Forbids Events in History

1962 Event - U.N. command forbids flights to Katangese airports

1959 Event - Vatican edict forbids Roman Catholics for voting for communists

1946 Event - Premier Salazar of Portugal forbids opposition parties

1944 Event - Bishop forbids membership in non Catholic unions

1942 Event - German occupiers forbids Dutch access to their beach

1941 Event - German occupiers forbids Jews access to beach and swimming pools

1940 Event - Nazi decree forbids gentile woman to work in Jewish homes

1940 Event - German occupiers forbids anti-nazis speeches

1940 Event - German occupiers forbids using Dutch royal names

1938 Event - Mayor Oud of Rotterdam forbids soccer match between Netherlands-Germany

1938 Event - U.S. forbids child labor in factories

1935 Event - King Boris of Bulgaria forbids all political parties

1933 Event - Dutch government forbids leftwing radio address

1932 Event - Austria forbids demonstration by Nazi's and anti fascists

1932 Event - Germany forbids SA/SS-gang fights

1928 Event - Prussia forbids speech from Adolf Hitler

1925 Event - Estonia forbids communist Party

1919 Event - British regime forbids Sinn Fein Dail

1913 Event - Russian kingdom forbids Polish congregation of speakers

1907 Event - Bishop forbids Christian membership in Dutch Textile Union

1907 Event - Pope decree forbids modernization of theology

1902 Event - China's empress Tzu-hsi forbids binding woman's feet

1853 Event - Austrian law forbids Jews from owning land

1820 Event - Dutch city of Leeuwarden forbids Jews to go to synagogues on Sundays

1795 Event - Curacao government forbids slave work on Sunday

1793 Event - Curacao Island Council forbids criticism on House of Orange

1782 Event - Suriname forbids selling slave mothers without their babies

1775 Event - General Washington forbids recruiting officers enlisting blacks

1671 Event - Dutch States-General forbids importation of French wine

1659 Event - Peter Stuyvesant of New Netherlands forbids tennis playing during religious services (1st mention of tennis in U.S.)

1655 Event - Middelburg Netherlands forbids building of synagogue

1621 Event - Governor William Bradford of Plymouth forbids game playing on Christmas

1561 Event - King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida

1531 Event - Pope Clemens VII forbids English king Henry VIII to re-marry

1366 Event - King Frederick III of Siciliy forbids decorations on synagogues

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