Leo Events in History

2002 Death - Leo McKern, actor, Rumpole of the Bailey, dies at 82

2000 Death - Leo Gordon, actor/writer, War and Remembrance, dies at 78

1997 Death - Leo Rosten, writer/humourist (Joys of Yiddish), dies at 88

1996 Death - James Leo Herlihy, author (Midnight Cowboy), commits suicide at 66

1996 Death - Leo Avery, abbot of Quarr, dies at 58

1996 Death - James Leander "Leo" Nichols, honorary consul, dies at 65

1996 Death - Leo Malet, writer, novelist, dies at 86

1995 Death - Leo Kaplan, lawyer (ASCAP), dies at 89

1994 Death - Leo Fuchs, Polish/US Yiddish actor (Story of Ruth), dies at 83

1994 Death - Leo Lerman, actor/manager/critic (Dance Magazine), dies at 80

1993 Death - James Leo Herlihy, novelist (Midnight Cowboy), dies at 66

1993 Death - Leo Ferre, French singer/composer (Mon General), dies at 76

1992 Death - Leo van der Kar, masseur/businessman/founder (Sports Fund), dies at 79

1992 Death - Leo Halle, soccer goalie (Go Ahead, Orange), dies

1991 Death - Leo Durocher, baseball coach/manager (Dodgers, Giants), dies at 86

1991 Death - Leo Geerts, Marcel van der Linden, Belgian writer/critic, dies

1991 Death - Leo Fender, inventor (Fender guitar), dies

1991 Death - Leo N Wright, U.S. saxophonist (I Left My Heart in SF), dies at 57

1989 Event - Former baseball player and manager Leo Durocher injured in a car crash

1988 Death - Leo Steiner, New York's Carnegie Deli owner, dies

1985 Event - At 80 Leo Sites becomes oldest bowler to score a 300 game

1984 Death - Leo Robin, lyricist, dies of heart failure at 84

1982 Death - Leo Pappenheim, conductor, dies at 86

1981 Death - Leo Collard, Belgian minister of Education (1946/54-58), dies at 78

1980 Event - Cleveland Dan Spillner, 545 ERA, is 2 outs from a no-hitter when White Sox rookie Leo Sutherland singles

1978 Death - Leo J. Ryan, (Rep-Cal) and 4 killed in Jonestown, Guyana by members of Peoples Temple, followed by ritual mass suicide of 914 members

1978 Death - Leo Genn, actor (Lady Chatterley's Lover, Henry V), dies at 72

1975 Birthday - Leo Koswal, soccer player, Dordrecht '90

1975 Birthday - Leo Insam, hockey defenseman, Team Italy 1998

1974 Event - Leo Tindemans forms Belgium government

1973 Death - Leo Strauss, German Philosopher

1973 Event - Leo Durocher resigns as Houston Astro manager

1972 Death - Leo G Carroll, actor (Topper, Man From Uncle), dies at 80

1972 Event - Leo Durocher replaces Harry Walker as manager of Astros

1971 Death - Leo Burnett, American Businessman

1970 Birthday - Leo Stefan, hockey forward, Team Germany 1998

1970 Birthday - Leo Stefan, Chelyabinsk RUS, hockey forward, Team Germany

1970 Birthday - Leo Araguz, NLF/WLAF punter, Oakland Raiders, Rhein Fire

1969 Death - Leo Gorcey, actor (Bowery Boys), dies at 53

1968 Event - Cincinnati trades shortstop Leo Cardenas to Twins for pitcher Jim Merritt

1968 Death - Leo Sowerby, composer (Pulitzer Prize), dies at 73

1968 Event - Leo Fender sells Fender Guitars for $13 million

1967 Birthday - Leo Gomez, born in Canovanas, Puerto Rico, infielder for the Chicago Cubs

1966 Event - Referee Leo Horn whistles his last soccer match (Ajax-Bulgaria)

1966 Birthday - Leo Goeas, guard for the Baltimore Ravens

1966 Event - Cincinnati Red Leo Cardenas hits 4 home runs in a doubleheader

1965 Birthday - Leo Groenewegen, CFL guard for the Edmonton Eskimos

1964 Death - Leo Weismantel, German writer (Das Totenliebespar), dies at 76

1964 Death - Leo Szilard, Hungarians/US nuclear physicst, dies at 66

1962 Event - Dodger coach Leo Durocher suffers a near-fatal allergic reaction to a penicillin injection while in the clubhouse at the Polo Grounds

