Conference Events in History

2014 Event - Almost 200 nations at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Peru join an emissions reduction accord requiring each nation to post its plan online in 2015; the public can then pressure noncompliant nations to keep and strengthen their commitments

2014 Event - Negotiations have stalled at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Peru due to disagreement over how to distribute responsibilities for battling climate change across developed and developing nations

2014 Event - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet during a conference in Minsk to discuss the conflict in eastern Ukraine; Putin agreed to support peace, while Poroshenko promised to develop cease-fire plans

2014 Event - NCAA basketball team Wichita State Shockers wins the Missouri Valley Conference championship undefeated

2013 Event - In London, the world's first bovine stem cells lab-grown burger is cooked and eaten at a news conference; one food expert said it was 'close to meat, but not that juicy'

2013 Event - During a U.N. conference on disarmament, North Korea threatens to destroy South Korea

2013 Event - At a University of Leicester media conference, it is announced that during a 2012 archeological dig in Leicester, the skeleton they unearthed is confirmed to be the remains of King Richard III of England

2011 Event - At its conference in Sydney, Australia's Labor Party turns to support gay marriage, laying the groundwork for legislation

2011 Event - The U.S. announces it will boycott an anti-racism conference at the United Nations due to concerns over anti-Semetism

2011 Event - Dubai, United Arab Emirates, begins an anti-piracy conference

2011 Event - In London, England, international leaders take part in a conference focused on military action and the future of Libya

2010 Event - 60 countries are invited to participate in Iran's two-day nuclear disarmament conference in Tehran April 17 - 18; China says it will attend

2010 Event - Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, unveils a new invention, a tablet PC called the iPad, at a press conference in San Francisco

2009 Event - The United Nations opens its Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

1998 Event - President Bill Clinton says he would never resign, 'I would never walk away from the of this country and the trust they've placed in me', during a press conference

1991 Event - Mid East peace conference ends in Madrid Spain

1991 Event - Mid East peace conference begins in Madrid Spain

1991 Event - Big East Football conference forms

1990 Event - South Africa Communist Party begins 1st legal conference

1989 Event - International Conference on Limitation of Chemical Weapons opens in Paris

1987 Death - R Budd Dwyer, Penns State Treasurer, facing prison for conspiracy and perjury, shot himself to death at a televised news conference

1983 Event - Bruins 4-Isles 8-Wales Conference Championship-Isles win series 4-2

1983 Event - Bruins 5-Isles 1-Wales Conference Championship-Isles hold 3-2 lead

1983 Event - Bruins 3-Isles 8-Wales Conference Championship-Isles hold 3-1 lead

1983 Event - Bruins 3-Isles 7-Wales Conference Championship-Isles hold 2-1 lead

1983 Event - Bruins 4-Isles 1-Wales Conference Championship-Series tied 1-1

1983 Event - Bruins 2-Isles 5-Wales Conference Championship-Isles hold 1-0 lead

1980 Event - LBV Conference Center and Club Lake Villas open

1980 Event - University administraion declares 5 Pac-10 schools ineligible for conference titles and post-season play due to transcript and curriculum abuses

1978 Event - Sadat, Begin and Carter began peace conference at Camp David, Md

1977 Event - Carter holds 1st news conference by U.S. President in Eastern Europe (Warsaw)

1977 Event - Egypt and Israel reps gather in Cairo for 1st formal peace conference

1976 Event - Kenneth Gibson, is 1st black president of U.S. Conference of Mayors

1972 Event - U.N. Conference on Human Environment opens in Stockholm

1968 Birthday - Rasmus Lerdorf, born in Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland, created PHP programming language, Open Source conference speaker, contributed to Apache HTTP Server

