Preston Events in History

1996 Death - Hilary Preston, editor, dies at 88

1996 Death - Preston Lockwood, actor (House of Windsor, Black Candle), dies at 83

1995 Death - Lewis T. Preston, banker, dies at 68

1995 Death - Lewis Thompson Preston, American Businessman

1994 Death - John Preston, U.S. writer (Gay House, Big Gay Book), dies at 48

1994 Event - Actress Kelly Preston (26) weds actor Lou Diamond Phillips (32)

1992 Birthday - Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

1992 Death - Wade Preston, actor (Man Called Sledge), dies at 62

1991 Event - Actor John Travolta weds Kelly Preston

1987 Death - Robert Preston, actor (Harold Hill-Music Man), dies at 68

1977 Event - Preston Jones' "Texas Trilogy," premieres in New York City

1977 Birthday - Misty Marriah Esplin, born in Preston, Idaho, Miss America-Idaho 1997

1975 Event - Astros hire Bill Virdon to replace Preston Gomez as manager

1972 Birthday - Roell Preston, NFL wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons

1970 Death - Preston S Foster, actor (Waterfront, Gunslinger), dies at 69

1970 Birthday - Preston Jones, WLAF quarterback for the London Monarchs

1969 Event - Beatles with Billy Preston release "Get Back" in UK

1969 Death - George Preston Marshall, NFL president for the Washington Redskins, dies at 72

1969 Event - Billy Preston becomes 5th Beatle

1968 Birthday - John Preston, born in Utah, actor, Greg-General Hospital

1962 Birthday - Kelly Preston, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Mischief, Twins, A Tigers Tale

1959 Death - Frederick Preston Search, composer, dies at 70

1959 Death - Preston Sturges, Edmund Biden, U.S. director/screenwriter, dies at 60

1955 Event - "Sergeant Preston," debuts on CBS

1950 Event - Preston Tucker, auto maker, found not guilty of mail fraud

1947 Death - Frances Cleveland Preston, former 1st lady (1885-89 93-97), dies at 83

1946 Birthday - Billy Preston, Texas, singer and pianist, 5th Beatle, David Brenner Show

1945 Birthday - Preston Andrew Trombly, composer

1945 Event - Preston Tucker reveals plan to produce the Torpedo, a new 150 MPH car

1942 Birthday - Preston Manning, Canadian Politician

1939 Birthday - Johnny Preston singer, Running Bear, Cradle of Love

1938 Birthday - Peter Preston, editor, Guardian

1932 Birthday - Don Preston, rocker, Mothers Of Invention

1930 Birthday - Johnny Preston, Port Arthur, Texas, rocker, Feel So Fine

1929 Event - Preston Sturges' "Strictly Dishonorable," premieres in New York City

1926 Birthday - Lewis T. Preston, banker

1926 Birthday - Lewis Thompson Preston, American Businessman

1926 Birthday - Preston "Bob" Tisch, NFL co-owner for the New York Giants

1921 Birthday - William Preston, Columbia Penn, actor, Fisher King, Waterworld

1918 Birthday - Robert Preston, born in Newton, Massachusetts, actor, Music Man, Mame, Last Starfighter

1912 Birthday - Preston Lockwood, actor, House of Windsor, Black Candle

1912 Death - Preston Lockwood, British actor and writer, dies

1908 Birthday - Hilary Preston, editor

1900 Birthday - Preston Foster, Ocean City, New Jersey, actor, Waterfront, Gunslinger

1898 Birthday - Preston Sturges, Edmund P Biden, Chic, director, Sullivan's Travels

1897 Birthday - George Preston Marshall, NFL team owner for the Washington Redskins

1889 Birthday - Frederick Preston Search, composer

1888 Birthday - Clifford Heatherley, Preston England, actress, For Love or Money

1876 Death - Francis Preston Blair, newspaper editor (Washington Globe), dies at 85

1875 Death - Francis Preston Blair, Jr., famed St. Louis lawyer, dies at 54

1863 Death - Preston Smith, U.S. Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 39

1823 Birthday - Preston Smith, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1821 Birthday - Francis Preston Blair, Jr., Lexington, Kentucky, Rep-Missouri

1816 Birthday - William Preston, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1809 Birthday - John Smith Preston, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1791 Birthday - Francis Preston Blair, newspaper editor, Washington Globe

1745 Event - Battle at Preston Pans: Bonnie Prince Charles beats English army

1648 Event - Battle at Preston, Lancashire: Henry Ireton beats Scottish

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