1961 Death - Leo Carrillo, actor (Pancho-Cisco Kid), dies at 81

1960 Birthday - Melissa Leo, American Actress

1960 Death - Leo Weiner, Hungarian composer (Toldi), dies at 75

1958 Birthday - Leo Kenter, Dutch drummer, Trockener Kecks-More! More! More!

1958 Death - Leo Blech, studied with Engelbert Humperdinck, German opera composer, dies at 87

1958 Event - "Jackpot Bowling" premieres on NBC with Leo Durocher as host

1957 Death - Leo Perutz, writer, wrote 11 novels, mathematician, emigrated to Palestine during Nazi Anschluss, 1938, dies in Bad Ischi, Austria

1956 Death - Leo Baeck, President of World Union for Progressive Judaism, dies at 83

1955 Birthday - Leo Barnes, Irish saxophonist, Hothouse Flowers-I'm Sorry, Don't Go

1948 Event - Leo Durocher returns to Ebbets Field as a New York Giant

1948 Event - Eddie Sawyer replaces Ben Chapman in Philadelphia, New York Giants Leo Durocher replaces Mel Ott and Burt Shotton replaces Durocher as Dodger manager

1948 Birthday - Leo Sayers, rocker, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

1948 Birthday - Leo Sayer, Gerard, England, singer, When I Need Love

1947 Event - Baseball suspends Brooklyn Dodger Leo Durocher for 1 year

1946 Death - Leo Bittermieux, Flemish missionary (Congo), dies at 66

1946 Death - Leo Slezak, Austria tenor/actor (Mein Lebensmarchen), dies at 72

1946 Birthday - Leo Gullotta, actor, Sinbad of the 7 Seas

1945 Birthday - Leo Kottke, born in Athens, Georgia, guitarist, Ice Water, Greenhouse

1945 Event - Following an 8-7 win over the Phils, Brooklyn manager Leo Durocher is arrested on a complaint by a fan that Durocher slugged him

1944 Death - Leo Justinus Kauffmann, composer, dies at 43

1944 Death - Leo H A Baekeland, Belgian/US chemist (bakeliet), dies at 80

1944 Death - Leo Hendrick Baekeland, inventor (Bakelite), dies

1944 Birthday - Leo Burmester, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actor, Flo, Chiefs, Abbys, Odd Jobs

1943 Birthday - Leo Lyons, Standbridge Beds, rock bassist, Ten Years After

1943 Death - Leo Frijda, resistance fighter, executed at 20

1943 Birthday - Leo Frankowski, U.S., sci-fi author, High Tech Knight, Flying Warlord

1942 Birthday - Leo Beenhakker, Dutch soccer trainer

1942 Death - Leo Ascher, composer, dies at 61

1941 Death - Leonard "Leo" Polak, Dutch philosopher, dies in Sachsenhausen at 61

1940 Event - Leo Durocher suspended from Ebbetts Field for "inciting a riot"

1940 Birthday - Leo H Ferrier, Suriname writer, Atman

1939 Birthday - Leo Brouwer, born in Havana, Cuba, Juan Leovigildo Brouwer Mezquida, composer, conductor, guitarist, studied under Vincent Persichetti, Stefan Wolpe, composed solo guitar pieces, over 40 film scores, and several guitar concertos

