Officer Events in History

2014 Event - Protests erupt in New York and other U.S. cities after a grand jury does not indict a white police officer for choking to death an unarmed man, Eric Garner; New York Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to retrain the police force in conflict resolution

2014 Event - A grand jury in St. Louis County reaches the decision that police officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted in the shooting death of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown; the decision sparked protests, looting and businesses being burned to the ground in St. Louis, as well as protests across the U.S.

2014 Event - Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah have agreed to share power in a unity government, with Ghani as president and Abdullah as chief executive officer of Afghanistan; both men claimed fraud after the election, prompting a U.N.-monitored recount

2014 Event - Continued riots in Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown by a police officer have resulted in the announcement of a state of emergency and a curfew by Governor Jay Nixon

2014 Event - Residents of Ferguson, MO call for FBI investigation of the shooting death of a teenager by a police officer; the reason for the confrontation has not been disclosed

2014 Event - Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel has resigned in the wake of security breaches late last year in which customer data was stolen; the company will be run by John Mulligan, the company's Chief Financial Officer, until a new president is identified

2012 Event - Sarah West, a British naval officer Commander is appointed commander of HMS Portland, the Royal Navy frigate; she is the first female officer to take command of a major British warship

2012 Event - The China Central Television Headquarters, designed by the Officer for Metropolitan Architecture, a firm based in Rotterdam ten years ago, is finally completed in Beijing

2012 Event - Co-founder of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang, resigns from the position of chief executive officer

2011 Event - Riots in England continue; Prime Minister David Cameron hires U.S. law enforcement officer Bill Bratton to advise on dealing with gang-related violence

2010 Event - South Africa's top police officer, Jackie Selebi, former chief of Interpol, is sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption

2009 Event - U.S. Army officer William Calley publicly apologizes for the mass killings in the Vietnamese community of My Lai

2004 Death - Pierre Salinger, journalist/political press officer, dies at 79

2001 Death - Andre Prevost, composer, professor, Officer of the Order of Canada, dies

1997 Death - Edmund Falkiner, jazz saxophinist/probation officer, dies at 59

1996 Death - Alejandro Lanusse, army officer/politician, dies at 77

1996 Death - Frank Murray, police Officer, dies at 51

1995 Death - George Chesterman Phillips, naval Officer, dies at 90

1995 Death - John Reginald "Nat" Allen, planning enforcement officer, dies at 66

1995 Death - James Pack, naval officer museum curator, dies at 81

1995 Death - Richard Pool, naval Officer, dies at 75

1994 Death - William Obanheim, actor (Officer Obie-Alice's Restaurant), dies at 69

1994 Event - Drunken officer shoots 7 people dead in Falun Sweden

1994 Event - Aldrich Ames, former CIA officer and wife Rosario plead guilty to spying

1994 Death - Georges Watin, Algerian/French officer (OAS), dies at 71

1993 Death - Robert W. Kempner, German officer of justice in Prussia, dies at 93

1989 Event - Zsa Zsa Gabor convicted of slapping a police officer in Beverly Hills

1987 Death - Francis C Denebrink, U.S. Naval officer (WW I, WW II, Korea) dies at 90

1986 Event - U.S. Navy officer Jerry A Whitworth sentenced to 365 years for spying

1974 Event - Italian Red Brigade officer Mario Sossi freed

1972 Event - 40,000 pilots strike against naval officer

1971 Death - Max Mell, Austria artillery officer/literary, dies at 88

1970 Birthday - Matt Blunt, born in Springfield, Missouri, politician, Republican, 54th Governor of Missouri, formerly an officer in the U.S. Navy

1968 Event - Famous photo: Saigon police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes a Viet Cong officer with a pistol shot to head

1967 Birthday - Michael Bendetti, actor, Officer Tony McCann-21 Jump Street

1966 Death - Hendrik W. Tilanus, artillery officer/leader (CHU 1939-63), dies at 81

1960 Birthday - Mark Sanford, born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, politician, Republican, 115th Governor of South Carolina, U.S. Air Force Reserve medical administration officer

1958 Birthday - Steve Case, born in McLean, Virginia, co-founder and chief executive officer of America Online, AOL, founder of Revolution LLC holding, chairman of the Case Foundation

