Porter Events in History

2002 Death - George Porter, English Scientist

2001 Death - Nyree Dawn Porter, actor, The Forsyte Saga, dies at 61

2000 Death - Thea Porter, '60s Soho designer, dies at 72

1997 Death - Don Porter, actor, Gidget, dies at 84

1996 Death - Art Porter, saxophonist, dies at 35

1996 Death - Barry George Barrington Porter, politician, dies at 57

1995 Death - Eric Richard Porter, actor (Crucible, Hennessy), dies at 67

1991 Death - Sylvia Porter, economist/author (Money Book), dies at 77

1986 Event - Texas Rangers O McDowell and Porter are 7th to hit consecutive pinch home runs

1985 Death - Rodney Robert Porter, British Scientist

1980 Death - K A Porter, writer, dies at 90

1980 Death - Katherine A Porter, U.S. author (Ship of Fools, Pulit-66), dies at 90

1978 Event - Kevin Porter, New Jersey, sets NBA record with 29 assists in a game

1975 Event - Mary Bea Porter wins LPGA Golf Inns of America

1975 Birthday - Porter Collins, born in New York City, rower, Olympics-5th-1996

1972 Birthday - Emily Porter Lesueur, born in Glendale California, synchro swimmer, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Gail Porter, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, television presenter, known for program 'The Big Breakfast' and 'Top of the Pops', modeled for 'FHM' magazine

1968 Birthday - Todd Porter, New Jersey, actor, Hamilton-Whiz Kids

1967 Birthday - Derek Porter, Belfast Ireland, Canadian rower, Olympic-gold/silver-92/96

1966 Death - Quincy Porter, U.S. composer, dies at 69

1966 Birthday - Lee Porter, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Nike golfer, 1992 Texarkana Open-5th

1965 Birthday - Fia Porter, Mexia, Texas, actress, Audrey Ames-One Life to Live

1965 Birthday - Rufus Porter, NFL linebacker for the New Orleans Saints

1964 Death - Cole Porter, composer (Still of the Night), dies at 73

1963 Birthday - Terry Porter, NBA guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves

1955 Birthday - Jon Porter, American Politician

1955 Birthday - Graham Porter, cricketer, 1 day International for Australia 1979

1953 Death - Porter Hall, actor (Half-Breed, Double Indenity), dies at 64

1953 Birthday - Porter Carroll, Jr., drummer, Atlantic Star-Touch a 4 Leaf Clover

1950 Event - Cole Porter's musical "Out of this World," premieres in New York City

1949 Death - Russell Porter, actor (Betsy, Hanna's War, British Empire), dies

1946 Birthday - Charlotte Rampling, born in England, actress, Zardoz, Night Porter, Verdict

1945 Event - U.S. destroyer William D. Porter ("Willie Dee") sunk by kamikaze

1943 Event - U.S. destroyer William D. Porter [Willie Dee] launched

1941 Birthday - David Porter, U.S. songwriter, Soul Man

1939 Event - Cole Porter's musical "Du Barry was a Lady," premieres in New York City

1939 Birthday - Barry George Barrington Porter, politician

1939 Birthday - Barry Porter, MP, Conservative

1938 Birthday - Porter Goss, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Representative-R-Florida 1989 - 2004, Director of CIA 2004 - 2006

1938 Birthday - Porter Goss, American Public Servant

1935 Birthday - John Porter, born in Evanston, Illinois, Representative-R-Illinois 1980 - 2001

1932 Birthday - Porter Wagoner, country singer, discovered Dolly Parton, Y'All Come

1930 Event - Cole Porter's musical "NYCers," premieres in New York City

1930 Birthday - Phillipe Leroy, Paris, France, actor, Night Porter, Leonardo da Vinci

1929 Event - Cole Porter's musical "Wake Up and Dream," premieres in New York City

1929 Birthday - Peter NF Porter, Australian/British author and poet, Chair of Babel

1928 Event - Cole Porter and E Ray Goetz' musical "Paris," premieres in New York City

1928 Birthday - James Porter, CEO, Commonwealth Institute

1928 Birthday - Eric Porter, born in London, England, actor, Antony and Cleopatra, 39 Steps

1921 Event - Solomon Porter Hood named minister to Liberia

1920 Birthday - George Porter, English Scientist

1920 Death - Eleanor Porter, American Novelist

1917 Birthday - Rodney Robert Porter, British Scientist

1913 Birthday - Sylvia Porter, financial writer, Sylvia Porter's Money Book

1912 Birthday - Don Porter, Miami Oklahoma, actor, Russ Lawrence-Gidget, Ann Sothern Show

1911 Birthday - Hal Porter, Australia, writer, Tilted Cross, Paper Chase

1909 Birthday - Michael Porter, American Educator

1897 Birthday - Quincy Porter, New Haven, Connecticut, composer

1893 Birthday - Cole Porter, Indiana, composer/lyricist, Anything Goes, Kiss Me Kate

1891 Birthday - H V Porter, basketball pioneer, created fan shape backboard

1891 Death - David Dixon Porter, U.S. rear Admiral (Union), dies at 77

1890 Birthday - Katherine Anne Porter, U.S., novelist, Ship of Fools

1889 Birthday - Asa Philip Randolph, labor leader, Railroad Porter's Union

1888 Birthday - Porter Hall, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Half-Breed, Double Indenity

1871 Birthday - Russell W. Porter, Vermont, explorer, Alaska

1868 Birthday - Eleanor Porter, American Novelist

1864 Death - Peter A Porter, U.S. Union colonel (8th New York), dies in battle

1850 Death - Jane Porter, novelist (Scottish Chiefs), dies at 74

1837 Birthday - Horace Porter, Brigadier General Union Army

1835 Birthday - Edward Porter Alexander, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1822 Birthday - Fitz John Porter, Major General Union volunteers

1822 Birthday - John Porter Hatch, volunteers Major General, Union

1820 Birthday - Andrew Porter, Brigadier General Union volunteers

1815 Birthday - John Porter McCown, Major General Confederate Army

1813 Birthday - David Dixon Porter, Rear Admiral Union Navy

1809 Birthday - William David Porter, Commander Union Navy

1597 Event - Flemish painter Frederick of Valckenborch becomes porter of Frankfurt-on-Main

1444 Death - Robert Campin, South Netherlands painter/porter of Doornik, dies at about 65

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