Driven Events in History

1991 Event - Whiteland Janice, driven by Mike Lachance, wins Kentucky Futurity

1991 Event - Giant Victory, driven by Jack Moiseyev, wins Hambletonian

1987 Event - Chrysler pleads no contest to selling driven vehicles as new

1971 Event - Bolivian military coup under col Hugo Banzer, President Torres driven out

1967 Event - Beatles' Magical Mystery Bus driven around England

1951 Event - Communist troops driven out of Seoul

1947 Event - Ship carrying Jewish immigrants driven away from Palestine

1944 Event - Last Japanese troops driven out of India

1941 Event - Nazi police attacks and driven away from Koco Amsterdam by young Jews

1939 Event - Japanese invasion army driven out of Mongolia

1926 Event - Greek dictator General Pangulos driven out

1923 Event - Bloody street fights in Aken (pro-French separatists driven)

1920 Event - 1st rivet driven on Bank of Italy headquarters at 1 Powell

1916 Event - French driven out of Fort Douaumont after 500 killed or injured

1901 Event - Boer general Kritzinger driven out of Cape colony

1892 Event - Mine explosion kills 100, Krebs, Okla-blacks trying to help rescue white survivors, driven away with guns

1883 Event - Northern Pacific RR's last spike driven at Independence Creek, Mont

1869 Event - Golden Spike driven, completes Promontory Pt Ut-Transcontinental RR

1862 Event - Battle at Booneville Mississippi: Confederate superior power driven out

1819 Event - Dutch colonial troops driven out of Palembang Sumatra

1789 Event - Chinese troops driven out of Vietnam capital Thang Long

1626 Event - Pasha Muhammad ibn Farukh tyrannical Governor of Jerusalem, driven out

1522 Event - French troops driven out of Genoa

1340 Event - Battle of Salado Spain: last Moor invasion driven back

1291 Event - Egyptian Mamelukken occupies Akko, crusaders driven out of Palestine

802 Event - Empress Irene of Byzantium driven out

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