1956 Birthday - David Caruso, born in Forest Hills, New York, actor, producer, known for television series, 'CSI: Miami', appeared in films, 'First Blood', 'China Girl', 'An Officer and a Gentleman'

1955 Birthday - Debra Winger, Columbus, Ohio, actress, Officer and Gentleman

1953 Birthday - Lenny Clarke, born in Boston, actor, Officer Hampton-John Larroquette Show

1951 Birthday - Randi Oakes, Randalia Iowa, actress, Officer Bonnie Clark-CHiPs

1950 Event - 1st woman medical officer assigned to naval vessel (BR Walters)

1949 Death - Simon H Spoor, intelligence officer/general (WW II), dies at 47

1948 Event - 1st U.S. woman army officer not in medical corps sworn-in

1947 Birthday - Larry Wilcox, SD California, actor, Lassie, Officer Jon Baker-CHiPs

1947 Event - John Lee appointed 1st black commissioned officer in U.S. Navy

1945 Birthday - Taylor Hackford, director, Idolmaker, Officer and a Gentleman

1945 Birthday - Frank Murray, police Officer

1944 Death - Reza Sjah Pahlawi, Reza Chan, cossack officer/shah of Persia, dies

1943 Birthday - James Wallace Beaton, born in Britain, Chief Superintendent, The Queen's Police Officer 1983 - 1992, saved Princess Anne from kidnapper 1974

1942 Birthday - Kent McCord, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Officer Jim Reed-Adam 12

1942 Death - Patric Cobb, British sea officer, dies in battle

1941 Event - British signal officer Bill Hudson lands in Montenegro

1941 Death - Henri Louis, French officer/resistance fighter, executed at 40

1940 Birthday - Bob Einstein, born in Los Angeles, California, comedian, Officer Judy, Super Dave Osborne

1938 Birthday - Jacques Hetu, born in Trois-Rivieres Quebec, composer, Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 1989, Officer of the Order of Canada, 2001

1938 Birthday - Edmund Falkiner, jazz saxophinist/probation officer

1937 Birthday - Jack Nitzsche, composer/songwriter, An Officer and a Gentleman

1936 Birthday - Louis Gossett, Jr., born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Officer and Gentleman, Deep

1934 Birthday - Andre Prevost, born in Canada, composer, professor, Officer of the Order of Canada

1934 Birthday - Dame Anne Poole, chief nursing officer, Department of Health

1930 Birthday - Robert Loggia, Staten Island, actor, Officer and a Gentleman, THE Cat

1928 Birthday - John Reginald "Nat" Allen, planning enforcement officer/climber

1928 Death - Johan Peter Koch, Danish officer/explorer, dies at 57

1926 Birthday - Donald Acheson, England's chief medical officer

1926 Event - Persian cossack officer Reza Chan crowns himself Shah Palawi

1925 Event - Cossack officer/ex-premier Reza Chan becomes shah of Persia

1925 Event - Cossack officer Reza Chan replaces sultan Ahmad Shah in Persia

1925 Death - Pieter D van Essen, Dutch artillery officer, dies at 54

1924 Death - Roland Napoleon Bonaparte, French officer/explorer (Surinam), dies at 65

1923 Death - Pierre Loti, Julien Viaud, French sea officer/writer, dies

1922 Birthday - Phyllis Friend, chief nursing officer, DHSS

1919 Birthday - Richard Pool, naval Officer

1918 Birthday - Alejandro Lanusse, army officer/politician

1917 Event - 1st female U.S. Navy Petty Officer is Loretta Walsh

1915 Birthday - Moe Biller, New York City, labor union officer, AFL-CIO, Postal Workers

1915 Death - Alfred Scott Witherbee, Jr., U.S. Lusitania officer, dies

1914 Birthday - James Pack, naval officer museum curator

1912 Event - Gerrit Brinkman becomes 1st Dutch traffic officer

1910 Death - John YWJ Eilerts de Cock, sea officer (Suriname), dies at 44

1906 Birthday - Adolf Eichmann, Ruhr Germany, Nazi Gestapo officer

1904 Birthday - George Chesterman Phillips, naval officer

1902 Birthday - Simon H. Spoor, Dutch gen/intelligence officer for General MacArthur

1901 Birthday - Leo Poos, nazi police officer, caught Dutch underground agents

1901 Birthday - H L Honore comte d'Estienne d'Orves, French officer/resistance fighter

1899 Birthday - Ernst H Ridder van Rappard, Dutch SS officer/founder, NSNAP

1896 Birthday - Francis C Denebrink, U.S. Naval officer, WW I, WW II, Korea

1894 Event - French officer Alfred Dreyfus court-martialed for treason, triggers worldwide charges of anti-Semitism (Dreyfus later vindicated)

