Dorothy Events in History

2003 Death - Dorothy Loudon, actress, Original Broadway production of Annie, dies at 70

2001 Death - Dorothy Dunnett, Scottish Novelist

2001 Death - Dorothy McGuire, actress, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, dies at 83

1998 Death - Dorothy West, writer, The Wedding, dies at 91

1997 Death - Dorothy Stroud, garden historian, dies at 87

1996 Death - Dorothy Lamour, actress (Road to Bali, Road to Rio), dies at 81

1996 Death - Dorothy Hyson, actress (Spare a Copper, Sing as We Go), dies at 81

1995 Death - Simon Bailey, Reverend Simon Bailey, priest, Anglican, Labor Party member, socialist historian associates include Dorothy Thompson, J.B. Priestly, E.P Thompson, died while distributing leaflets for the Labor Party

1995 Death - Dorothy Jeakins, costume designer, dies at 81

1995 Death - Dorothy Dickson, actress/dancer (Paying the Piper), dies at 102

1995 Death - Dorothy "Dolly" Ann Collins, folk musician/composer, dies at 62

1995 Death - Dorothy McHugh, actress (I Fallen and I Can't Get Up), dies at 87

1995 Death - Dorothy Granger, U.S. actress (Hog Wild, Dentist), dies at about 80

1994 Death - Dorothy Lousie Grenfell Williams, broadcaster, dies at 60

1994 Death - Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin, chemist (B-12, Nobel 1964), dies at 78

1994 Death - Dorothy Collins, singer (Your Hit Parade), dies at 67

1994 Death - Marjorie Dorothy Chandler Collins, jazz singer, dies at 67

1993 Death - Dorothy Revier, actress (Sally on the Subway), dies at 89

1992 Death - Dorothy Walker Bush, mother of President George Bush, dies at 91

1992 Death - Dorothy Kirsten, U.S. soprano, dies from stroke at 82

1992 Death - Dorothy Helen Baker, mother of Diane Baker, dies at 78

1992 Death - Dorothy MacKaye, marital advisor (Ladies Home Journal), dies at 88

1992 Event - President Bush's daughter Dorothy marries Bobby Koch

1992 Death - Dorothy Tree, actress (Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Nazi Agent), dies

1992 Death - Dorothy Alison, actress (Maggie, 3rd Key, Long Arm), dies

1991 Death - Dorothy Davis Bostwick, entertainer, dies

1990 Death - Dorothy Mackaill, actress (Love Affair), dies of kidney failure at 87

1990 Death - Dorothy Appleby, actress (Small Town Boy, Paradise Express), dies

1989 Event - Dorothy Cudahy is 1st female grand marshal of St. Patrick Day Parade

1988 Death - Dorothy Adams Foulger, actress (Laura, Devil Commands), dies at 88

1987 Death - Dorothy Patrick, actress (Torch Song, New Orleans, High Wall), dies

1984 Death - Dorothy Arnold, actress (House of Fear, Phantom Creeps), dies at 66

1983 Death - Dorothy Cummings, actress (Dancing Mothers), dies at 84

1982 Death - Dorothy James, composer, dies on 81st birthday

1982 Death - Dorothy [Little-]Round, England, tennis star (Never on Sunday), dies

1980 Death - Dorothy Day, author (Stump the Authors), dies at 83

1980 Death - Dorothy Stratten, Playmate, murdered by boyfriend Paul Snider

1979 Death - Dorothy Arzner, American Director

1976 Event - Dorothy Kathleen Benham (Minn), 20, crowned 49th Miss America 1977

1976 Death - Dorothy Devore, actress (Newscast, Senor Daredevil), dies at 77

1976 Event - Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champ in Gothenburg won by Dorothy Hamill

1976 Event - Dorothy Hamill wins Olympic figure-skating gold, Innsbruck, Austria

1976 Event - Dorothy Hamill wins her 3rd consec national figure skating champions

