Haiti Events in History

2014 Event - A shipwreck off of Haiti may be that of the Santa Maria, one of the three ships led by Christopher Columbus; the wreck was discovered about 10 years ago, but has only now been tentatively identified in light of Columbus' writings and other evidence

2012 Event - In Haiti, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe announced plans to pay for a new education fund with a new 'sin' tax on alcohol, cigarettes and gambling

2012 Event - After a power struggle within his government, Haiti's prime minister Garry Conille resigns

2011 Event - The International Monetary Fund approves a new three-year loan for Haiti worth $60 million, canceling Haiti's $268 million debt

2011 Event - Haiti commemorates the first anniversary of the 2010 earthquake

2010 Event - A study suggests the 2010 Haiti Earthquake was caused by newly discovered fault line

2010 Event - The musician Wyclef Jean confirms his intention to run for the presidency in Haiti

2010 Event - A week after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a 6.1 magnitude aftershock strikes Haiti

2010 Event - A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, devastating its capital city, Port-au-Prince, an estimated 150,000 were killed and buried later in mass graves

2004 Event - Tropical Storm Jeanne kills more than 550 during flooding in Haiti

1995 Death - Emile Jonassaint, president of Haiti (1994), dies at 82

1994 Event - President Jean-Baptiste Aristide returns to Haiti

1994 Event - Lieutenant-General Raoul Cedras resigns as dictator of Haiti

1994 Event - 3000 U.S. militia lands on Haiti

1994 Event - U.N. votes 12-0 (2 abstentions) to authorize use of force against Haiti

1994 Event - Army shoots to death 23-40 fishermen in Gonaives Haiti

1994 Event - U.S. asks Aristide to adopt a peace plan from Haiti

1993 Event - U.N. authorizes arms, miltary and police supply embargo against Haiti

1993 Event - U.S. warship Harlan County anchors off Port-au-Prince Haiti

1993 Event - U.N. authorizes worldwide oil embargo against Haiti

1993 Event - Premier Marc Bazin of Haiti resigns

1991 Event - U.S. cuts all foreign aid to Haiti

1991 Event - Reverend Jean Betrand Aristide ousted as president of Haiti

1991 Event - Jean-Bertrand Aristide sworn in as Haiti's 1st elected president

1990 Event - Jean-Bertrand Aristide elected President of Haiti

1990 Event - Lieutenant General Avril resigns as President of Haiti

1988 Event - Coup in Haiti

1988 Event - Military coup in Haiti: Lieutenant General Avril takes control, Henri Namphy flees

1988 Event - Haiti's general assembly dissolves

1988 Event - Leslie Manigay elected president of Haiti

1987 Event - Shoot out at Jean-Bertrand Aristides' church in Haiti, 12 die

1986 Event - President Jean-Claude Duvalier flees Haiti

1986 Event - Haiti's President-for-Life Jean-Claude Duvalier flees to France Henri Namphy becomes leader of Haiti

1983 Event - Haiti adopts constitution

1971 Death - Francois "Doc" Duvalier, dictator of Haiti, dies at 64

1968 Event - Haiti closes down shortwave station 4VEH for 40 days

1967 Birthday - Bruny Surin, born in Cap Haitien, Haiti, Canadian 4X100m sprinter, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics

1963 Event - Hurricane Flora ravages Cuba and Haiti, kills 6,000

1963 Event - Hurricane Flora hits Haiti and Dominican Republic, kills 7,190

1963 Event - Hurricane Flora, kills 6,000 in Cuba and Haiti

1963 Event - Hurricane hits Haiti; about 5,000 die and 100,000 injured

1960 Birthday - Jean-Michel Basquiat, Haiti/US graffiti artist/painter, Gray, SAMO

1955 Event - Hurricane Hazel, kills 68 in Haiti

1953 Birthday - Jean-Bertrand Aristide, president of Haiti, 1991, 1994-

1935 Event - Hurricane-produced floods kill 2,000 in Jeremie and Jacmel Haiti

1934 Event - U.S. troops leave Haiti, which had been occupied since 1915

1932 Birthday - Henri Namphy, Cap Hatien Haiti, President of Haiti, 1986-88

1928 Event - Silvio Cator of Haiti, sets then long jump record at 26' "

1915 Event - U.S. takes control of customs and finances of Haiti for 10 years

1915 Event - U.S. forces invade Haiti, stays until 1924

1915 Event - U.S. military forces occupy Haiti, remain until 1934

1915 Event - U.S. Marines occupy Haiti

1914 Event - General Zamon becomes president of Haiti

1911 Event - General Leconte appointed temporary President of Haiti

1911 Event - Haiti's dictator Simon flees on U.S. warship near Jamaica

1908 Event - Haiti's president-General Alexis Nord flees from military coup

1907 Birthday - Francois "Doc" Duvalier, dictator of Haiti

1905 Event - Henry Watson Furness, an Indiana physican, named minister of Haiti

1900 Birthday - Silvio Cator, Haiti, long jumper 1928 Olympics silver

1897 Event - William Frank Powell, New Jersey educator, named minister to Haiti

1891 Event - John Stephens Durham, named minister to Haiti

1889 Event - Frederick Douglass named Minister to Haiti

1885 Event - John E. W. Thompson, named minister to Haiti

1877 Event - John Mercer Langston named minister of Haiti

1874 Event - James Theodore Holly, elected bishop of Haiti

1867 Death - Faustin-Elie Soulouque, emperor of Haiti, dies (birth date unknown)

1844 Event - Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti (National Day)

1816 Death - Madame L'Ouverture, widow of Haiti's leader Toussaint L'O, dies

1806 Death - Jean Jacques Dessalines, Emperor of Haiti, dies

1804 Event - Thousands of Whites massacred in Haiti

1804 Event - Haiti gains independence from France (National Day)

1803 Event - Dessalines and Christophe declare St. Domingue (Haiti) independent

1802 Event - Napoleon orders re-instatement of slavery on St. Domingue (Haiti)

1802 Event - Toussaint L'Ouverture leaves Haiti, prisoner on French ship Heros

1794 Event - Haiti, under Toussaint L'Ouverture, revolts against France

1793 Event - British troops under major-general Williamson lands on (French) Haiti

1793 Event - Slaves in French colony of St. Domingue (Haiti) freed

1785 Birthday - John James Audubon, Haiti, bird watcher/artist

1743 Birthday - [Francois D] Toussaint L'Ouverture, Breda, leader, Haiti

1492 Event - Haiti discovered by Columbus, at Mole Saint Nicolas

1492 Event - Columbus discovers Hispaniola (El Espanola/Haiti)

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