Confederacy Events in History

1943 Event - Confederacy of Algiers (Churchill-Marshall-Eisenhower)

1863 Event - President Davis delivers his "State of Confederacy" address

1862 Event - Confederate Congress adopts confederacy seal

1862 Event - Battle of Beaver Dam Creek-Union repulses Confederacy in Virginia

1862 Event - Battle of Shiloh, Union defeats Confederacy in SW Tennessee

1861 Event - Confederacy starts selling postage stamps

1861 Event - President Lincoln prohibits Union states from trading with Confederacy

1861 Event - Brazil recognizes Confederacy

1861 Event - 1st Civil War land battle-Union defeats Confederacy at Philippi, WV

1861 Event - U.S. and Confederacy simultaneously stop mail interchange

1861 Event - Richmond, Virginia, is named the capital of the Confederacy

1861 Event - Jefferson Davis approves a bill declaring War between U.S. and Confederacy

1861 Event - Indianola Texas - "Star of West" taken by Confederacy

1861 Event - Fort Sumter, South Carolina is shelled by Confederacy, starting Civil War

1861 Event - U.S. Mint at Dahlonega, Georgia seized by Confederacy

1861 Event - Confederacy takes over mint at New Orleans

1861 Event - Department of Navy of Confederacy forms

1861 Event - Confederate constitutional convention meets for 1st time in Montgomery, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina elect Jefferson Davis President of Confederacy

1861 Event - Arsenal at Augusta, Georgia seized by Confederacy

1861 Event - Delaware legislature rejects proposal to join Confederacy

1836 Birthday - Joseph Wheeler II, Major General, Confederacy/Cavalry/Army of Tennessee

1830 Birthday - Zebulon Baird Vance, Governor, Confederacy

1826 Birthday - Varina Howell Davis, 1st lady, Confederacy

1825 Birthday - Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, MC, Confederacy

1824 Birthday - Nathan George "Shanks" Evans, Brigadier General, Confederacy

1821 Birthday - Gustavus Woodson Smith, Secretary War, Confederacy

1821 Birthday - Emerson Brown Joseph, Confederacy

1820 Birthday - John Willis Ellis, Governor, Confederacy

1820 Birthday - George Davis, Attorney General Confederacy

1819 Birthday - Thomas Hill Watts, Atty Gen, Confederacy

1818 Birthday - John Henninger Reagan, Attorney General, Confederacy

1818 Event - Maratha Wars between British and Maratha Confederacy in India ends

1818 Birthday - John Gill Shorter, Gov, Confederacy

1818 Birthday - George Wythe Randolph, Secretary War Confederacy

1818 Birthday - Isham Green Harris, Governor, Confederacy

1816 Birthday - Clement Claiborne Clay, MC, Confederacy

1815 Birthday - James Alexander Seddon, Secretary War, Confederacy

1815 Birthday - Thomas Stanhope Bocock, Confederacy

1814 Birthday - William Lowndes Yancey, MC, Confederacy

1813 Birthday - Milledge Luke Bonham, Confederacy

1813 Birthday - John Letcher, Gov, Confederacy

1812 Birthday - Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Vice President, Confederacy

1811 Birthday - John Archibald Campbell, Assistant Secretary War, Confederacy

1811 Birthday - Edwin Denison Morgan, Sect of War, Confederacy

1810 Birthday - Thomas Bragg, Attorney General, Confederacy

1810 Birthday - Robert Augustus Toombs, Secretary State, Confederacy

1810 Birthday - Jacob Thompson, Confederacy

1809 Birthday - Albert Taylor Bledsoe, Assistant Secretary War, Confederacy

1809 Birthday - Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, Secretary State, Confederacy

1807 Birthday - George Alfred Trenholm, Secretary Treasury, Confederacy

1807 Birthday - Robert Edward Lee, Stratford, Virginia, General-in-Chief, Confederacy

1806 Birthday - Matthew Fontaine Maury, Naval Commander, Confederacy

1803 Birthday - Christopher Gustavus Memminger, Secretary Treasury, Confederacy

1801 Birthday - Robert Woodward Barnwell, MC, Confederacy

1800 Birthday - Barnwell Rhett Robert, Confederacy

1798 Birthday - Mason James Murray, Confederacy

1797 Birthday - Wililam "Extra Billy" Smith, Confederacy Confederate Army

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