Throws Events in History

1993 Event - Houston's Darryl Kile throws 3rd no-hitter of season in 7-1 over Mets

1993 Event - Met Vince Coleman injures 3 when he throws cherry bomb at Dodger fans

1992 Event - Court throws out Apple's lawsuit against Microsoft

1991 Event - Del Ballard, Jr. throws most famous gutter ball in PBA Tour history

1990 Event - New York Yankee Andy Hawkins throws no-hitter in Comiskey Park, losing 4-0

1989 Event - California court throws out most of Margo Adams's $12 million breach-of- contract suit against Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs

1989 Event - Cleveland's Chris Dudley misses 5 free throws during 1 foul attempt

1989 Event - Denver Nuggets' rookie Jerome Lane misses 7 free throws in a game against Milwaukee, one missed by 2 feet

1987 Event - Larry Bird, ends streak of 59 consecutive free throws

1987 Event - Petra Felke (E Ger) throws javelin 78.89 m (women's record)

1987 Event - Federal judge throws out Bette Midler's $10 million suit against Ford Motor Co, who used a sound alike voice for their TV commercials

1985 Event - Libya throws out 1000s Tunisian/Egyptian gas workers

1985 Event - Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight throws a chair during a game

1984 Event - Zdena Silvaha (Cz) throws discus 74.55 m (women's world record)

1984 Event - Uwe Hohn of East Germany throws javelin a record 104.8 m

1984 Event - Yuri Sedykh of U.S.S.R. throws hammer a record 86.33 m

1984 Event - Cincinnati Reds Mario Soto throws 4 strikeouts in one inning

1984 Event - Adrian Dantly (Utah), ties NBA record of 28 free throws

1983 Event - Syria throws out PLO leader Arafat

1983 Event - Yuri Dumchev of U.S.S.R. throws discus a record 71.86 m

1983 Event - Los Angeles Lakers set NBA playoff game record of fewest free throws

1983 Event - France throws out 47 Soviet diplomats

1981 Event - NBA New York Knick Bill Cartwright, ties record of 19 of 19 free throws

1981 Event - Calvin Murphy (Houston), sets NBA record with 78 consecutive free throws

1981 Event - China throws out Netherlands ambassador due to submarine sale to Taiwan

1980 Event - Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Doug Williams throws for 486 yards

1980 Event - Palestinian throws hand grenade on Jewish children in Antwerp, 1 dead

1979 Event - Kevin St. Onge throws a playing card a record 185'

1979 Event - J. R. Richard throws major league record 6 wild pitches in Astrodome

1979 Event - High-school player Daryl Moreau makes 126th consecutive free throws

1978 Event - Fred Newman makes 88 consecutive basketball free throws blindfolded

1977 Event - Dodgers pitcher Don Sutton throws his NL record tying 5th one-hitter

1974 Event - California Angel Nolan Ryan throws fastest recorded pitch (100.9 MPH)

1972 Event - Dictator Idi Amin throws 8,000 Asians out of Uganda

1972 Event - Uganda president Idi Amin throws out all 80,000 Asians

1972 Event - Egypt president Sadat throws 20,000 Russian military aids out

1972 Event - John Sebastian makes 63 consecutive free throws while blindfolded

1967 Event - Wilt Chamberlain set NBA record of 22 free throws misses

1964 Event - George Blanda of Houston throws NFL-record 37 passes in 68 attempts

1964 Event - Sandy Koufax throws his 9th complete game without allowing a walk

1962 Event - Houston Oiler George Blanda throws for 6 TD passes vs New York Titans 56-17

1962 Event - John F. Kennedy throws out 1st ball at Washington's new DC Stadium

1961 Event - St. Louis Hawk Bob Pettit sets NBA record, hitting 19 of 19 free throws

1960 Event - Cowboy quarterback Eddie LeBaron throws shortest touchdown pass (2")

1957 Event - Glen Gorbous throws a baseball a record 136 m (445'10")

1955 Event - Ted Allen throws a record 72 consecutive horseshoe ringers

1954 Event - Frank Selvy of Milwaukee sets then NBA record of 24 of 26 free throws

1952 Event - Outfielder Don Grate throws a baseball a record 434'1" (Tennessee)

1944 Event - Braves Red Barrett throws only 58 pitches to shut out Cincinnati Reds 2-0

1943 Event - Elly Dammers throws Dutch record spear (41,43m)

1943 Event - Pirates Rip Sewell 1st throws his dew-drop (eephus) ball in a game

1942 Event - Seinheuer throws female world record spear (47.24m)

1935 Event - H Levitt sinks 499 basketball free throws, misses and sinks 371 more

1931 Event - Stalin throws Krupskaya Lenin out of Central Committee

1930 Event - Stomboli volcano (Sicily) throws 2-ton basaltic rocks 2 miles

1929 Event - Stalin throws Nicolai Bucharin out of Politburo

1926 Event - Russian Politburo throws out Leo Trotsky and followers

1925 Event - Turkish government throws out Constantine VI of Constantinople

1921 Event - Due to a technicality, 8 Chicago White Sox accused in Black Sox scandal are acquited, however Landis throws them out of baseball

1917 Event - Ernie Shore replaces Red Sox pitcher Babe Ruth with a runner on, he throws him out and retires all 26 he faces for a perfect game

1914 Event - Yankee catcher Nunamaker throws out 3 would be stealers in 1 inning

1913 Event - Suffragette Emily Davinson throws himself in front of king's horse

1913 Event - President Woodrow Wilson throws out 1st ball, Senators beat Yankees 2-1

1911 Event - Audience throws vegetables at actors for 1st recorded time in US

1910 Event - Passenger on SS Arawatta throws bottle with note overboard, found June 6, 1983 in Queensland

1897 Event - Washington Senator catcher Charlie Farrell throws out 8 attempted stealers

1825 Event - Dutch King Willem I throws foreign students out

1649 Event - Czar Aleksei throws out English merchants from Moscow

1597 Event - Germany throws out English sales people

1584 Event - English parliament throws out Jesuits

1538 Event - Geneve throws out Calvijn

1474 Event - Breisach land guardian Peter von Hagenbach throws out Walloon/Italians

1202 Event - King Philip II throws out John without Country, from France

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