Curaeao Events in History

1996 Event - Curaeao gains limited form of self rule (Status Aparte)

1994 Event - Stanley Betrian sworn in as leader of Curaeao

1994 Death - Leendert-John Schalm, Dutch banker on Curaeao, murdered at 58

1994 Death - Michiel P "Michael" Gorsira, Governor of Curaeao 1951 - 1967, dies at 80

1993 Event - Amstel brewery on Curaeao produces 1,000,000,000th bottle

1992 Event - Curaeao becomes 1st in Dutch Antilles to have compulsory education

1986 Event - Aruba becomes independent from neighbor island Curaeao

1977 Death - Maria Realino, teacher (Botany of Curaeao), dies at 87

1967 Event - Bridge at Annabaai crashes on Willemstad, Curaeao, kills 15

1964 Event - At Plesman airport, Curaeao, 125.5 mm rainfalls (record)

1961 Death - Maria Radulphus, Adrian Hermus, Curaeao school inspector, dies at 91

1946 Birthday - Ricardo Anasagasti, Ricardo M Meul, Curaeao, dancer/actor

1935 Event - KLM begins flight path between Curaeao and Aruba

1933 Birthday - Sonia Garmers, Justina, Curaeao, author, Dear Queen

1930 Birthday - Ornelio Martina, Antillian author/governor of Curaeao

1929 Event - Venezuelan rebel Rafael Urbina overthrows Fort Amsterdam, Curaeao kidnap governor Fruytier

1913 Birthday - Michiel P Gorsira, 1st Dutch Antillean in charge of Curaeao, 1951-67

1903 Birthday - Telesforo A. Palm, Curaeao, composer/pianist

1891 Birthday - Maurus H Hulsman, Dutch priest/editor, Amigoe di Curaeao

1886 Event - Friars of Tilburg arrives on Curaeao

1885 Death - Agustin Bethencourt, Venezuelan publisher on Curaeao, dies at 58

1877 Death - Willem Sassen, Dutch attorney general on Curaeao (Affair-S), dies

1877 Event - Hurricane strikes Curaeao and Bonaire kills 200

1874 Death - Hermanus J Abbring, Dutch author/engineer on Curaeao, dies at 86

1868 Birthday - Petrus A. Euwens, Dutch vicar/editor, Amigoe di Curaeao

1863 Birthday - Adolf A. Wolfschoon, Curaeao, poet

1860 Death - Martinus J Niewindt, bishop on Curaeao (christened slaves), dies at 63

1843 Birthday - Christiaan A. Ulder, Curaeao, composer, waltzes/tumbas

1833 Event - Curaeao census: 2,602 whites, 6,531 free people and 5,894 slaves

1831 Death - Paul R Cantzlaar, Governor of Saba/Curaeao/Dutch-West Indies, dies at 60

1826 Birthday - Agustin Bethencourt, Venezuela publisher on Curaeao

1812 Event - 1st newspaper on Curaeao (Curaeao Gazette and Commercial Advertiser)

1787 Birthday - Hermanus J Abbring, Dutch writer/engineer on Curaeao

1678 Event - French Admiral Jean d'Estrees' fleet runs aground on Aves-islands, Curaeao

1678 Event - French conquering fleet at Curaeao, 1200 die

1634 Event - Heeren XIX asks "to secure Eylands Curaeao"

1513 Death - Alonso de Ojeda, Spanish explorer (Curaeao and Bonaire), dies

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