1500 in History

January 5 Duke Ludovico Sforza's troops reconquer Milan
March 9 Pedro Cabral departs with 13 ships to India
April 8 Battle at Novara: King Louis XII beats duke Ludovico Sforza
April 10 France captures duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan
April 22 Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovers Brazil and claims it for Portugal
April 23 Pedro Cabral lands and annexes Brazil (Terra da Vera Cruz)
June 25 Pope Alexander VI accept Treaty of Granada
July 15 "Blood Wedding" of Astorre Baglione and Lavinia Colonna in Perugia family Baglione massacre
July 15 Duke Albrecht of Saxon beats Friese rebellion
August 10 Diego Diaz discovers Madagascar
November 11 Treaty of Granada: France and Aragon divide Naples
November 25 Governor De Bobadilla of Santo Domingo captures Columbus

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