Choir Events in History

1992 Death - Eva A Jessye, U.S. singer and actress (Eva Jessye Choir), dies at 97

1984 Event - Men's choir Maranatha Netherlands forms

1977 Death - Marius Monnikendam, Dutch choir composer, dies at 80

1975 Death - Frans van Amelsvoort, choir conductor, dies at 75

1964 Death - John Finley Williamson, conductor (Westminster Choir), dies at 76

1963 Death - Mart Saar, composer, organist, combined folk music with contemporary sounds, composed choir, solo, piano music, dies at 81

1960 Death - Hubert Cuypers, composer/choir conductor (Missa Populi), dies at 86

1956 Death - Gunther Ramin, German organist/composer/choir conductor, dies at 57

1951 Event - Dutch Reformed Church introduces new church choir

1945 Event - Arnold Schonberg's Prelude for orchestra and mixed choir, premieres

1932 Birthday - Bengt Hallberg, born in Sweden, musician, pianist, composer for film, television, choir arrangements, Sweden's most influential jazz musicians

1925 Death - James Lane Allen, U.S. writer (Choir Invisible), dies at 75

1921 Birthday - Roger Nixon, born in California, musician, composer, professor of music, composed for orchestra, band, choir, opera, Professor Emeritus of Music, San Francisco State University

1899 Birthday - Frans van Amelsvoort, Dutch choir conductor

1896 Birthday - Marius Monnikendam, Dutch choir composer

1887 Birthday - John Finley Williamson, Canton Ohio, conductor, Westminster Choir

1885 Death - Franz W. Abbot, German composer/choir conductor, dies

1885 Death - Franz Wilhelm Abt, German composer/choir conductor, dies at 65

1882 Birthday - Mart Saar, born in Hupassaare, Estonia, composer, organist, combined folk music with contemporary sounds, composed choir, solo, piano music

1873 Birthday - Hubert Cuypers, Dutch composer/choir conductor, Minstrels

1846 Death - Joseph Leopold Eybler, Austrian composer/choir master, dies at 81

1831 Birthday - Jan G Palm, Curacao, bandmaster/choir master/composer

1819 Birthday - Franz Wilhelm Abt, German composer/choir conductor

1498 Event - Emperor Maximilian I establishes choir of Imperial Chapel

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