Czechoslovakia Events in History

2014 Event - Slovakia sets a new precedent by electing Andrej Kiska, a millionaire, as president; Mr. Kiska is the first president without ties to the Communist party to be elected since 1993, when the country was formed out of the breakup of Czechoslovakia

2014 Event - Benigno Aquino III, President of the Philippines, considers the territorial claims China has made in the South China Sea comparable to the Nazi Germany invasion of Czechoslovakia

1997 Event - Jana Novotna (Czechoslovakia) beats Mary Pierce (France) in Chase Tennis Champ

1994 Death - Oldrich Cernik, Czechoslovakia premier (1968-70), dies at 72

1993 Death - Lucia Popp, Czechoslovakia/Austria soprano (Vienna Opera), dies at 54

1993 Event - Czechoslovakia separates into Czech Republic (Bohemia) and Slovakia

1992 Death - Alexander Dubcek, President of Czechoslovakia (1968-69), dies

1992 Death - Alexander Dubcek, premier Czechoslovakia (1968-69), dies at 70

1991 Death - Gustav Husak, president of Czechoslovakia (1975-89), dies at 78

1990 Event - Czechoslovakia beats U.S. 5-1 in World Cup soccer

1990 Event - U.S.S.R. agrees to withdraw all 73,500 troops from Czechoslovakia by July, 1991

1989 Event - Vaclav Havel becomes president of Czechoslovakia

1989 Event - Alexander Dubcek elected parliament chairman of Czechoslovakia

1989 Event - President Gustav Husak of Czechoslovakia, resigns

1989 Event - Communist Party resigns in Czechoslovakia

1989 Event - East Germans begin their flight to west (via Hungary and Czechoslovakia)

1986 Event - 24th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats Czechoslovakia in Prague, Czechoslovakia (3-0)

1985 Event - 23rd Tennis Fed Cup: Czechoslovakia beats USA in Nagoya Japan (2-1)

1984 Event - 22nd Tennis Fed Cup: Czechoslovakia beats Australia in Sao Paulo Brazil (2-1)

1983 Death - Jiri Lederer, Czechoslovakia journalist/dissident, dies at 61

1983 Event - Jarmila Kratochvilova of Czechoslovakia sets 800m woman's record (1:53.28)

1983 Event - 21st Tennis Fed Cup: Czechoslovakia beats Germany in Zurich, Switzerland (2-1)

1979 Birthday - Petra Cada, Prague Czechoslovakia, Canadian table tennis player 1996 Olympics

1978 Birthday - Sandra Kleinova, Prague, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 Futures-Turku-FIN

1977 Birthday - Radek Dvorak, born in Tabor, Czechoslovakia, NHL left wing for the Florida Panthers

1977 Birthday - Lenka Cenkova, Trinec Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 Futures-Vaihingen-GER

1976 Birthday - Lubomir Visnovsky, born in Topolcany, Czechoslovakia, hockey defenseman, Team Slovakia

1976 Event - Czechoslovakia becomes European soccer champ

1976 Birthday - Josef Marha, born in Havl-brod, Czechoslovakia, NHL center for the Colorado Avalanche

1976 Birthday - Lenka Nemeckova, born in Brno Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1993 Futures-Maribor-SLO

1976 Birthday - Radek Bonk, Koprivnice, Czechoslovakia, NHL center, Ottawa Senators, Team Czechoslovakia

1976 Birthday - Richard Zednik, born in Bystrica, Czechoslovakia, NHL forward, Team Slovakia, Wash

1975 Event - 64th Davis Cup: Sweden beats Czechoslovakia in Stockholm (3-2)

1975 Birthday - Michal Grosek, born in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia, NHL left wing for the Buffalo Sabres

1975 Birthday - Jiri Novak, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1975 Birthday - Bohdan Utihrach, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1975 Birthday - Vaclav Prospal, NHL forward, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Philadelphia

