Xvi Events in History

2013 Event - Before celebrating Christmas Mass at Pope Francis pays a visit to Pope Benedict XVI at his retirement home

2013 Event - Pope Francis canonizes a record-breaking number of new Catholic Church saints; Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI submitted the 813 'Martyrs of Otranto' who were beheaded by Ottoman soldiers for refusing to convert to Islam

2013 Event - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI returns to live in Vatican City the Mater Ecclesiae two months after resigning as Pope

2013 Event - In Rome, Italy, Roman Catholic Cardinals meet in a conclave to appoint a successor to Pope Benedict XVI

2013 Event - More than 100 Catholic cardinals meet in Rome, Italy, to begin the process of selecting the successor to Pope Benedict XVI

2013 Event - At Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI delivers his farewell address

2013 Event - Citing frail health, Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation effective February 28, 2013; he is the first Pope to resign since Pope Gregory XII in 1415

2012 Event - At St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, Rome, Pope Benedict XVI delivers the annual Christmas Message and holds traditional Mass at St. Peters Basilica

2012 Event - Seven new saints are canonized by Pope Benedict XVI, including Anna Schaffer, Kateri Tekakwitha, Marianne Cope and Pedro Calungsod

2012 Event - Pope Benedict XVI adds Arabic to the number of languages broadcasting the weekly Vatican address

2012 Event - Pope Benedict XVI visits Lebanon

2012 Event - Pope Benedict XVI's former butler receives orders from the Vatican to stand trial for his alleged involvement in leading allegations of corruption in the Holy See

2012 Event - Salvatore J. Cordileone is appointed the ninth Metropolitan Archbishop of San Francisco by Pope Benedict XVI

2012 Event - Fox News reporter and Opus Dei member Greg Burke is selected by Pope Benedict XVI as secretariat of state

2012 Event - The Vatican confirms that Pope Benedict XVI's butler was arrested for allegedly leading confidential documents

2012 Event - In Mexico, thousands in Guanajuato, come out to greet Pope Benedict XVI at the start of his first visit to Spanish-speaking Latin America

2012 Event - Pope Benedict XVI says Cuba needs to find ways to move away from Communism, and that he will help them find a peaceful way to make the transition

2012 Event - An internal investigation is launched by Pope Benedict XVI involving leaks of confidential documents that allege corruption, financial mismanagement and power struggles among senior church officials

2012 Event - Pope Benedict XVI announces seven new saints - including American saint Kateri Tekakwitha - and appoints 22 new cardinals

2011 Event - The annual Christmas message is delivered by Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

2011 Event - Pope Benedict XVI begins his state visit to Germany

2011 Event - Pope Benedict XVI announces the launch of a new Vatican website, news.va; he also performs the first tweet ever made by a pope

2011 Event - Pope Benedict XVI announces Roman Catholic bishops must obey a papal order allowing priests to say the old-style Tridentine Mass

2011 Event - Pope Benedict XVI performs Easter Mass at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City; he calls for dialogue and diplomacy to end Libya's unrest

2011 Event - The Pope, Benedict XVI, becomes the first pontiff to participate in a televised interview session, pre-recorded for Italian television

2011 Event - In his book 'Jesus of Nazareth Part II', Pope Benedict XVI exonerates the Jewish people for the responsibility of the death of Jesus

2011 Event - Pope Benedict XVI urges Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy law whereby those who insult the Prophet Muhammed receive the death penalty

2010 Event - Spain protests against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI

2010 Event - Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop, is canonized by Pope Benedict XVI at Saint Peter's Square

2010 Event - Pope Benedict XVI celebrates open-air Mass at Fatima, Portugal with over 500,000 pilgrims attending from 35 nations including Vietnam, China and India

2006 Event - Pope Benedict XVI quotes a criticism of the Islamic faith leading to mass protests

2005 Event - Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, becomes the 265th pope

1982 Event - Superbowl XVI: San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21 in Pontiac, Michigan

1976 Event - King Charles XVI Gustaf of Sweden marries Dutchess Silvia Sommerlath

1973 Event - Carl XVI Gustaf, becomes King of Sweden

1952 Birthday - Giuliano Ferrara, born in Rome, Italy, activist, atheist, communist turned Centre-Right and pro-life, admired Pope Benedict XVI

1946 Birthday - Karl XVI Gustav F H, King of Sweden, 1973-

1943 Birthday - Silvia Sommerlath, German wife of King Carl XVI of Sweden, 1973-

1927 Birthday - Pope Benedict XVI, German Clergyman

1851 Death - Marie-Therese-Charlotte, d of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, dies at 72

1846 Death - Gregory XVI, Bartolomeo A Cappellari]/Mauro, Pope dies at 80

1834 Event - Pope Gregory XVI's encyclical "Singulari nos" published

1832 Event - Gregory XVI encyclical On liberalism and religious indifferentism

1793 Death - Louis XVI, French king (1774-93), beheaded by revolutionaries at 38

1793 Event - French King Louis XVI sentenced to death

1792 Event - France's King Louis XVI went on trial, accused of treason

1792 Event - Mobs in Paris attack palace of Louis XVI

1792 Event - King Louis XVI fires French government

1791 Event - France's King Louis XVI accepts constitution

1791 Event - Fleeing French King Louis XVI and family captured at Varennes-en-Argonne

1791 Event - King Louis XVI caught trying to escape French Revolution

1788 Event - King Louis XVI calls French States and Generals together

1778 Birthday - Marie-Therese-Charlotte, daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette

1774 Event - Louis XVI ascends to throne of France

1770 Event - Marie Antoinette (14) marries future King Louis XVI (15) of France

1765 Birthday - Gregory XVI, Bartolomeo A Cappellari/Mauro, Italy, Pope

1764 Birthday - Elisabeth PMH, princess of France/son of king Louis XVI

1754 Birthday - Louis XVI, Versailles, king of France, 1774-93, eventually guillotined

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