Divide Events in History

1968 Event - Executive Council decides both AL and NL to divide into 2 divisions

1944 Event - European Advisory Commission decides to divide Germany

1940 Birthday - Carlin Glynn, U.S. actress, Continental Divide

1910 Death - William V Moody, U.S. poet (Sabine Woman, Great Divide), dies

1909 Birthday - Mona Barrie, Smith, born in London, England, actress, Dawn on Great Divide

1906 Event - William Vaughan Moody's "Great Divide," premieres in New York City

1899 Event - U.S. and Germany agree to divide Samoa between them

1890 Event - British and French accord to divide African colonization

1886 Event - Great Britain/Germany divide boundaries in East-Africa

1878 Event - Treaty of Berlin divide Africa up for colonization

1878 Event - Congress of Berlin meets to divide African colonization

1862 Event - Confederate armies officially divide into corps

1771 Event - West Indian Company and Amsterdam divide up Suriname

1757 Event - Austria and France divide Prussia

1699 Event - Treaty of Preobrasjensku Denmark/Russia/Saksen/Poland divide Sweden

1648 Event - Dutch and French agree to divide St. Maarten, Leeward Islands

1584 Event - 7 Westfriese towns divide monasteries of Egmond/Blokker/St-Pietersdal

1529 Event - Treaty of Saragosa: Spain and Portugal divide eastern hemisphere

1500 Event - Treaty of Granada: France and Aragon divide Naples

1494 Event - Treaty of Tordesillas, Spain and Portugal divide America

870 Event - Kings Charles the Bare and Louis the German divide Lutherans

843 Event - Treaty of Verdun: Brothers Lotharius I, Louis the German and Charles the Bare divide France

768 Event - Charles the Great and Charlamane II divide French republic

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