1974 Birthday - Jaroslav Spacek, NHL defenseman, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Sweden

1974 Birthday - Miroslav Satan, born in Topolcany, Czechoslovakia, NHL forward, Team Slovakia, Edmonton

1974 Birthday - Jana Nejedly, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Canadian tennis player 1996 Olympics

1974 Birthday - Libor Prochazka, hockey defenseman, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1974 Birthday - Roman Hamrlik, born in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Lightning, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1974 Birthday - Katerina Kroupova, Olomouc Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1994 Futures-Sofia-BUL

1974 Death - Josef Smrkovsky, Czechoslovakia parliament chairman, dies at 62

1973 Event - West German chancellor Willy Brandt normalizes trade with Czechoslovakia

1973 Birthday - Frantisek Kaberle, hockey defenseman, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1973 Birthday - Robert Petrovicky, born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, NHL forward, Team Slovakia, Dallas

1973 Birthday - Michael Sykora, born in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Sharks, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1973 Birthday - Milan Hnilicka, hockey goaltender, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1973 Birthday - David Moravec, hockey forward, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1973 Birthday - Eva Herzigova, born in Litvinov, Czechoslovakia, model, Guess Jeans, Wonderbra

1973 Birthday - David Prinosil, born in Olmutz, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 ATP Newport

1973 Birthday - Igor Murin, born in Trencin, Czechoslovakia, hockey goaltender, Team Slovakia 1998

1972 Birthday - Jan Caloun, hockey forward, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1972 Birthday - Jozef Stumpel, born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia, NHL forward, Team Slovakia, Boston

1972 Birthday - Martin Prochazka, born in Slany, Czechoslovakia, NHL forward, Toronto, 1998 Olympics Gold

1972 Birthday - Lubomir Rybovic, born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, Team Slovakia

1972 Birthday - Vladimir Vujtek, NHL forward, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Tampa Bay

1972 Birthday - Jaromir Jagr, Kladno, Czechoslovakia, NHL right wing, Penguins, Czechoslovakian, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Bronze Medal 2006 Olympics

1972 Birthday - Ivan Droppa, born in Liptovsky Mikulas, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Chicago

1971 Birthday - Petr Nedved, born in Libercec, Czechoslovakia, NHL center, Team Czechoslovakia, Pitts Penguins

1971 Birthday - Robert Reichel, born in Litinov, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, New York Islanders, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Jiri Slegr, born in Jihlava, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Edmonton Oilers, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1998 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Milos Holan, born in Bilovec, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Anaheim Mighty Ducks

1971 Birthday - Daniel Vacek, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1971 Birthday - Martin Rucinsky, born in Most, Czechoslovakia, NHL left wing, Canadiens, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Roman Cechmanek, NHL goaltender, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1970 Birthday - Marian Smerciak, born in Martin, Czechoslovakia, hockey defenseman, Team Slovakia 1998

1970 Birthday - Rene Pucher, born in Presov, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, Team Slovakia

1970 Birthday - Daniela Pestova, Chameleon, Prague Czechoslovakia, model, 1995 SI/L'Oreal

1970 Birthday - Slava Dosedel, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1970 Birthday - Petra Langrova, born in Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 Palermo doubles

1970 Birthday - Radka Zrubakova, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1970 Event - Lubomir Strougal succeeds Cernik as premier of Czechoslovakia

1970 Birthday - Richard Smehlik, born in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Buf Sabres, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1992 Olympics

1969 Birthday - Josef Beranek, born in Litvinov, Czechoslovakia, NHL center, Vancouver Canucks, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1969 Event - France's Une De Mai wins International Trot at Roosevelt Raceway Czechoslovakia (1st American to win cycling race title since 1912)

1969 Event - Czechoslovakia's Communist Party chairman Alexander Dubcek deposed

1969 Death - Jan Palach, protesting Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, self immolates at 20

1969 Birthday - Robert Svehla, born in Martin, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Florida Panthers, Slovakia

1968 Birthday - Jozef Dano, born in Skalica, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, Team Slovakia 1998

1968 Birthday - Jiri Dopita, Sumperk, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, Team Czech, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1968 Birthday - Lubomir Sekeras, born in Liptovsky, Czechoslovakia, hockey defenseman, Team Slovakia

