Wireless Events in History

2014 Event - AT&T adds an unnamed automaker to its list of car manufacturers using the company's wireless service for mobile connectivity on the road; current customers include Volvo, Tesla and General Motors

2014 Event - The Brazilian government is auctioning part of the nation's television bandwidth spectrum to mobile phone companies, providing much-needed capacity to meet wireless demand

2013 Event - U.S. wireless service provider T-Mobile has its opening day on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TMUS

2013 Event - Google agrees to settle a privacy lawsuit, paying a $7 million fine over its handling of wireless data from early 2008 until the spring of 2010

2013 Event - Research In Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of wireless devices, releases the Blackberry 10, its newest operating system for Blackberrys; the company also announces two smartphones, the Z10 and Q10

2010 Event - A series of eight 3G wireless transmitters have been installed along the trail to base camps on Mount Everest, with coverage reaching the summit

1932 Birthday - Lord Young of Graffham, CEO, Cables and Wireless

1924 Event - 1st radio-transmission of wireless: Matthaus Passion

1915 Event - 1st wireless message sent from a moving train to a station received

1911 Event - New York receives 1st Marconi wireless transmission from Italy

1908 Event - Wireless Radio Broadcasting is patented by Nathan B. Stubblefield

1906 Event - SOS adopted as warning signal by 1st conference on wireless telegraphy

1904 Event - 1st daily wireless weather forecasts published (London)

1889 Event - 1st ship-to-shore wireless message received in U.S. (SF)

1872 Event - Mahlon Loomis patents wireless radio

1872 Event - Mahlon Loomis patents wireless telegraphy

1850 Birthday - Karl F Braun, Germany, co-developed wireless telegraphy, Nobel 1909

1834 Birthday - William Preece, English electrical engineer/wireless pioneer

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