1976 Event - U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Dorothy Hamill

1975 Death - Dorothy Patten, dies at 70

1975 Event - U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Dorothy Hamill

1974 Death - Dorothy Fields, U.S. singer (Way you Look Tonight), dies at 68

1974 Event - U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Dorothy Hamill

1971 Death - Dorothy Comingore, actress (Citizen Kane), dies after illness at 58

1970 Event - Hurricane Dorothy, kills 42 in Martinique

1968 Death - Dorothy Gish, de Guiche, actress (Home Sweet Home), dies at 70

1967 Death - Dorothy Parker, U.S. writer (Enough Rope), dies at 73

1965 Death - Dorothy Kilgallen, columnist (What's My Line?), dies at 52

1965 Death - Dorothy Danridge, actress (Island in the Sun), dies at 41 in Hollywood

1962 Birthday - Dorothy Trapp, equestrian 3-day 1996 Olympics

1960 Birthday - Dorothy Stratten, Vancouver BC, playmate, August, 1979, Galixina

1959 Death - Dorothy L Sayers, writer, dies at 66

1959 Event - Dorothy Rigney, husband John, and Hank Greenberg resign from White Sox

1959 Event - Dorothy Rigney sells 54% of White Sox to Bill Veeck for a reported $27M

1958 Birthday - Dorothy Straight, 4 year old author, How World Begun

1957 Death - Dorothy Sayers, Atherton Fleming, author (Whose body), dies at 64

1957 Death - Dorothy L. Sayers, British Author

1957 Birthday - Dorothy Mays, born in Baltimore, Maryland, playmate, Jul, 1979

1956 Birthday - Dorothy Hamill, born in Riverside, Connecticut, figure skater 1976 Olympics gold

1955 Death - Dorothy Bernard, actress (Margaret-Life With Father), dies at 65

1955 Birthday - Simon Bailey, born in Halifax, England, Reverend Simon Bailey, priest, Anglican, Labor Party member, socialist historian associates include Dorothy Thompson, J.B. Priestly, E.P Thompson

1954 Event - Dorothy Parker/Arnaud d'Usseau's "Ladies of the Corridor," premieres

1949 Birthday - Dorothy Allison, American Writer

1947 Birthday - Dorothy Germain, LPGA golfer

1947 Birthday - Dorothy Lyman, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, All my Children, Naomi-Mama's Family

1945 Birthday - Dorothy Denning, American Public Servant

1941 Birthday - Dorothy Hyman, England, sprinter, Silver Medal 1960 Olympics

1941 Birthday - [Dorothy] Faye Dunaway, Bascom, Florida, actress, Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde

1940 Birthday - Dorothy Rudd Moore, composer

1938 Event - Dorothy Lathrop wins 1st Caldecott Medal, kid books author

1937 Birthday - Dorothy Provine, Deadwood, South Dakota, actress, Good Neighbor Sam, Darn Cat

1934 Birthday - Dorothy Lousie Grenfell Williams, broadcaster

1933 Birthday - Dorothy "Dolly" Ann Collins, folk musician and composer

1930 Birthday - Dorothy Loudon, Cambridge Massachusetts, actress and singer, Garry Moore Show

1930 Birthday - Dorothy Tutin, born in London, actress, Importance of Being Ernest, Cromwell

1927 Birthday - Dorothy Manley, England, 100m sprint 1948 Olympics silver

1926 Birthday - Dorothy Collins, Windsor Ontario, singer, Your Hit Parade

1925 Birthday - Dorothy Malone, actress, Peyton Place

1925 Birthday - Dorothy Claire, born in LaPorte, Indiana, singer, Winchell and Mahoney

1925 Birthday - Dorothy Malone, Chic, actress, At Gunpoint, Night and Day, Peyton Place

1923 Birthday - Dorothy Dandridge, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress/singer/dancer, Porgy and Bess

