974 Event - Congress authorizes U.S. citizens to own gold

1973 Event - President Nixon authorizes construction of Alaskan pipeline

1973 Event - Congress authorizes bi-centennial quarter, half-dollar and dollar coin

1970 Event - Congress authorizes Eisenhower dollar coin

1963 Event - Congress authorizes Kennedy half dollar

1962 Event - John F. Kennedy authorizes Area Redevelopment Act

1961 Event - U.S. authorizes Agency for International Development

1955 Event - Eisenhower authorizes $46 million for construction of CIA headquarters

1955 Event - Congress authorizes all U.S. currency to say "In God We Trust"

1948 Event - National Security Council authorizes covert operations for 1st time

1938 Event - National Semi-Pro Basketball Congress authorizes yellow basketball

1933 Event - Franklin D. Roosevelt authorizes 1st swimming pool built inside the White House

1933 Event - Congress authorizes Civilian Conservation Corps

1929 Event - President Hoover authorizes building of Boulder Dam, Hoover Dam

1925 Event - Congress authorizes a special handling stamp

1922 Event - Congress authorizes Grant Memorial $1 gold coin

1918 Event - Congress authorizes time zones and approves daylight saving time

1918 Event - President Wilson authorizes U.S. Army's Distinguished Service Medal

1917 Event - Turkish government authorizes Jews to return to Tel Aviv and Jaffa

1916 Event - Congress authorizes McKinley Memorial $1 gold coin

1915 Event - Congress authorizes $1 and $50 Panama-Pacific International Expo gold coin

1910 Event - Canada authorizes issuing of silver dollar coins

1904 Event - Congress authorizes Lewis and Clark Expo $1 gold coin

1902 Event - Congress authorizes Louisiana Purchase Expo $1 gold coin

1899 Event - Congress authorizes Lafayette silver dollar

1898 Event - Post Office authorizes use of postcards

1895 Event - Congress authorizes a U.S. mint at Denver, Colorodo

1894 Event - Seattle authorizes 1st municipal employment office in U.S.

1893 Event - Congress authorizes 1st federal road agency, in Department of Agriculture

1893 Event - Diplomatic Appropriation Act, authorizes the U.S. rank of ambassador

1887 Event - Interstate Commerce Act authorizes federal regulation of railroads

1883 Event - Congress authorizes the 1st steel vessels in U.S. navy

1879 Event - Congress authorizes women lawyers to practice before Supreme Court

1878 Event - U.S. congress authorizes large-size silver certificate

1875 Event - Congress authorizes 20 cent coin, lasts only 3 years

1873 Event - Congress authorizes federal departmental postage stamps

1873 Event - Congress abolishes bimetallism and authorizes $1 and $3 gold coins

1870 Event - Congress authorizes registration of trademarks

1870 Event - Mass legislature authorizes incorporation of Wellesley Female Seminary

1866 Event - Congress authorizes nickel 5 cents piece (replaces silver half-dime)

1866 Event - U.S. Treasury Department authorizes nickel

1866 Event - Congress authorizes national soldiers' homes

1865 Event - Michigan authorizes workers' cooperatives

1863 Event - Congress authorizes a U.S. mint at Carson City, Nevada

1863 Event - Congress authorizes track width of 4'8" for Union Pacific Railroad

1863 Event - War Department authorizes Mass governor to recruit black troops

1862 Event - Secretary of War authorizes General Rufus Saxton to arm 5,000 slaves

1862 Event - Congress authorizes Medal of Honor

1861 Event - Secretary of U.S. Navy authorizes enlistment of slaves

1861 Event - Congress authorizes paper money

1861 Event - U.S. Congress authorizes 1st stamped newspaper wrappers for mailing

1855 Event - Congress authorizes registered mail

1853 Event - U.S. authorizes minting of $3 gold pieces

1852 Event - Congress authorizes U.S.'s 2nd mint (San Francisco, California)

1851 Event - Congress authorizes smallest U.S. silver coin (3 cent piece)

1849 Event - Gold Coinage Act authorizes $20 Double Eagle gold coin

1845 Event - Congress authorizes ocean mail contracts for foreign mail delivery

1835 Event - Congress authorizes a U.S. mint at New Orleans Louisiana

1830 Event - Congress authorizes Indian removal from all states to western prairie

1829 Event - Ohio authorizes high school night classes

1813 Event - Congress authorizes use of steamboats to transport mail

1812 Event - Congress authorizes war bonds to finance War of 1812

1799 Event - 1st federal forestry legislation authorizes purchase of timber land

1792 Event - U.S. authorizes $10 Eagle, $5 half-Eagle and 2.50 quarter-Eagle gold coins and silver dollar, dollar, quarter, dime and half-dime

1778 Event - Rhode Island General Assembly authorizes enlistment of slaves

1693 Event - New York City authorizes 1st police uniforms in American colonies

1199 Event - Rambam (Maimonides) authorizes Samuel Ibn Tibbon to translate Guide of Perplexed from Arabic into Hebrew

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