Entomologist Events in History

1928 Birthday - Jean R Adams, entomologist

1908 Birthday - Kenneth Mellanby, entomologist

1899 Birthday - Vincent Wigglesworth, entomologist

1894 Birthday - Alfred Kinsey, entomologist/sexologist, Kinsey Report

1833 Death - Adrian H Haworth, English entomologist/botanist, dies at 65

1823 Birthday - Jean Henri Fabre, France, entomologist, insects and spiders

1768 Birthday - Adrian H Haworth, English entomologist/botanist

1680 Death - Jan Swammerdam, Dutch entomologist (Bible of Nature), dies at 41

1680 Death - John Swammerdam, anatomist/entomologist (Bible of Nature), dies at 43

1637 Birthday - John Swammerdam, Dutch anatomist/entomologist, Bible of Nature

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