Miklos Events in History

1995 Death - Miklos Rozsa, Hungarian movie composer (Atomic Cafe, Fedora), dies at 88

1993 Event - Miklos Horthy appointed Hungarian admiral

1957 Death - Miklos Horthy von Nagybanya, Hungarian admiral/regent 1920 - 1944, dies at 88

1946 Birthday - Miklos Nemeth, Hungary, javelin thrower 1976 Olympics gold

1935 Death - Miklos Radnai, composer, dies at 43

1921 Birthday - Miklos Jancso, Vac Hungry, director, Muzsika, Aube, Pacifist

1909 Birthday - Miklos Radnoti, writer

1907 Birthday - Miklos Rozsa, born in Budapest, Hungary, movie composer, Atomic Cafe, Fedora

1892 Birthday - Miklos Radnai, composer

1887 Birthday - Miklos Kallay, premier Hungary, 1942-44

1868 Birthday - Miklos Horthy von Nagybanya, Hungarian admiral/regent, 1910-44

1807 Death - Miklos Revai, Hungarian linguistic/poet, dies at 57

1750 Birthday - Miklos Revai, Hungarian linguistic/poet

1664 Death - Miklos Zrinyi, Hungarian general/poet, killed by wild boar at 44

1664 Event - Count Miklos of Zrinyi sets out to battle Turkish invasion army

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