1968 Birthday - Denisa Szabova, Bratislava Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1987 Futures-GER

1968 Event - Czechoslovakia and Russian "accord" rules allies Soviet forces

1968 Birthday - Jana Novotna, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1995 Australia/Wimbledon doubles

1968 Event - Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia at 12:50 AM announces a soviet led invasion

1968 Event - Warsaw Pact forces enter Czechoslovakia to end reform movement

1968 Event - 650,000 Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia

1968 Event - Czechoslovakia Cernik government forms

1968 Event - General Ludvik Svoboda elected president of Czechoslovakia

1968 Event - Jarmila Novotna resigns presidency of Czechoslovakia

1968 Birthday - Regina Rajchitova, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1968 Birthday - Frantisek Kucera, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Vanciyver Canucks, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1968 Birthday - Petr Korda, Prague Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1993 Doubles-Cincinnati

1968 Event - Dubcek succeeds President Novotny as party leader of Czechoslovakia

1967 Birthday - Vaclav Chalupa, Czechoslovakia, rower, Henley Royal Regatta 1989

1967 Birthday - Robert Kron, born in Brno, Czechoslovakia, NHL right wing, Hartford Whalers

1966 Birthday - Jan Zelezny, Czechoslovakia, javelin thrower, Olympics-2 gold-92, 96

1966 Birthday - Stanislav Medrik, born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia, hockey defenseman, Team Slovakia

1966 Birthday - Jan Varholik, born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, hockey defenseman, Team Slovakia

1966 Birthday - Petr Svoboda, Most Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Philadelphia Flyers, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1966 Birthday - Michal Pivonka, born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia, NHL center for the Washington Capitals

1965 Birthday - Peter Draisaitl, born in Karvina, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, Team Germany 1998

1965 Birthday - Edward Hartman, born in Skalica, Czechoslovakia, hockey goalie, Team Slovakia

1965 Birthday - Paulina Porizkova, Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, model, Playboy-Aug 87

1965 Birthday - Karel Novacek, born in Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, tennis star, 1994 Hilversum

1965 Birthday - Marian Vajda, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1965 Birthday - Jan Sverak, Zatec Czechoslovakia, director, Kolya, Jizda, Ropaci

1965 Birthday - Dominik Hasek, Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, NHL goalie, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Buffalo

1965 Birthday - Jergus Baca, born in Liptovsky Mikulas, Czechoslovakia, IHL defenseman, Team Slovakia 98

1964 Birthday - Petr Klima, born in Chaomutov, Czechoslovakia, NHL right wing, Tampa Bay Lightning

1964 Birthday - Frank Musil, born in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Ottawa Senators

1964 Birthday - Jakob Hlasek, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1964 Event - West Germany seeks talks with Czechoslovakia

1964 Birthday - Miloslav Mecir, Czechoslovakia, tennis player 1988 Olympics gold

1963 Birthday - Milan Srejber, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1963 Birthday - Dana Chladek, Decin Czechoslovakia, U.S. slalom Kayak, Olympics-br/silver-92, 96

1963 Birthday - Jaromir Dragan, born in Liptovsky, Czechoslovakia, hockey goalie, Team Slovakia 1998

1963 Birthday - Libor Pimek, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1963 Birthday - Vladimir Ruzicka, hockey forward, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics

1962 Event - Brazil Beats Czechoslovakia in soccer's 7th World Cup at Santiago

1962 Birthday - Hana Mandlikova, Prague Czechoslovakia, tennis player, 1985 U.S. Open

1960 Event - 2 passenger trains collided at high-speed killing 110 (Czechoslovakia)

1960 Birthday - lva Budarova, born in Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1960 Event - Czechoslovakia adopts Constitution

1960 Birthday - Jozef/Josef Pribilinec, born in Czechoslovakia, speed walker, world record 10K

1960 Birthday - Ivan Lendl, born in Czechoslovakia, tennis pro, U.S. Open 1985-87

1960 Event - U.S. wins Olympic hockey gold medal by defeating Czechoslovakia 9-4

1958 Birthday - Regina Marsikova, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1958 Birthday - Regina Marsikova, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1957 Event - Antonin Novotny appointed president of Czechoslovakia

