Constantinople Events in History

1972 Event - Dimitrios Papadopoulos becomes 269th patriarch of Constantinople

1972 Death - Athenagoras, 268th patriarch of Constantinople, dies

1944 Death - Harry CA Eyres, British diplomat (Constantinople, Albania), dies at 87

1930 Event - Constantinople and Angora changes names to Istanbul and Ankara

1925 Event - Turkish government throws out Constantine VI of Constantinople

1923 Event - British occuping army leaves Constantinople

1913 Event - Turkey and Bulgaria sign peace treaty in Constantinople

1912 Event - Bulgarian troops in Constantinople blockade drinking water

1911 Event - Great fire destroys downtown Constantinople/Istanbul Turkey

1896 Event - Armenian revolutionairy assault on Ottoman Bank Constantinople

1873 Event - Mehmed Kemals play "Vatan" premeres in Constantinople

1870 Event - Constantinople in fire; 900 die

1856 Birthday - Harry A. P. Eyres, British diplomat, Constantinople, Albania

1843 Birthday - Pierre-Paul Cambon, French diplomat, Madrid, Constantinople, London

1784 Event - Turkey and Russia sign treaty in Constantinople

1724 Event - Russia and Turkey sign Treaty of Constantinople

1665 Event - "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi departs to Constantinople

1654 Death - Cornelis Haga, ambassador to Constantinople (1611-39), dies at 76

1638 Death - Lukaris Cyrillus, patriarch of Alexandria/Constantinople, dies

1578 Birthday - Cornelis Haga, Dutch lawyer/ambassador to Constantinople, 1611-39

1540 Event - Venice and Turkey sign Treaty of Constantinople

1453 Event - Constantinople falls to Muhammad II (Turks); ends Byzantine Empire

1453 Event - Turkish fleet sinks ships Golden Receiver in Constantinople

1330 Event - Constantinople (Istanbul) becomes new capital by Roman Emperor Constantine for Eastern Roman Empire

1261 Event - Byzantium Emperor Michael VIII recaptures Constantinople

1244 Death - Johanna of Constantinople, countess of Flanders (1205-44), dies

1237 Death - Jan of Brienne, King of Jerusalem/Emperor of Constantinople, dies

1216 Death - Hendrik of Constantinople, emperor of Constantinople (1206-16), dies

1205 Event - Battle at Adrianople: Bulgaria beats Emp Boudouin of Constantinople

1204 Event - Crusaders occupy Constantinople

1204 Event - 4th Crusade occupies and plunders Constantinople

1203 Event - Venetianen conquer Constantinople, emperor Alexius III flees

1075 Death - John VIII Xiphilinus, theologian/patriarch of Constantinople, dies

1054 Event - Michael Caerularius excommunicated of Constantinople

891 Death - Photius, Byzantine theologist/patriarch of Constantinople/saint, dies

870 Event - 8th Ecumenical council ends in Constantinople

869 Event - 4th Council of Constantinople (8th ecumenical council) opens

860 Event - Swedish Vikings attack Constantinople

843 Event - Icon worship officially re-instated in Aya Sofia Constantinople

842 Event - Medieval Iconoclastic Controversy ends as a council in Constantinople formally reinstated the veneration of icons in the churches

680 Event - 3rd Council of Constantinople (6th ecumenical council) opens

626 Event - Battle at Constantinople: Slavic/Persians/Avarenvloot defeated

626 Event - Avaren/Slaves under khagan Bajan begin siege of Constantinople

610 Event - Heraclius' fleet takes Constantinople

553 Event - 2nd Council of Constantinople (5th ecumenical council) opens

537 Event - St. Sofia-church in Constantinople, initiated

532 Event - Nika uprising at Constantinople fails, 30-40,000 die

532 Event - Nika-revolt against Justianus and Theodora in Hippodrome Constantinople

412 Birthday - St. Proclus, patriarch of Constantinople

362 Event - Emperor Julianus of Constantinople ends education laws

335 Event - Constantinople emperor Constantine the Great rules laws against Jews

330 Event - Constantinople (Byzantium) becomes capital of Roman Empire

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