Bankruptcy Events in History

2015 Event - RadioShack, the U.S. electronics retailer founded in 1921, files for bankruptcy; the company plans to sell up to half of its stores to Sprint and close the remainder

2014 Event - Mt. Gox, the Bitcoin exchange that filed for bankruptcy, announces that it has found 200,000 of the 800,000 missing bitcoins belonging to customers; the missing bitcoins were overlooked because they had been stored in an older format in a 'wallet' presumed to be empty

2014 Event - A Mt. Gox security breach that enabled hackers to defraud customers of over 700,000 in Bitcoins causes the Bitcoin exchange to file for bankruptcy

2013 Event - Detroit, Michigan files the largest municipal bankruptcy in history; the city of Detroit seeks CHapter 9 bankruptcy protection and is $18.5 billion in debt

2012 Event - Hostess Brands reveals its plan to file for bankruptcy and liquidate its assets, claiming contract disputes from the bakery's union worker strike crippled its operations; about 18,500 workers will be laid off

2012 Event - The 'immediate and severe' fiscal emergency declared by the U.S. city San Bernardino, California, allows it to declare bankruptcy without negotiating with creditors

2012 Event - After mediation with creditors fails, the city of Stockton, California becomes the largest city in the U.S. to declare bankruptcy

2012 Event - Lehman Brothers exits its bankruptcy protection, making it free to sell remaining assets and distribute its funds to creditors

2012 Event - The famous film and camera company Kodak, files for bankruptcy protection

2011 Event - The Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

2010 Event - Sarah, Duchess of York, becomes the first Royal in history to suffer possible bankruptcy

2008 Event - Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy

2006 Event - United Airlines emerges from bankruptcy

1994 Event - Orange County California files for bankruptcy

1994 Event - Zsa Zsa Gabor files for bankruptcy

1993 Event - Kim Basinger files for bankruptcy to avoid paying $7.4M settlement

1991 Event - Orion Pictures filed Chapter 11 for bankruptcy protection

1991 Event - Greyhound Bus ends bankruptcy

1991 Event - Calumet Farm, home to 8 Kentucky Derby winners, files bankruptcy

1990 Event - Greyhound Bus files bankruptcy

1990 Event - Bankruptcy court forces Frank Lorenzo to give up Eastern Airlines

1989 Event - Eastern Airlines files for bankruptcy

1987 Event - Texaco files for bankruptcy

1985 Event - ADM of Amsterdam declares bankruptcy

1984 Event - Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac) files for bankruptcy

1982 Event - Braniff Airlines files for bankruptcy

1979 Event - Rocker Tom Petty files chapter 11 bankruptcy

1970 Event - Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, headed by Bud Selig, purchases the Seattle Pilots for $10,800,000 Although negotiations were conducted over a period of months, it was not until March 13 when a federal bankruptcy referee declared the Pilots bank

1970 Event - Federal bankruptcy court allows Seattle Pilots to be sold to Milwaukee

1953 Event - Bill Veeck tells Browns stockholders he faces bankruptcy unless they drop their suit to block his move to Baltimore, they comply

1922 Event - Dutch auto/airplane manufacturer Trompenburg declares bankruptcy

1811 Event - Austria declares bankruptcy

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