Jail Events in History

2013 Event - Former President of Argentina, Jorge Rafael Videla dies in a jail in Marcos Paze, Buenos Aires

2012 Event - Three widows and two daughters of Osama bin Laden were charged with illegally living in Pakistan; they were sentenced with 45 days in jail and fined $114 each

2011 Event - Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of the State of Illinois, is issued a sentence of 14 years in jail for corruption

2011 Event - For appearing in a film critical of the Iran's harsh policies on the arts, actress Marzieh Vafamehr is sentenced to 90 lashes of the cane and a year in jail

2011 Event - Casey Anthony, cleared of murdering her daughter Caylee and set to be released from the Orange County, Florida jail, attracts major crowds unhappy with the judgement

2010 Event - Philip Markoff, accused Craigslist killer, commits suicide and is found dead in Nashua Street jail prison

2010 Event - Hossein Marashi, former Vice-President of Iran, is put in jail after being accused of spreading propaganda

1997 Event - Peter Graf, father of Steffi, enters German jail for tax evasion

1996 Event - Heidi Fleiss scheduled to begin her 7 year jail sentence

1995 Event - Boxer Mike Tyson released from jail after serving 3 years

1995 Death - Sahnoun Jawhari, Tunisian Annahda-leader, dies at 40 in jail

1994 Event - PTL leader Jim Bakker released from jail

1994 Event - Corrupt Italian ex-premier Craxi gets 8 year jail sentenced

1994 Event - Amy Fisher's lover Joey Buttafuoco is released from jail

1994 Event - Joey Buttafuoco, released from jail after 4 months and 9 days

1993 Event - Junk bond king Michael Milkin is released from jail after 22 months

1992 Event - John Gotti begins life sentence in jail

1992 Event - Billionaire Leona Helmsly is sent to jail for tax evasion

1990 Event - Zsa Zsa Gabor begins a 3 day jail sentence for slapping a cop

1990 Event - Cheers' star Kelsey Grammer sentenced to jail for 30 days for DWI

1990 Event - Former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega is transferred to a Miami jail

1989 Event - Subway gunman Bernhard Goetz begins 1-year jail sentence

1987 Event - Subway gunman Bernhard Goetz sentenced to 6 months in jail

1982 Event - Solidarity leader Lech Walesa is let out of jail in Poland

1981 Event - IRA's Joseph Doherty escapes from Crumlin Road Jail

1980 Event - Paul McCartney is released from Tokyo jail and deported

1978 Event - India's former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, released from jail

1978 Event - H R Haldeman, Nixon's White House chief of staff released from jail

1977 Event - Ted Bundy escapes from jail in Colorado

1977 Event - 42 die in fire inmate causes at Maury County Jail in Columbia, Tennessee

1977 Event - Patty Hearst let out of jail

1974 Event - Johnson Grigsby freed after 66 years in jail

1972 Event - Prison uprising at Washington D.C. jail

1971 Event - President Nixon commutes Jimmy Hoffa's jail term

1971 Event - Winnie Mandela sentenced to 1 year in jail in South Africa

1970 Event - U.S. LSD professor Timothy Leary escapes from California jail

1970 Event - U.S. Black Panther leader Huey Newton let out of jail

1967 Event - Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and Keith Richards end 1 month jail sentence

1967 Event - Keith Richards is sentenced to 1 year in jail on drugs charge

1967 Event - Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa begins 8-year jail sentence for defrauding the union and jury tampering (commuted Dec 23, 1971)

1966 Event - Dr. Sam Sheppard freed after 9 years in jail, by a jury

1962 Death - Mauritius Dekker, Boris Robazki, writer (Boots in Jail), dies at 66

1962 Event - Yugoslav ex-president Milovan Djilas returns to jail

1961 Event - "Jail, No Bail" Jail-in movement starts in Rock Hill SC

1956 Birthday - Murphy Morobe, South Afr UDF leader, spent 3 years in Robbeneiland Jail

1953 Event - France closes jail on Devil Island

1947 Event - Schilderijenvervalser Han of Meegeren to 1 years jail sentenced

1947 Event - Bank robber Willie Sutton escapes jail in Philadelphia

1946 Birthday - Jim Varney, born in Lexington, Kentucky, actor, Ernest Goes to Jail, "Hey Vern"

1946 Event - NSB mayor of Rotterdam, Netherlands, FE Muller sentence to 100 years in jail

1944 Event - KP gang surprise attack on Dome Arnhem jail

1943 Event - German occupiers forbid flying of kites (6 month jail sentence)

1939 Event - Al Capone freed from Alcatraz jail

1936 Birthday - Neville E Alexander, South african, 10 years in Robbeneiland Jail

1934 Event - Josip Broz (Tito) freed from jail

1934 Event - John Dillinger breaks out of jail using a wooden pistol

1933 Event - John Dillinger escapes from Allen County, OH, jail

1930 Event - Bandung, Java: ir Sukarno 4 years jail sentenced

1928 Event - Josip Broz (Tito) sentenced to 5 years in jail

1927 Event - Josip Broz (Tito) begins 7 months jail sentence in Croatia

1926 Birthday - Edgar D Ngoyi, South African ANC leader, 17 years in Robbeneiland Jail

1924 Event - Adolf Hitler freed from jail early

1924 Event - Mahatma Gandhi released from jail

1922 Birthday - Megan Bull, British head mistress, Holloway Jail

1921 Event - Babe Ruth arrested for speeding, fined $100, and held in jail until 4 PM

1913 Birthday - John Mitchell, Nixon's attorney general who went to jail

1913 Event - British suffragette Emily Pankhurst sentenced to 3 years in jail

1895 Birthday - Bert Wheeler, actor, Nitwits, Hold 'em Jail, High Flyers, Rainmakers

1894 Birthday - Percy Helton, New York, actor, Jail Busters, Harbor of Missing Men

1875 Event - William Marcy "Boss" Tweed, New York City - Tammany Hall, escapes from jail

1838 Death - Osceola, chief of Seminole indians, dies in jail

1798 Event - Rabbi Shneur Zalman, author (Tanya), released from St. Peterburg jail

1773 Event - Construction authorized for Walnut St. jail in Philadelphia

1632 Death - John Eliot, English parliament leader/author (In Jail), dies at 40

1590 Event - King Philip Ii's secretary Antonio Perez escapes jail

1425 Event - Countess Jacoba of Bavaria escapes from jail

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