1957 Death - Antonin Zapotocky, premier/president of Czechoslovakia, dies at 72

1956 Birthday - Martina Navratilova, Revnice Czechoslovakia, tennis, Wimbledon 1989,79,82-87

1956 Birthday - Tomas Smid, Czechoslovakia, tennis star

1955 Event - Warsaw Pact is signed by the Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania

1953 Event - 2 fast express trains crash head-on killing 103 (Czechoslovakia)

1953 Event - Antonin Zapotocky chosen as president of Czechoslovakia

1953 Death - Klement Gottwald, premier/president of Czechoslovakia, dies at 56

1951 Event - Bread rationing in Czechoslovakia

1951 Birthday - Jarmila Kratochvilova, Czechoslovakia, 400m/800m runner 1980 Olympics silver

1950 Event - President Gottwald of Czechoslovakia confirms Milada Horakova's death sentence

1949 Birthday - Helena Fibingerova, born in Czechoslovakia, shot putter 1976 Olympics bronze

1949 Birthday - Ivana Trump,born in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia, ex-wife of Donald Trump, 1st Wives Club

1948 Birthday - Vladimir Remek, Czechoslovakia, cosmonaut, Soyuz 28

1948 Death - Eduard Benesj, president Czechoslovakia (1921-22, 35-48), dies

1948 Event - Klemens Gottwald becomes president of Czechoslovakia

1948 Event - Communist complete takeover of Czechoslovakia; President Bernes resigns

1948 Event - Communists seize Czechoslovakia/C Gottwald becomes premier

1948 Event - Communist Party seizes complete control of Czechoslovakia

1948 Event - Czechoslovakia's non-communist minister resigns

1947 Event - U.S.S.R. and Czechoslovakia sign trade agreement

1947 Death - Emil Hacha, lawyer/president of Czechoslovakia, dies at 74

1946 Event - Klement Gottwald becomes premier of Czechoslovakia

1945 Event - Ruthenia, formerly in Czechoslovakia, becomes part of Ukrainian SSR

1945 Event - Czechoslovakia liberated from Nazi occupation (National Day)

1945 Event - Allies liberate 1st Nazi concentration camp, Buchenwald, Czechoslovakia

1944 Event - Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia during WW II

1944 Event - Soviets march into Hungary and Czechoslovakia

1944 Birthday - Karel Kryl, born in Kromenz, Czechoslovakia, folk singer, songwriter, guitarist, wrote protest songs critical of the Communist regime

1943 Birthday - Oldrich Pelcak, Czechoslovakia, cosmonaut

1943 Birthday - Barbara Bouchet, born in Reichenberg, Czechoslovakia, actress, Casino Royale

1942 Event - Massacre at Lidice (Czechoslovakia), Gestapo kills 173

1942 Event - Nazis kill all inhabitants of Lidice, Czechoslovakia

1942 Birthday - Vera C slavsk -Odlozilova, Czechoslovakia, gymnast, Gold Medals 1964, 1968 Olympics

1939 Event - Anti-German demonstrations in Czechoslovakia

1939 Birthday - Lucia Popp, Uhorska Ves Czechoslovakia, soprano, Die Zauberflote

1939 Event - Anti-German demonstrations/strikes in Czechoslovakia

1939 Event - Germany occupies Czechoslovakia

1939 Event - Hitler occupies Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia); Slovakia independ

1939 Event - Nazi Germany dissolves Republic of Czechoslovakia

1938 Event - Nazi forces occupy western Czechoslovakia and declared them German citizens

1938 Birthday - Josef Odozil, Czechoslovakia, 1500m 1964 Olympic silver

1938 Event - Germany completed annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland

1938 Event - Germany annexes Sudetenland (1/3 of Czechoslovakia)

1938 Event - Munich Agreement-forced Czechoslovakia to give territory to Germany

1938 Event - Winston Churchill condemns Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia

1938 Event - Adolph Hitler demands self-determination for Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia

1938 Event - Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia demand self government

1937 Birthday - Tom Stoppard, born in Czechoslovakia, playwright, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-1968 Tony

