Congressman Events in History

2014 Event - 29-term U.S. Rep. John Dingell announces that he will retire at the end of his current term; the 87-year-old congressman says that his health is fine, but the hostile climate in Congress means that he can no longer do his job effectively

2012 Event - Outgoing U.S. Senator Jim DeMint is replaced by GOP Congressman Tim Scott, the first black senator from the South since 1881

2012 Event - The Republican party's presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney names Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Congressman, as the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate in the November 2012 presidential election

1991 Death - Hamilton Fish, congressman (NY), dies at 102

1989 Event - Congressman Lukins found guilty of having sex with a 16 year old girl

1981 Event - Rita Jenrette (wife of Abscam congressman) appears on Donahue

1954 Event - Charles C. Diggs, Jr. elected Michigan's 1st black congressman

1944 Event - Adam Clayton Powell elected 1st black congressman from East

1943 Birthday - Elizabeth Ray, Marshall, North Carolina, congressman Wayne Hays lover

1934 Event - Arthur L Mitchell, becomes 1st black Democratic congressman (Ill)

1918 Death - George H White, last post Reconstruction congressman (Penn), dies

1915 Death - Robert Smalls, Reconstruction congressman, dies at 75 in SC

1911 Event - Victor Berger (Wisconsin) becomes 1st socialist congressman in U.S.

1884 Event - Congressman John R Lynch presides over Republican National Convention

1871 Event - Jefferson Long of Georgia sworn in as 2nd black congressman

1839 Birthday - Robert Smalls, born in Beaufort, South Carolina, black congressman 1875-87, Rep-SC

1746 Birthday - John Muhlenberg, Lutheran pastor/general/congressman

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