Innocent Events in History

1997 Event - Marv Albert pleads innocent to charges of sexually assault

1994 Event - Dr. Kervokian found innocent on assisting suicides

1993 Death - Harold Innocent, actor (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), dies at 60

1990 Event - Michael Milken pleads innocent to security law violations

1990 Event - Anchorage jury finds Captain Hazelwood innocent of Valdez oil spill

1988 Event - Lyndon LaRouche pleads innocent to fraud, conspiracy indictment

1987 Event - "Twilight Zone" director John Landis found innocent in death of actor

1982 Event - Washington D.C. jury finds John Hinckley, Jr. innocent by insanity

1981 Event - John Hinckley, Jr. pleads innocent in attempt to kill President Reagan

1980 Event - Ford Motor Company found innocent in death of 3 women in a fiery Pinto

1978 Event - BBC bans Sex Pistols "No One is Innocent"

1970 Event - Chicago 7 defendants found innocent of inciting to riot

1961 Birthday - Innocent Egbunike, Nigeria, 4x400m runner 1984 Olympics bronze

1960 Birthday - Anne Parillaud, Paris, France, actress, Subway, Nikita, Innocent Blood

1953 Birthday - Peter McEvoy, British actor, Against the Innocent

1948 Event - Mildred Gillars (Axis Sally) pleads innocent in Washington D.C.

1944 Birthday - Joanna Pettit, London, actress, Knots Landing, Cry of the Innocent

1936 Birthday - Harold Innocent, HS Harrison, English actor, Tall Guy

1914 Birthday - Barbara Mullen, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Thunder Rock, Innocent Sinners

1906 Event - Alfred Dreyfus found innocent in France

1904 Birthday - Renaat Verheijen, Flemish actor and director, Innocent Heart

1895 Event - French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, convicted of treason, publicly stripped of his rank; later declared innocent

1894 Birthday - Mary Clare, born in London, England, actress, Evil Mind, Young and Innocent

1894 Birthday - Matt McHugh, Pennsylvania, actor, Taxi, Freaks, Barbary Coast, Innocent Affair

1879 Birthday - Edward Rigby, England, actor, Star Look Down, Young and Innocent

1807 Event - Vice President Aaron Burr arrested in Alabama for treason; later found innocent

1724 Death - Innocent XIII, Michelangiolo dei Conti, Pope (1721-24), dies at 68

1721 Event - Michelangiolo dei Conti replaces Pope Clement XI, as Innocent XIII

1700 Death - Innocent XII, Antonio Pignatelli, Pope (1691-1700), dies at 85

1691 Event - Pope Innocent XII succeeds Alexander VIII

1689 Event - Pietro Ottoboni replaces Pope Innocent XI as Alexander VIII

1689 Death - Innocent XI, Benedetto Odescalchi, Pope (1676-89), dies at 78

1687 Event - Pope Innocent XI publishes decree Coelestis pastor

1676 Event - Benedetto Odescalchi elected as Pope Innocent XI

1655 Birthday - Innocent XIII, Michelangiolo dei Conti, Italy, 244th Pope, 1721-24

1655 Event - Fabio Chigi replaces Pope Innocent X as Alexander VII

1648 Event - Pope Innocent X condemns Peace of Westfalen

1644 Event - Giambattista Pamfili replaces Pope Urban VII as Innocent X

1615 Birthday - Innocent XII, Antonio Pignatelli, Pope, 1691-1700

1611 Birthday - Innocent XI, Benedetto Odescalchi, Italy, 240th Pope, 1676-89

1591 Death - Innocent IX, Giovanni Facchinetti, Pope, (1591 62 days), dies at 72

1574 Birthday - Innocent X, Giambattista Pamfili, 236th pope, 1644-55

1519 Birthday - Innocent IX, Giovanni A Facchinetti, 230th Catholic pope, 1591

1492 Death - Innocent VII, Giovanni B Cibo, Italian Pope (1484-92), dies

1484 Event - Giovanni B Cibo elected as Pope Innocent VIII

1406 Death - Innocent VII, Cosma de' Migliorati, Italian Pope (1404-06), dies

1362 Death - Innocent VI, Etienne Aubert, Pope (1352-62), dies

1276 Death - Innocent V, Pierre the Tarantaise, Pope (1276), dies at about 36

1254 Death - Innocent IV, Sinibaldo dei Fieschi, Pope (1243-54), dies

1253 Event - Jews are expelled from Vienne France by order of Pope Innocent III

1216 Death - Innocent III, Lotario di Segni, Italian Pope (1198-1216), dies

1216 Death - Innocent III, pope, dies at 54

1215 Event - Pope Innocent III closes 4th council of Lateranen

1215 Event - Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta invalid

1210 Event - Pope Innocent III excommunicates Roman Catholic Emperor Otto IV

1210 Event - Pope Innocent III excommunicates German emperor Otto IV

1209 Event - Pope Innocent II crowns German king Otto of Wittelsbach

1205 Event - Pope Innocent III states Jews are doomed to perpetual servitude and subjugation due to crucifixion of Jesus

1205 Event - Pope Innocent III fires Adolf I as archbishop of Cologne

1179 Event - Lando Sittino proclaimed (anti-)pope Innocent III

1143 Death - Innocent II, Gregorio de' Papareschi, Italian Pope 1130 - 1143, dies

1130 Event - Gregorio de' Papareschi elected as Pope Innocent II

1130 Event - Pope Innocent II elected

417 Death - Innocent I, Italian Pope (401-417), dies

401 Event - St. Innocent I begins his reign as Catholic Pope

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