1936 Birthday - Vaclav Havel, writer/president Czechoslovakia, 1989-92

1936 Birthday - Jan Nemec, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, director, Diamonds of the Night

1935 Event - Edward Benes becomes president of Czechoslovakia

1935 Birthday - Lubos Fiser, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, composer, wrote soundtracks, chamber music, studied at AMU, Prague Conservatory

1935 Event - Frank Bartell, Czechoslovakia, cycles record 80.584 mph in Los Angeles

1934 Event - Italy beats Czechoslovakia 2-1 (OT) in soccer's 2nd World Cup at Rome

1934 Birthday - Jan Klusak, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, composer, author of incidental music, and music for television, film

1932 Birthday - Olga Connolly-Fikotova, Czechoslovakia, U.S. discus thrower 1956 Olympics gold

1932 Birthday - Marek Kopelent, born in Czechoslovakia, composer, contemporary music, New Music movement pioneer

1931 Birthday - Evald Schorm, Prague Czechoslovakia, director, Courage for Every Day

1931 Birthday - Gunther Herbig, Usti-nad-Labem Czechoslovakia, conductor, East Berlin Orchestra

1931 Birthday - Bohumil Golian, born in Czechoslovakia, volleyball player, Olympic-bronze-1968

1930 Death - Alois Jirasek, writer, taught secondary school, wrote plays, historical novels, including, 'Against Everyone', dies in Prague, Czechoslovakia

1929 Birthday - Josef Suk, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, violinist, Artist of Merit-1977

1928 Birthday - Pavel Kohout, born in Czechoslovakia, director/author, Poor Murderer

1927 Event - Thomas Masaryk elected Czechoslovakia president

1923 Birthday - Ladislav Fuks, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, writer, novelist, psychological novels, involving despair, suffering, experience of Fascist rule, received doctorate at Charles University in Prague

1923 Birthday - Robert Maxwell, Jan Hoch, Czechoslovakia, billionaire/CEO, New York Daily News

1922 Birthday - Ilja Hurnik, born in Poruba, Czechoslovakia, composer, essayist, studied at Prague Conservatory, Prague Academy of Arts, recorded 'sonata da camera', for flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord on Cedille Records

1922 Event - Schwebla replaces Benes government in Czechoslovakia

1922 Birthday - Dana Zatopek, born in Czechoslovakia, javelin thrower 1952 Olympics gold

1922 Birthday - Emil Zatopek, born in Czechoslovakia, 5K/10K/marathon 1952 Olympics gold

1922 Birthday - Jiri Lederer, born in Czechoslovakia, journalist/dissident

1921 Birthday - Jaroslav Drobny, born in Czechoslovakia, hockey, tennis, Silver Medal 1948 Olympics

1921 Birthday - Karel Husa, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, composer, Trojan Women

1920 Event - Little Entente formed by Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia

1920 Event - Allies recognize Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania

1920 Event - Thomas Masaryk elected president of Czechoslovakia

1919 Birthday - Vaclav Nelhybel, Polanka Czechoslovakia, composer, Everyman

1919 Birthday - Vera Hruba Ralston, born in Czechoslovakia, actress, Dakota, Accused of Murder

1918 Event - Republic of Czechoslovakia created with T.G. Masaryk as president

1918 Event - Czechoslovakia gains independence as Austria-Hungary breaks up

1918 Event - Czechoslovakia declares Independence from Austro-Hungarian Empire

1918 Event - Czechoslovakia forms independence republic

1917 Event - Russian secret police in Czechoslovakia forms under Felix Dzerzjinski

1917 Birthday - Vaclav Kaslik, Czechoslovakia, opera composer and conductor

1917 Death - Uritsky, leader of Petrogradse Czechoslovakia, dies

1917 Birthday - Oskar Morawetz, Svetla Czechoslovakia, composer

1917 Birthday - Herbert Lom, Czechoslovakia, actor, Pink Panther Strikes Again, Dorian Gray

1915 Event - Thomas Masaryk demands independence for Czechoslovakia

1915 Event - Thomas Masaryk claims independence for Czechoslovakia

1915 Birthday - Jan Hanus, born in Czechoslovakia, composer, music expressed anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist, anti-Communist sentiments, studied with Otakar Jeremias a the Prague Conservatory