1938 Event - Leo Durocher, hits 2,000th Dodger home run

1938 Birthday - Leo Avery, abbot of Quarr

1937 Birthday - Leo Lacroix, France, skier 1964 Olympic silver

1933 Birthday - Leo N Wright, U.S. saxophonist, I left my heart in SF

1931 Birthday - James Leander "Leo" Nichols, honorary consul

1931 Event - Leo Bentley bowls 3 consecutive perfect games in Lorain, Ohio

1929 Event - Leo Diegel wins PGA golf tournament

1929 Event - 12th PGA Championship: Leo Diegel at Hillcrest CC Los Angeles

1929 Event - Mel Ott (Giants) homers off Leo Sweetland (Phillies) in doubleheader

1928 Event - 11th PGA Championship: Leo Diegel at Five Farms CC Baltimore

1928 Birthday - Leo P[atrick] Kelley, U.S., sci-fi author, Dead Moon, Vacation in Space

1926 Birthday - Leo Derksen, Dutch journalist, Telegraph/Sunday Newspaper

1926 Event - Russian Politburo throws out Leo Trotsky and followers

1925 Death - Leo Fall, Austria operetta composer (That Pink von Stambul), dies

1925 Event - Yankees purchase infielder Leo Durocher

1925 Birthday - Leo Esaki, Esaki Reona, Japan, physicist, Tunnel effect-Nobel 1973

1924 Birthday - Frank Liedel, Leo van Assche, Flemish writer, Kaperbrief

1924 Birthday - Leo Nomellini, NFL defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers

1924 Birthday - Leo Buscaglia, born in Los Angeles, California, "Dr. Hug", psycholigist, Love

1922 Birthday - Leo V Gordon, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor, Circus Boy, Enos, Winds of War

1922 Birthday - Leo Kraft, born in Brooklyn, New York, composer, author, educator, recorded on CRI label, studied composition with Karol Rathaus, Randall Thompson, Nadio Boulander

1922 Birthday - Leo Tindermans, British statesman

1921 Birthday - Leo Smit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pianist/composer

1920 Birthday - Leo McKern, born in Sydney, Australia, actor, Blue Lagoon, Help, Mouse that Roared

1919 Birthday - Leo Pliatzky, senior civil servant

1917 Event - Leo Pinckney, 1st American drafted during WW I

1917 Birthday - Leo Abse, biographer/MP

1916 Birthday - Leo Horn, Dutch soccer referee/columnist/businessman

1915 Event - Mob lynches Jewish businessman Leo Frank in Cobb County, Georgia after death sentence for murder of 13-year-old girl commuted to life

1915 Birthday - David Leo Diamond, born in Rochester, New York, composer, Paderewski Prize-1943

1915 Birthday - Leo Gorcey, born in New York City, actor, Mannequin, Road to Zanzibar

1915 Birthday - Leo Vroman, Dutch/U.S. poet and biologist

1914 Death - Leo van Gheluwe, composer, dies at 76

1914 Birthday - Leo Lerman, actor/manager/critic, Dance Magazine

1913 Birthday - Leo A. Ketelaars, Dutch oratorio vocalist

1913 Birthday - Leo van der Kar, masseur/businessman/founder, Sports funds

1912 Birthday - Leo Cherne, New York City, economist/commentator, All Star News

1911 Birthday - Leo Ferre, French singer/composer, Silly-aime, Ni Dieu ni maatre

1911 Birthday - Leo Fuchs, Polish/US Yiddish actor, Galitzianer Cowboy

1910 Death - Leo Tolstoy, Russian author (Anna Karenina), dies at 82

1910 Death - Leo Tolstoi, Russian earl/writer (War and Peace), dies at 82

1909 Event - Leo Baekeland, Yonkers, patents 1st thermosetting plastic (Bakelite)

1909 Birthday - Leo Fender, Anaheim California, rocker, Fender guitars

1909 Birthday - Leo Malet, born in Montpelier, France, writer, novelist, aligned with Surrealists, friends with Renee Magritte, Andre Breton, famous for crime novel character Nestor Burma

1908 Birthday - Leo Rosten, writer and humourist

1907 Birthday - Leo Castelli, Trieste, American art dealer

1907 Birthday - Leo O'Brien, cricketer, Australian batsman in 5 Tests 1932-36

1906 Birthday - Leo Durocher, born in Massachusetts, baseball manager, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants

1905 Birthday - Leo Genn, born in London, England, actor, Affair in Monte Carlo

1904 Birthday - Leo Joseph Suenens, Cardinal, Belgium

1903 Death - Leo XIII, Vincenzo G Pecci, Pope (1878-1903), dies at 93

1902 Birthday - Leo Collard, Belgian minister of Education, 1946/54-58

1902 Event - Pope Leo XIII encyclical "On Church in US"

1901 Birthday - Leo Justinus Kauffmann, composer

1901 Birthday - Leo Poos, nazi police officer, caught Dutch underground agents

1901 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Graves De Communi Re

1900 Event - Pope Leo XIII encyclical to Greek-Melkite rite

1900 Birthday - Leo Smit, born in Amsterdam, Holland, composer, killed in Poland during the Holocaust

1900 Birthday - Leo Robin, U.S. writer, Thanks For the Memory

1899 Birthday - Leo Strauss, German Philosopher

1899 Birthday - Leo J Weisgerber, German linguist

1899 Death - Georg Leo earl von Caprivi, German chancellor, dies at 67

1898 Birthday - Leo Szilard, Hungary, physicist/A-bomb worker/peace activist

1896 Birthday - Leo Pappenheim, conductor

1896 Event - Tootsie Roll introduced by Leo Hirshfield

1895 Birthday - Leo Sowerby, Grand Rapids, Michigan, composer, Pulitzer 1946

1894 Event - German emperor Wilhelm II fires chancellor Leo von Caprivi and premier Botho zu Eulenburg

1894 Event - German emperor Wilhelm II fires Chancellor Leo von Caprivi and premier Botho zu Eulenburg

1893 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Providentissimus Deus

1892 Birthday - Leo Ornstein, Kremenchug Russia, composer, Bio in Sonata Form

1892 Birthday - Leo Ornstein, composer

1892 Birthday - Leo G Carroll, Weedon England, actor, Topper, Man From Uncle

1891 Event - Pope Leo XIII's encyclical "Rerum novarum" published

1891 Birthday - Leo Burnett, American Businessman

1891 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Rerum novarum

1891 Death - Leo Delibes, French ballet composer (Lakme), dies at 54

1890 Event - Pope Leo XIII encyclical On slavery in missions

1890 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Sapientiae Christianae

1888 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Libertas

1888 Birthday - Leo Weismantel, German writer, Der Reiter der Apocalypse

1885 Event - Pope Leo XIII proclaims extraordinary jubilee

1885 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Immortale Dei

1885 Event - Leo Daft opens America's 1st coml operated electric streetcar (Balt)

1885 Birthday - Leo Weiner, Hungary, composer, Fasching

1884 Event - Pope Leo XIII encyclical "On Freemasonry"

1883 Event - Leo Delibes' opera "Lakme," premieres in Paris

1882 Birthday - Leo Perutz, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, writer, wrote 11 novels, mathematician, emigrated to Palestine during Nazi Anschluss, 1938

1882 Birthday - Leo van Puyfielde, Flemish art historian

1881 Birthday - Leo Carrillo, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Pancho-Cisco Kid

1881 Birthday - Leo Carrillo, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, American Empire, Cisco Kid

1881 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Diuturnum illud

1880 Birthday - Leo Bittermieux, Flemish missionary, Congo

1880 Birthday - Leo Ascher, composer

1880 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Arcanum about Christian marriage

1879 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Aeterni Patris

1878 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Quod apostolici muneris (socialism)

1878 Event - Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Inscrutabili

1873 Birthday - Leo Slezak, Austria tenor/actor, Othello

1873 Event - Leo Delibes' opera "Le Roi l'a Dit," premieres in Paris

1873 Birthday - Leo Baeck, rabbi/president, World Union for Progressive Judaism

1871 Birthday - Leo Blech, born in Aachen, Rhenish Prussia, studied with Engelbert Humperdinck, German opera composer

1867 Event - Leo Tolstoy's "Smert Ioonna Groznogo," premieres in St. Petersburg

1863 Birthday - Leo H A Baekeland, Belgian/U.S. chemist, bakelite

1837 Birthday - Leo van Gheluwe, composer

1836 Birthday - Leo Delibes, Saint-Germain-du-Val France, ballet composer, Coppelia

1831 Birthday - Georg Leo earl von Caprivi, German chancellor/premier of Prussia

1829 Death - Leo XII, Annibale Sermattei, Italian Pope (1823-29), dies at 68

1828 Birthday - Leo Tolstoy, Russia, novelist, War and Peace, Anna Karenina,

1828 Birthday - Leo Tolstoi, Russian writer, War and Peace, Anna Karenina,

1827 Event - Dutch King Willem I/Pope Leo XII sign concord

1824 Event - Pope Leo XII proclaims a universal jubilee

1810 Birthday - Leo XIII, 257th Roman Catholic pope, 1878-1903

1810 Birthday - Leo XIII, Vincenzo G Pecci, 256th pope, 1878-1903

1760 Birthday - Leo XII, Annibale Sermattei, Italy, Pope, 1823-29

1744 Death - Leonardo Ortensio Salvatore de Leo, composer, dies at 50

1694 Birthday - Leonardo Ortensio Salvatore de Leo, composer

1669 Death - Leo Allatios, Greek/Italian theologist/literary, dies at about 82

1664 Death - Andreas Gryphius, German writer, poet, dramatist, master of philosophy, works include historical tragedy 'Leo Armenius', dies at age 47

