Charleston Events in History

2014 Event - Fossils of prehistoric bird species Pelagornis sandersi have been uncovered at the Charleston, S.C. airport; the species is the largest-known bird discovered to date, with a wingspan of approximately 24 feet

1998 Event - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Charleston South Carolina on WAVF 96.1 FM

1994 Death - Robert Jesse Charleston, museum curator, dies at 78

1989 Event - Hurricane Hugo, kills 85 in Charleston, South Carolina

1976 Event - Oscar Charleston selected to baseball's the Hall of Fame

1970 Birthday - Bryce Florie, born in Charleston, Florida, pitcher for the San Diego Padres

1970 Birthday - William Martin III, born in Charleston, South Carolina, finn yachter, Olympics-23rd-1996

1966 Birthday - Randy Barnes, Charleston, West Virginia, shot putter, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics, Silver Medal 1988 Olympics

1965 Birthday - Andy Dick, Charleston, South Carolina, actor, Matthew-Newsradio

1965 Birthday - Katrina McClain, Charleston, South Carolina, basketball forward, 1996 Olympics gold

1963 Event - WITV TV channel 7 in Charleston, South Carolina (PBS) begins broadcasting

1962 Event - WCIV TV channel 4 in Charleston, South Carolina (NBC) begins broadcasting

1961 Birthday - Anne White, Charleston, West Virginia, tennis, Wore spandex in '85 Wimbledon

1960 Birthday - Catherine G Coleman, Charleston, South Carolina, Phd/Captain USAF/astronaut, STS-73

1956 Birthday - Beth Daniel, Charleston, South Carolina, LPGA golfer, 1990 Kemper Open

1956 Birthday - Ann Magnuson, Charleston, West Virginia, actress, Anything But Love, Hunger

1954 Event - WCBD TV channel 2 in Charleston, South Carolina (ABC) begins broadcasting

1954 Birthday - Will Patton, born in Charleston, South Carolina, actor, No Way Out, Ballzaire the Cajun

1953 Event - WCSouth Carolina TV channel 5 in Charleston, South Carolina (CBS) begins broadcasting

1949 Birthday - Frank L Culbertson, Jr., Charleston, South Carolina, Commander USN/astronaut, STS-38

1943 Birthday - Lauren Hutton, Mary, Charleston, South Carolina, model/actress, American Gigolo

1943 Birthday - Jon Andrew McBride, Charleston, West Virginia, Captain USN/astronaut, STS-41G

1943 Birthday - Conchata Ferrell, born in Charleston, West Virginia, actress, Deadly Hero, Susan-LA Law

1941 Birthday - Thomas F. Hartnett, born in Charleston, South Carolina, Representative-R-South Carolina 1981 - 1986

1933 Birthday - Tony Brown, Charleston, West Virginia, newsman, Tony Brown's Journal

1930 Birthday - James Broderick, born in Charleston, New Hampshire, actor, Brenner-Brenner, Doug-Family

1929 Birthday - George H Crumb, Charleston, West Virginia, composer, Pulitzer 1968-Echoes of Time

1927 Birthday - Arthur Ravenel, Jr., born in Charleston, South Carolina, Representative-R-South Carolina 1987 - 1995

1926 Event - 3 men dance Charleston for 22 hours

1923 Event - "Runnin' Wild" (introducing Charleston) opens on Broadway

1922 Birthday - Ernest Hollings, born in Charleston, South Carolina, Senator-D-South Carolina 1966 - 2005

1920 Birthday - Roger Price, born in Charleston, West Virginia, actor and writer, Who's There, Droodles

1919 Event - Race riot in Charleston, South Carolina, 2 blacks killed

1916 Birthday - Robert Jesse Charleston, museum Curator

1911 Death - Joseph Pulitzer, American newspaperman, dies in Charleston, SC

1909 Birthday - Helen Chandler, Charleston, South Carolina, actress, Christopher Strong, Dracula

1893 Event - Hurricane hits coast between Savannah Georgia and Charleston SC

1893 Event - Tornado destroys coast of Savannah and Charleston, about 1000 die

1886 Event - 1st major earthquake recorded in eastern U.S., at Charleston SC, 110 die

1878 Event - Ship Azor leaves Charleston with 206 blacks for Liberia

1876 Event - Race riot in Charleston SC

1865 Event - Evacuation of Charleston, South Carolina; Sherman's troops burn city

1865 Event - Battle of Charleston South Carolina

1863 Event - Submarine "HL Hunley" arrives in Charleston on railroad cars

1863 Event - Battle of Charleston, South Carolina, failed Federal fleet attack on Fort Sumter

1861 Event - Naval Engagement at Charleston, South Carolina USS Flag vs BR Alert

1861 Event - Black demonstrators in Charleston staged ride-ins on street cars

1861 Event - South Carolina seizes inactive Ft. Johnson in Charleston Harbor

1860 Event - Dem convention in Charleston South Carolina divided over slavery

1843 Event - An alligator falls from sky during a Charleston South Carolina thunderstorm

1842 Death - John England, bishop of Charleston Carolina, dies

1838 Event - Fire destroys half of Charleston

1831 Event - 1st U.S. railroad honeymoon trip, Mr. and Mrs. Pierson, Charleston, SC

1824 Event - 1st Jewish Reform congregation forms, Charleston, SC

1822 Death - Denmark Vesey, and 5 aides hanged at Blake's Landing, Charleston, South Carolina

1782 Event - Charleston, South Carolina evacuated by British

1780 Event - British troops occupy Charleston, South Carolina

1780 Event - Charleston, South Carolina falls to British (Revolutionary War)

1776 Event - Charleston, South Carolina repulses British sea attack

1775 Event - Paul Revere rides from Charleston to Lexington

1735 Event - 1st opera performed in America, "Flora," in Charleston, South Carolina

1735 Event - 1st opera in U.S. "Flora," opens in Charleston, SC

1733 Event - James Oglethorpe and 130 English colonists arrive at Charleston, SC

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