Nile Events in History

2012 Event - Dallas, Texas Mayor Mike Rawlings declares a state of emergency after an outbreak of West Nile Virus kills at least 17 people; the city plans to combat the mosquitoes with aerial spraying of pyrethroid insecticides

2010 Event - Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda sign an agreement seeking more water from the Nile; Kenya issues support while Egypt and Sudan remain opposed

1972 Event - Bus plunges into Nile River killing 50 pilgrims. (Minia Egypt)

1965 Event - Trackless trolley plunged into Nile River drowning 74 (Cairo Egypt)

1959 Event - 3-deck Nile excursion steamer springs a leak panicking passengers who capsized ship. 200 drown just yards from shore

1954 Birthday - Kathleen Turner, actress, Accidental Tourist, Jewel of Nile

1952 Birthday - Nile Rodgers, born in Bronx, New York, rock guitarist, Honeydrippers

1951 Birthday - Olivia Hussey, born in Buenos Aires, actress, Romeo and Juliet, Death on Nile

1944 Birthday - Michael Douglas, born in New Jersey, actor, Coma, Wall St, Jewel of the Nile

1939 Event - 5th Heisman Trophy Award: Nile Kinnick, Iowa (HB)

1935 Birthday - Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Bath England, actress, Search for the Nile

1934 Birthday - Maggie Smith, born in Ilford, England, actress, Death on Nile, Clash of Titans

1929 Birthday - Kenneth Haigh, born in Yorkshire, England, actor, Search for the Nile

1928 Death - William HT Gairdner, English missionary (Nile Mission Press), dies at 54

1921 Birthday - Peter Ustinov, born in London, actor, Death on Nile, Logan's Run, Billy Budd

1917 Birthday - Michael Gough, Malaya, actor, Search for the Nile

1912 Event - Aswan Dam in Nile begins operation

1912 Event - Steamers collide in Nile, drowning 200

1910 Death - Boyd Alexander, English explorer (Niger to the Nile), murdered at 37

1906 Birthday - Andre Van Gyseghem, England, actor, Search for the Nile

1848 Birthday - Macellus Emants, Dutch writer/poet, Along the Nile

1835 Birthday - Alexandrine-Pieternella-Franeoise Tinne, explored White Nile

1798 Event - British under Admiral Horatio Nelson beat French at Battle of Nile

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