Piotr Events in History

1992 Death - Piotr Jaroszewicz, premier of Poland (1970-80), dies

1987 Event - Skier Piotr Fijas jumps record 194m

1970 Death - Piotr Rytel, composer, dies at 85

1969 Death - Piotr F. Scharoff, Russian/Italian actor and director (Chechov), dies at 82

1934 Death - Piotr Maszynski, composer, dies at 79

1913 Event - Piotr Nesterow 1st flight (Kiev Ukraine)

1911 Death - Piotr Stolypin, Russia's PM, assassinated by Mordka Bogrov

1901 Birthday - Piotr Perkowski, composer

1893 Death - Piotr Ilyich Tchaikofsky, Rus composer (Nutcracker), dies at 53

1886 Birthday - Piotr F Scharoff, Russian/Italian actor and director, Chechov

1884 Birthday - Piotr Rytel, composer

1869 Death - Piotr Studzinski, composer, dies at 42

1855 Birthday - Piotr Maszynski, composer

1826 Birthday - Piotr Studzinski, composer

1826 Death - Piotr A von der Pahlen, military governor of St. Petersburg, dies at 60

1745 Birthday - Piotr A von der Pahlen, military governor, St. Petersburg

1612 Death - Piotr Skarga, Polish theology/Prime Minister (Sanctity of Life), dies at 76

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