1923 Birthday - Dorothy Dunnett, Scottish Novelist

1923 Birthday - Dorothy Gilman, mystery writer

1920 Birthday - Dorothy Tyler-Odam, born in Great Britain, high jumper, Olympics silver 1936, 1948

1919 Birthday - Dorothy Kirsten, opera singer/Alzheimer disease activist

1918 Birthday - Dorothy McGuire, born in Omaha, Nebraska, actress, Old Yeller, Summer Magic

1917 Birthday - Dorothy Sarnoff, U.S., actress

1916 Birthday - Dorothy Mae Ballard, labor union rep

1916 Birthday - Dorothy May Bundy-Cheney, winner of more than 141 U.S. tennis titles

1916 Birthday - Dorothy Salisbury Davis, American Writer

1915 Birthday - Dorothy Poynton-Hill, U.S., platform diver 1932 Olympics gold

1915 Birthday - Dorothy Kirsten, Montclair, New Jersey, soprano, Time to Sing, Chevy Show

1915 Birthday - Dorothy Dell, actor, Little Miss Marker, Wharf Angel

1914 Birthday - Dorothy Hyson, actress, Ghoul, Spare a Copper, Sing as We Go

1914 Birthday - Dorothy Lamour, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actress 'Road to Bali'

1914 Birthday - Dorothy Jeakins, costume designer

1913 Event - 27th U.S. Womens Tennis: Mary K Browne beats Dorothy Green (62 75)

1913 Birthday - Dorothy Comingore, Linda Winters, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Citizen Kane

1913 Birthday - Dorothy Kilgallen, born in Chicago, Illinois, columnist, What's My Line?

1912 Birthday - Dorothy Height, American Activist

1910 Birthday - Dorothy Maynor, born in Norfolk, Virginia, soprano/founder, Harlem School of Arts

1910 Birthday - Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin, British chemist, penicillin/B12/Nobel 1964

1910 Birthday - Dorothy Stroud, garden historian

1907 Birthday - Dorothy West, U.S. journalist/author, Living is Easy

1906 Event - English Minister of Foreign affairs Edward Grey's wife Dorothy fatally injured

1905 Birthday - Dorothy Fields, lyricist, I'm in the Mood for Love

1904 Birthday - Dorothy Emmet, philosopher

1903 Birthday - Dorothy Stickney, Dickinson ND, actress, And So They Were Married

1903 Birthday - Dorothy Schiff, publisher, New York Post

1901 Birthday - Dorothy James, composer

1900 Birthday - Dorothy Arnzer, director

1899 Birthday - Dorothy Devore, Ft. Worth, Texas, actress, Narrow Street, Senior Daredevil

1898 Birthday - Dorothy Stratton, organizer, SPARS-women's branch of U.S. Coast Guard

1898 Birthday - Dorothy Gish, born in Massillon, Ohio, film actress, Orphans of the Storm

1897 Birthday - Dorothy Day, author, Stump the Authors

1897 Birthday - Dorothy Arzner, American Director

1896 Birthday - Dorothy Aldis, writer

1893 Birthday - Dorothy Parker, New Jersey, short story writer, 1958 Marjorie Peabody Award

1893 Birthday - Dorothy Dickson, actress/dancer, Paying the Piper, Danny Boy

1893 Birthday - Dorothy L. Sayers, British Author

1890 Birthday - Dorothy Heyward, New York City, playwright, Porgy

1887 Birthday - Dorothy Dix, Elizabeth Gilmer, journalist, advice to the lovelorn

1886 Event - Comedy opera "Dorothy," 1st produced in London

1879 Birthday - Dorothy Canfield Fisher, U.S., novelist, Book-of-Month-Club

1873 Birthday - Dorothy Miller Richardson, Abingdon Berkshire, novelist

1855 Death - Dorothy Wordsworth, author, diarist, poet, sister of William Wordsworth, romantic poet, dies at 83

1771 Birthday - Dorothy Wordsworth, born in Cumberland, England, author, diarist, poet, sister of William Wordsworth, romantic poet

1670 Death - Dorothy, 1st English marquis of Halifax, dies

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