Martinus Events in History

1983 Death - Martinus A Jansen, bishop of Rotterdam (1956-70), dies at 77

1977 Event - Frank Martinus Arion forms Surinamese Writers group 77

1958 Death - Martinus Ballings, Flemish jesuit/author (Vocation), dies at 93

1953 Death - Martinus Nijhoff, Dutch poet/linguist (spelling), dies at 58

1953 Death - Martinus Nijhoff, Dutch poet/interpreter/linguist, dies at 58

1953 Death - Martinus Nijhoff, Dutch poet/translator (spelling), dies at 58

1936 Birthday - Frank Martinus Arion, F Efraim M, Antilles, writer, Double Play

1927 Birthday - Martinus J Mentz, South African MP, Conservative

1905 Birthday - Martinus A Jansen, Bishop of Rotterdam, 1956-70

1905 Death - Martinus W van AA Meerbeke, head-editor (Time), dies at 75

1899 Birthday - Roel [Martinus F] Houwink, Dutch literary, 1 Man Without Character

1894 Death - Martinus Nijhoff, founder Nijhoff's book publisher (Van Dale), dies

1894 Birthday - Martinus Nijhoff, poet/interpreter/linguistic, spelling

1879 Birthday - Jacobo Conrad, Coco Lepol/Elias Martinus, Curacaos composer

1865 Birthday - Martinus Ballings, Flemish jesuit/author, Will Power

1860 Death - Martinus J Niewindt, bishop on Curaeao (christened slaves), dies at 63

1837 Death - Martinus van Marum, chemist/physicist (giant salamander), dies at 87

1830 Birthday - Martinus W van der Aa, author/Dutch head-editor, The Time

1826 Birthday - Martinus Nijhoff, founder Nijhoff's book/publisher, Van Dale

1796 Birthday - Martinus J Niewindt, bishop of Curacao, christen slaves

1750 Birthday - Martinus van Marum, Dutch chemist/physicist, Homo Diluvii Testus

1639 Death - Martinus de Porres, Peru saint (patron of social justice), dies at 69

1608 Death - Martinus A del Rio, Spanish lawyer historian/theologist, dies

1569 Birthday - Martinus de Porres, Peru, saint, patron of social justice

1551 Birthday - Martinus A del Rio, Spanish/South Netherlands lawyer/historian/theologist

1431 Death - Martinus V, Oddo Colonna, Italian Pope, dies

1428 Event - Pope Martinus V declares Jacoba van Beierens marriage invalid

1425 Event - Pope Martinus V forms University of Leuven

1420 Event - Pope Martinus I calls for crusade against the hussieten

1417 Event - Oddo Colonna elected as Pope Martinus V

1285 Death - Martinus IV, Simon de Brion, Pope (1281-85), dies

1282 Event - Pope Martinus IV excommunicates king Pedro III of Aragonorth

1281 Event - Simon de Brion elected Pope Martinus IV

942 Event - Alberic nominates Pope Marinus II (Martinus III)

884 Death - Marinus I, Martinus II, Pope (882-84), dies

655 Death - Martinus I, bannished Pope (649-53), dies

654 Event - Pope Eugene I elected to succeed Martinus I

649 Event - Pope Martinus I elected to succeed Theodore I

397 Death - Martinus, (St. Maarten), Roman bishop of Tours, dies at about 81

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