1884 Birthday - Hendrik W. Tilanus, Dutch artillery officer/politcian, CHU 1939-63

1882 Birthday - Max Mell, Austria officer/literary, Donauweibchen

1878 Death - George Backing, English sea officer/explorer (B's River), dies at 81

1876 Death - Myles Keogh, U.S. officer, dies at Little Bighorn

1870 Birthday - Pieter van Essen, Dutch artillery officer/inventor, grape-shot shells

1870 Birthday - Johan Peter Koch, Danish officer/explorer, Greenland

1865 Birthday - Johannes IJWJ Eilerts de Haan, Dutch sea officer, Lucie R, Suriname

1864 Event - U.S., British, French and Dutch naval officer sails Staits of Simonoseki

1863 Death - Colin Campbell, British officer (Cawnpore), dies at 70

1861 Event - Sally Tompkins is only Confederate Army female commissioned officer

1859 Birthday - Alfred Dreyfus, accused Jewish French officer, Dreyfus Affair

1858 Birthday - Roland Napoleon Bonaparte, French officer/traveller, Surinam

1857 Death - E Francois Vidocq, French criminalogist/police officer, dies at 81

1850 Birthday - Pierre Loti, Julien Viaud, French sea officer/writer, Pacheur

1846 Event - U.S. fleet officer Robert F Stockton annexes California

1845 Death - Henry M baron the Kock, officer/politician, dies at 65

1842 Death - Philip Spencer, 1st U.S. naval officer condemned for mutiny, hanged

1840 Birthday - Alfred Thayer Mahan, U.S., naval officer, Influence of Sea Power

1829 Death - William Congreve, English officer, dies at 56

1826 Death - Pavel I Pestel, Russian officer, hanged at 33

1826 Event - M Biela, an Austrian officer, discovers Biela's Comet

1817 Death - William Bligh, British naval officer of "Bounty" fame, dies at 63

1816 Birthday - E Werner von Siemens, German artillery officer/inventor

1809 Death - Ferdinand von Schill, Prussian officer/rebel, dies in battle at 33

1804 Birthday - Ragnerus L van Andringa de Kempenaer, Dutch officer/swindler

1798 Death - Pedro Pablo Abarca d Bolea earl of Aranda, Spanish officer, dies at 79

1796 Birthday - George Back, English sea officer/explorer, North Canada

1793 Birthday - Pavel I Pestel, Russian officer

1792 Birthday - Colin Campbell/Lord Clyde, British officer, Sepoy-uprising

1791 Event - Captain Hopley Yeaton of New Hampshire becomes 1st commissioned officer in Revenue Cutter Service

1788 Birthday - Juan van Halen, Dutch/Spanish officer/adventurer

1785 Birthday - Karl A. Varnhagen von Ense, German officer/author, Die Sterner

1779 Birthday - Henry M Baron de Kock, Dutch officer/politician

1777 Event - Retired British cavalry officer Philip Astley establishes 1st circus

1776 Birthday - Ferdinand von Schill, Prussian officer/rebel

1772 Birthday - William Congreve, English officer, design fire rocket

1743 Birthday - Alexander van Bylandt, Dutch military officer

1739 Birthday - Grigory Potemkin, army officer, statesman, Catherine II's lover, OS

1738 Death - Alexander Voznitsyn, Rus Naval officer converted to Judaism, executed

1738 Death - Baruch Leibov, converted Russian Naval officer to Judaism, executed

1734 Birthday - Grigori G Orlov, Russian guard officer/favorite of Catharina II

1572 Death - Charles de Feligny, French officer/huguenot, murdered

1490 Birthday - Charles de Bourbon, officer/governor, Lombardy

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