1968 Event - Ralph Aberbathy elected to head So Christian Leadership Conference

1968 Event - World trade conference Unctad 2 opens in New Delhi

1966 Event - 2,400 persons attend White House Conference on Civil Rights

1964 Event - Chicago police break up Rolling Stones press conference

1964 Event - UNCTAD 1 world conference opens in Geneva

1962 Event - Disarmament conference opens in Geneva without France

1961 Event - 1st conference of neutral countries held in Belgrade

1961 Event - 1st live, nationally televised presidential news conference (John F. Kennedy)

1957 Event - Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizes in New Orleans

1957 Event - Southern Christian Leadership Conference forms

1956 Event - 1st International conference of black writers and artists meets (Sorbonne)

1956 Event - Khrushchev denounces Stalin at 20th Soviet Party Conference

1955 Event - Geneva conference held to discuss peaceful uses of atomic energy

1955 Event - Conference of Bandung against colonialism/for self determination, ends

1955 Event - 1st Bandoeng Conference - Afro-Asian conference opens

1955 Event - 1st presidential news conference on network TV, Eisenhower on ABC

1955 Event - 1st presidential news conference filmed for TV (Eisenhower)

1954 Event - Far Eastern Affairs conference opens in Geneva

1953 Event - 1st White House Press Conference (President Eisenhower and 161 reporters)

1953 Event - NFL's National and American conference become Eastern and Western conf

1953 Event - NFL Pro Bowl: National Conference beats American Conference 27-7

1952 Event - 2nd Round Conference between Dutch Antilles and Suriname ends

1952 Event - Netherlands-Indonesian Unity conference

1952 Event - NFL Pro Bowl: National Conference beats American Conference 30-13

1951 Event - President Truman addresses opening of Japanese Peace Treaty Conference

1950 Event - 4,000 attend National Emergency Civil Rights Conference in Washington D.C.

1948 Event - Rhodes conference on Israeli-Arab war opens

1946 Event - All-American Football Conference plays 1st game (Clev 44, Miami 0)

1945 Event - Potsdam Conference ended, with Stalin, Truman and Churchill

1945 Event - Potsdam Conference (FDR, Stalin, Churchill) holds 1st meeting

1945 Event - 45 countries convene United Nations Conference on International Organization in SF

1945 Event - Franklin D. Roosevelt announces success of Yalta Conference

1945 Event - San Francisco selected for site of United Nations Conference

1944 Event - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Canada at 2nd Quebec Conference

1944 Event - Conference of Bretton Woods signed; IMF operations begin

1944 Event - Bretton Woods Conference starts, establishing IMF and World Bank

1944 Event - Churchill and de Gaulle begin a 2-day wartime conference in Marrakesh

1943 Event - 2nd conference of Cairo: FDR, Churchill and Turkish President Inonu

1943 Event - Conference of Teheran (Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin)

1943 Event - Conference of foreign ministers in Moscow

1943 Event - Trident conference in Washington D.C. (operation plan '43 against Japan)

1943 Event - Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met for an Axis conference in Salzburg

1942 Event - Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin deciding on "final solution" calling for extermination of Europe's Jews

1942 Event - Allied Conference for war trials

1942 Event - Interallied war trial conference publishes St. James Declaration

1941 Event - Winston Churchill arrives in Washington for a wartime conference

1939 Birthday - Smangaliso P Mkhatshwa, born in South Africa, Secretary-General, Bishops' Conference 1983-88

1938 Event - K B Regiment refuses round-table conference in East-India

1938 Birthday - Kathleen Richardson, president, Methodist Conference

1937 Birthday - Dave Gavitt, formed Basketball's Big East Conference, 1979

1937 Event - Pan Arab conference about Palestine opens

1934 Event - Disarmament conference in Geneva fails

1933 Event - Financial and Economy World conference opens, 66 countries

1933 Event - 1st interstate legislative conference in U.S. opens, Washington, D.C.

1932 Event - Geneva disarmament conference begins with 60 countries

1931 Event - 1st International Conference on Calendar Reform

1927 Event - International Economic Conference (52 countries including U.S.S.R.) opens

1927 Event - President Coolidge asks for 2nd disarmament conference

1926 Event - Imperial Conference ends-giving autonomy inside British Commonwealth

1925 Event - League of Nations conference on arms control and poison gas usage

1925 Event - 1st national conference of KPD's Rotfrontkampferbund in Berlin

1924 Event - Conference about German recovery payments opens in London

1924 Event - Conference over German recovery payments begins in London

1922 Event - Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover convenes 1st National Radio Conference

1922 Event - Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments ended

1922 Event - Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments

1921 Event - Washington Conference for Limitation of Armaments

1919 Event - Labor conference committee in U.S. urges 8-hour work day and 48-hour week

1919 Event - President Wilson returns to New York City from Versailles Peace Conference

1919 Event - Paris Peace Conference disposes of German colonies; German East Africa is assigned to Britain and France, German SW Africa to South Africa

1919 Event - Socialist conference convenes (Berne Switzerland)

1918 Event - President Wilson sails for Versailles Peace Conference in France, 1st chief executive to travel outside U.S. while in office

1915 Event - Anti-war conference in Zimmerwald, Switzerland

1914 Event - Postdam Conference ended

1914 Event - Socialist conference in Brussel (Kautsky, Trotski and Rosa Luxemburg)

1913 Event - 1st presidential press conference (Woodrow Wilson)

1910 Event - 2nd NAACP conference (New York City)

1909 Event - 1st NAACP conference (United Charities Building, New York City)

1907 Event - 44 nations meet in 2nd Hague Peace Conference

1906 Event - SOS adopted as warning signal by 1st conference on wireless telegraphy

1906 Event - Conference of Algeciras (about Morocco)

1899 Event - World Goodwill Day-26 nations meet in 1st Hague Peace Conference

1896 Event - Western Conference forms of Midwestern U, later renamed Big 10 Conf

1890 Event - Pan American Day-1st conference of American states (Washington D.C.)

1889 Event - 1st Pan American conference (Washington D.C.)

1884 Event - Colonization of Africa orgainized at International conference in Berlin

1882 Event - 1st international conference to promote anti-semitism meets Dresden Germany (Congress for Safeguarding of Non-Jewish Interests)

1865 Event - Hampton Roads Peace Conference, Lincoln and Stephens reach an impasse

1568 Event - Conference of York begins: trial against Mary Stuart

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