1914 Birthday - Rafael Kubelik, born in Bychory, Czechoslovakia, conductor, Cornelia Farooli

1914 Birthday - Jan Kapr, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, pupil of Jaroslav Ridky, second half of the 20th century's most prolific Czech composer

1913 Birthday - Walter Susskind, Praha, Prague, Czechoslovakia, conductor

1913 Birthday - Oskar Danon, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, composer, conductor, earned Ph.D. musicology in Prague, Czechoslovakia, conductor, director for Belgrade Opera, chief conductor Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

1913 Birthday - Gustav Husak, president of Czechoslovakia, 1975 - 1989

1912 Birthday - Rudolf Firkusny, Napajedla Czechoslovakia, pianist, Julliard

1911 Birthday - Josef Smrkovsky, Czechoslovakia MP chairman

1908 Birthday - George Schick, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, conductor, Chicago Symphony

1907 Birthday - Charles Korvin, Czechoslovakia, actor, Berlin Express, Ship of Fools

1907 Birthday - Jarmila Novotna, soprano, Met Opera, President of Czechoslovakia, 1957-68

1906 Birthday - Francis Lederer, Prague Czechoslovakia, actor, Diary of a Chambermaid

1905 Birthday - Karl Jansky, Czechoslovakia, discoverer, cosmic radio emissions in 1932

1905 Birthday - George Voskovec, Czechoslovakia, actor, Fred-Nero Wolfe, Peter-Skag

1904 Birthday - Antonin Novotny, Czechoslovakia, President of Czechoslovakia, 1957-68

1904 Birthday - Steven Geray, Uzhored Czechoslovakia, actor, French Line

1903 Birthday - Anny Ondra, Czechoslovakia, actress, Blackmail, Manxman

1902 Birthday - Hugo Haas, Brno Czechoslovakia, actor and director, 2 Smart People

1896 Birthday - Klement Gottwald, premier/president of Czechoslovakia, 1946-53

1896 Birthday - Jaromir Weinberger, Prague Czechoslovakia, composer, Bird's Opera

1893 Birthday - Alois Haba, Czechoslovakia, opera, composer, Mother

1890 Birthday - Bohuslav Jan Martinu, Policka Czechoslovakia, composer, Hry o Marti

1890 Birthday - Ernst Deutsch, Dorian, Prague Czechoslovakia, actor, Moon is Down, 3rd Man

1890 Birthday - Karel Capek, Czechoslovakia, writer, R U R, ; coined the word "robot"

1886 Birthday - Jan Garrique Masaryk, Czechoslovakia, statesman/minister to London, 1918-35

1886 Birthday - Otto Lederer, Czechoslovakia, actor, Jazz Singer

1884 Birthday - Antonin Zapotocky, premier/president of Czechoslovakia

1884 Birthday - Edvard Benes, premier/president of Czechoslovakia, 1921-22, 35-48

1883 Birthday - Franz Kafka, Czechoslovakia, author, Metamorphosis, Trial, Amerika

1882 Birthday - Leo Perutz, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, writer, wrote 11 novels, mathematician, emigrated to Palestine during Nazi Anschluss, 1938

1872 Birthday - Emil Hacha, lawyer/president, Czechoslovakia

1854 Birthday - Leos Janacek, Hukvaldy Moravia Czechoslovakia, composer, Foster Suite

1851 Birthday - Alois Jirasek, born in Czechoslovakia, writer, taught secondary school, wrote plays, historical novels, including, 'Against Everyone'

1850 Birthday - Tomas G. Masaryk, born in Czechoslovakia, Father/President of Czechoslovakia, 1918-35

1843 Birthday - Jan Malat, born in Stary Bydzov, Czechoslovakia, composer, teacher

1841 Birthday - Antonin Dvorak, Nelahozeves Czechoslovakia, composer, New World Symphony

1741 Event - Prussian forces took Olmutz, Czechoslovakia

1670 Death - Jan A Comenius, Komensky, Czechoslovakia/Netherlands educator/philosopher, dies

1539 Event - Jews of Tyrnau Hungary (then Trnava, Czechoslovakia), expelled

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