1616 Birthday - Andreas Gryphius, born in Glogow, Silesia, German writer, poet, dramatist, master of philosophy, works include historical tragedy 'Leo Armenius'

1612 Death - Hans Leo Hassler, composer, dies at 49

1605 Event - Camillo Borghese elected to succeed Pope Leo XI becomes Paul V

1605 Death - Leo XI, Alessandro O de' Medici, Italian Pope (1605), dies at 69

1562 Birthday - Hans Leo Hassler, composer

1542 Death - Leo Judae, Swiss pastor/church reformer

1535 Birthday - Leo XI, Alessandro O de' Medici, Italy, Pope, 1605

1521 Death - Leo X, Giovanni de' Medici, Italian Pope (1513-21), dies at 45

1521 Event - Pope Leo X titles King Henry VIII of England "Defender of the Faith"

1521 Event - Pope Leo X signs treaty with German emperor Charles V

1517 Event - Pope Leo X signs 5th Council of Lateranen

1515 Event - Battle at Marignano: France beats Habsburgers and Pope Leo X

1513 Event - Giovanni de' Medici chosen Pope Leo X

1475 Birthday - Leo X, Giovanni de' Medici, Italy, Pope, 1513 - 1521

1054 Death - Leo IX, Bruno von Egesheim und Dagsburg, Pope (1049-54), dies at 51

1054 Event - Pope Leo IX escapes captivity and returns to Rome

1049 Event - Bruno count of Egesheim and Dagsburg crowned Pope Leo IX

1048 Event - Parliament of Worms: Emperor Henry III names his cousin count Bruno van Egisheim/Dagsburg as Pope Leo IX

1002 Birthday - Leo IX, Bruno count of Egesheim and Dagsburg, Pope, 1049-54

965 Event - John XIII Crescentii elected to succeed Pope Leo VIII

965 Death - Leo VIII, Italian (anti-)Pope (963-65), dies

963 Event - Leo VIII elected Pope

939 Death - Leo VII, Italian Pope (936-39), dies

936 Event - Duke Alberik II of Spoleto appoints his son Pope Leo VII

912 Death - Leo VI Sophos, Byzantine Emperor (886-912), dies at 45

904 Event - Saraceens hijacker Leo van Tripoli occupies and plunders Thessalonica

866 Birthday - Leo VI Sophos, Byzantine Emperor, 886-912, writer, Problematica

855 Event - St. Leo IV ends his reign as Catholic Pope

855 Death - Leo IV, Italian Pope (847-55), dies

847 Event - St. Leo IV begins his reign as Catholic Pope

820 Death - Leo V, the Armenian, Byzantine gen/Emperor (813-20), murdered

816 Event - Pope Stephen IV, V, elected to succeed Leo III

816 Death - Leo III, Italian Pope (795-816), dies

803 Death - Irene, Byzantine empress/wife of emperor Leo IV, dies

800 Event - Pope Leo III crowns Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Roman emperor

799 Event - Pope Leo III, aided by Charles the Great, returns to Rome

795 Event - St. Leo III begins his reign as Catholic Pope

795 Event - Leo III succeeds pope Adrianus I

780 Death - Leo IV de Chazaar, Byzantine Emperor (775-80), dies

749 Birthday - Leo IV, the Khazar, Byzantine emperor, 775-80

741 Death - Leo III de Isaurier, Byzantine Emperor (717-41), dies

683 Event - St. Leo II ends his reign as Catholic Pope

683 Death - Leo II, Pope (681-83), dies

682 Event - St. Leo II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

474 Death - Leo II, Byzantine Emperor (474), dies

474 Death - Leo I, Byzantine Emperor (457-74), dies

461 Event - St. Leo I ends his reign as Catholic Pope

461 Death - Leo I the Great, Italian Pope (440-61), dies

440 Event - Pope Leo I the Great, installed

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