1704 in History

February 28 Elias Neau, a Frenchman, opens a school for blacks in New York City
February 28 Indians attack Deerfield, Massachusetts, kill 40, kidnap 100
February 29 French and Indians attack Deerfield, Massachusetts, kill 50, abduct 100
April 17 1st successful U.S. newspaper; published in Boston by John Campbell
April 24 "Boston News-Letter," 1st successful newspaper in U.S., forms
May 1 Boston Newsletter publishes 1st newspaper ad
May 20 Elias Neau forms school for slaves in New York
July 12 Stanislaw Leszcynski becomes king of part of Poland
July 24 English and Dutch troops occupy Gibraltar
August 2 Duke of Marlborough beats French and Bavarians at Blenheim
August 3 English/Dutch fleet under Rooke/Callenburgh occupy Gibraltar
August 4 War of Spanish Succession, English and Dutch troops occupy Gibraltar
August 13 French and Bavarian forces were routed by a combined British, German and Dutch army at Blenheim, Germany
August 24 Sea battle at Malaga
August 25 Battle at Malaga: French vs English and Dutch fleet

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