Madame Events in History

2003 Death - Madame Chiang Kai-shek, more-than-just-a-political-widow, dies at 105

1996 Death - Ross Hunter, U.S. producer (Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk), dies at 75

1995 Death - Lana Turner, actress (Madame X), dies of cancer at 75

1994 Death - Michel Vitold, Russian/French actor (Madame et le Mort), dies at 78

1994 Event - Mayflower Madame Sydney Biddle Barrows (42) weds Darnay Hoffman (46)

1994 Death - Jarmila Novotna, Czechoslovakian/U.S. soprano, 'Madame Butterfly', dies at 86

1993 Death - Germaine Emilie Madame Gres Krebs, haute Couturist, dies at 89

1988 Death - Wayland Flowers, ventriloquist (Madame), dies of AIDS at 48

1980 Death - Richard Bonnelli, actor (Enter Madame), dies

1977 Death - John Breeden, actor (Madame Racketeer, Salute), dies at 73

1971 Death - Madame Spivy [LeVoe], actress (All Fall Down), dies at 64

1965 Death - Constance Bennett, actress (Madame X, Topper), dies at 59

1961 Birthday - Judy Landers, Philadelphia, actress, Vega$, BJ and the Bear, Madame's Place

1959 Death - Madame Sul-To-Wan, Conley, actress (Birth of a Nation), dies at 85

1958 Event - Britain's 1st planetarium opens at Madame Tussaud's in London

1952 Death - Albert Basserman, actor (Madame Curie, Rhapsody in Blue), dies at 84

1951 Death - Robert Walker, actor and writer (Bataan, Madame Curie), dies at 32

1948 Death - Warren William, actor (Fear, Wolf Man, Madame X), dies at 53

1944 Birthday - Francesca Annis, born in London, England, actress, Madame Bovary, Dune

1943 Birthday - Susan Tolsky, born in Houston, actress, Madame's Place, Here Comes the Brides

1935 Birthday - Mirella Freni, Modena Italy, lyric soprano, Madame Butterfly

1934 Death - "Madame" Marie Curie-Sklodovska, Polish/French chemist, dies

1934 Death - Eugenie Besserer, actress (Anna Christie, Madame X), dies at 65

1930 Death - William Courtleigh, actor (Madame X, Eyes of Youth), dies at 63

1928 Event - Madame Tussaud's waxwork exhibition opens in London

1921 Birthday - Ross Hunter, born in Cleveland, Ohio, producer, Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk

1919 Birthday - Louis Jourdan, Marseilles France, actor, Gigi, Can-Can, Madame Bovary

1919 Death - Madame C J Walker, wealthy cosmetics manufacturer, dies at 51

1918 Birthday - Karen Verne, born in Berlin, Germany, actress, Madame X

1915 Birthday - Johannes J "Joop" Klant, Netherlands/South Africa economist, Madame Sans Gane

1915 Event - Giordano, Sardou and Moreau's opera "Madame Sans Gane" premieres in New York City

1910 Birthday - Van Heflin, born in Walters, Oklahoma, actor, Great Adventure, Madame Bovary

1908 Death - Victorien Sardou, French opera author (Madame Sans-Gene), dies at 77

1904 Birthday - Eve Denise Curie, French pianist/author/daughter of Madame Curie

1904 Birthday - John Breeden, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Salute, Madame Racketeer, Joy Street

1903 Birthday - Germaine Emilie Madame Gres Krebs, haute Couturist

1897 Birthday - Walter Pidgeon, New Brunswick Can, actor, Mrs Miniver, Madame Curie

1897 Birthday - Mei-ling Soong, Madame Chiang Kai-shek

1897 Birthday - Pola Negri, Barbara A Chalupec, Polish/US actress, Madame Bovary

1894 Birthday - Pola Negri, Barbara A Chalupiec, Polish/U.S. actress, Madame Dubarry

1894 Birthday - Jean Renoir, French director, Madame Bovary, Nana, Grand Illusion

1893 Birthday - Ruth Chatterton, U.S. actress, Madame X, Sarah and Son

1874 Birthday - Sidney Toler, Warrensburg, Missouri, actor, Madame X, Meeting at Midnight

1867 Birthday - Madame C J Walker, Louisiana, cosmetic mogul

1867 Birthday - William Courtleigh, born in Guelph, Ontario, actor, Eyes of Youth, Madame X

1857 Event - Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary" published

1831 Birthday - Victorien Sardou, French stage writer, Madame Sans-Gane

1821 Birthday - Gustave Flaubert, France, novelist, Madame Bovary

1816 Death - Madame L'Ouverture, widow of Haiti's leader Toussaint L'O, dies

1769 Event - Madame du Barry becomes King Louis XV's "official" mistress

1766 Birthday - Madame de Stael, Swiss-French belle-lettrist, An Extraordinary Woman

1761 Birthday - Madame [Marie Grosholtz] Tussaud, created wax museum

1750 Birthday - M Laetitia Bonaparte-Ramolino, Madame Mere, mother of Napoleon I

1721 Birthday - Madame De Pompadour, mistress of French King Louis the 15th

1702 Birthday - Jean E Liotard, Turk, Swiss painter, Madame d'Epinay

1696 Death - Madame de Sevigne, French Writer

1684 Event - French king Louis XIV marries Madame Maintenon

1626 Birthday - Madame de Sevigne, French Writer

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