January 29 Events in History - January 29 Birthdays - January 29 Deaths
2015 Despite finding no wreckage to date, Malaysian officials announce that the March 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is being ruled an accident; the ruling lets families of the missing passengers seek compensation for the tragedy
2014 U.S. Southern states of Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina experience a mix of snow and ice, declaring emergencies as over 3,400 flights are cancelled; temperatures dip 10 to 20 degrees below normal
2014 Shanghai and Hong Kong halt live poultry sales after a third death from to the H7N9 bird flu is reported in Hong Kong; China has reported 19 deaths and 96 infections from the bird flu at the beginning of 2014
2013 U.S. Senator John Kerry is confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the next U.S. Secretary of State
2013 For the first time since launching Google Maps, Google extends its data coverage of North Korea, filling in previously blank areas on most of the country with detailed maps that identify landmarks
2012 The 18th Screen Actors Guild Awards takes place in Los Angeles, California
2012 French President Nicolas Sarkozy presents an economic reform package that increases taxes and proposes a new tax on financial transactions
2011 A 450 year-old painting by Titian of the Madonna and Child sets a record at Sotheby's, selling for $16.9 million
2011 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appoints Omar Suleiman Vice President, the first office existing under the President in 30 years
2010 The Wittelsback-Graff Diamond, a 31.06-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond, once part of the Austrian and Bavarian Crown jewels, is placed on display at the Smithsonian
2002 In his State of the Union address, President George W. Bush likens Iraq, Iran and North Korea to an 'axis of evil'
1998 "Capeman," opens at Marquis Theater New York City
1998 Singers Bobby Brown found guiilty of DWI in Ft. Lauderdale Fla
1998 Soyuz TM-27 launches to MIR
1998 Thick Fog causes highway carnage in Belgium and Netherlands, 6 die
1998 Woman's Clinic in Birmingham Alabama bombed, 1 killed
1996 23rd American Music Award: Garth Brooks wins
1996 Last day of Test cricket for David Boon
1996 6,138th performance of "Cats" is held in London, surpassing record of Broadway's longest-running musical, "A Chorus Line"
1995 Andre Agassi defeats Pete Sampras to win Australian Open
1995 Greg Blewett scores century on Test debut vs England, Adelaide
1995 Superbowl XXIX: San Francisco 49ers beat San Diego Chargers, 49-26 in Miami
1995 Superbowl MVP: Steve Young, San Francisco, quarterback
1993 Test debut of Vinod Kambli, prolific Indian batsman
1991 "Piano Lesson" closes at Walter Kerr Theater New York City after 320 performances
1991 Nelson Mandela and Mangosuthu Buthelezi meet after 28 years
1990 Exxon Valdez Captain Joseph Hazelwood goes on trial due to oil spill
1989 77th Australian Men Tennis: Ivan Lendl beats Miloslav Mecir (62 62 62)
1989 Cleveland's Chris Dudley misses 5 free throws during 1 foul attempt
1989 Dottie Mochrie wins Oldsmobile LPGA Golf Classic
1989 Dow jumps 38.06 recoups 508-pt loss since Oct 1987; index at 2,256.43
1989 Episcopal church appoints 1st female bishop
1989 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 34-3
1989 Orlando Arena opens
1989 U.S.S.R.'s Phobos II enters Martian orbit
1989 Game-winning RBI, official statistic dropped after 9 years of use New York Mets Keith Hernandez is the all-time leader with 129
1988 Canadian Ben Johnson breaks own 50-yard dash world record at 5.15
1988 Detroit's Kirk Gibson signs a 3-year contract with Dodgers
1988 Largest NBA crowd-Boston Celtics at Detroit (61,938)
1988 United Airlines Boeing 747SP, circles world in 36h54m15s
1987 Lisa files for separation from husband New York Met Darryl Strawberry
1987 William J Casey, ends term as 13th director of CIA
1986 193.8 million shares traded in New York Stock Exchange
1986 Yoweri Museveni sworn in as president of Uganda
1985 Jari Kurri of Edmonton Oilers scores 100th pt of season in game 39
1984 34th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 154-145 (OT) at Denver
1984 Actress Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) marries Robert Altman
1984 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 45-3
1984 President Reagan formally announces he will seek a 2nd term
1984 Silvia Bertolaccini wins LPGA Mazda Golf Classic of Deer Creek
1984 Space Shuttle 41-B (STS-11) Challenger launched
1983 "Down Under" by Men At Work hit #1 on U.K. pop chart
1983 40th Golden Globes: Gandhi, ET and Tootsie win
1982 Old Dominion ends La Tech's women's basketball rec 54-game win streak
1982 Wayne Garland, baseball 1st millionaire free agent, waived by Indians
1981 AL approves sale of White Sox to Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn for $20 million, and 80% of Mariners to George Argyros for $104 million
1980 6 Iranian held U.S. hostages escape with help of Canadians
1980 Cleveland Cavaliers beat Los Angeles Lakers 154-153 in quadruple OT
1979 9th AFC-NFC pro bowl, NFC wins 13-7
1979 Brenda Spencer kills 2, inspires Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays"
1979 Chinese vice-premier Deng Xiaoping visits Washington, D.C.
1979 Emerson, Lake and Palmer disband after 10 years together
1979 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 13-7
1979 President Carter commuted Patricia Hearst's 7 year sentence to 2 years
1978 Joanne Carner wins Colgate Triple Crown Match-Play Golf Championship
1976 Zeiss planetarium in Hague destroyed by fire
1975 "Men on the Moon" opens at Little Theater New York City for 5 performances
1975 1st Annual Comedy Awards of the Year hosted by Alan King
1975 W I win Fifth Test against India to take exciting series 3-2
1974 27th NHL All-Star Game: West beat East 6-4 at Chicago
1972 5th ABA All-Star Game: East 142 beats West 115 at Louisville
1971 Test debut of Dennis Keith Lillee, vs. England at Adelaide
1970 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1969 Jimi Hendrix and Peter Townshend wage a battle of guitars
1969 Sheahan and Connolly hang on for exciting draw Australia vs. W Indies
1968 Nauru adopts constitution
1967 "Let's Sing Yiddish" closes at Brooks Atkinson New York City after 107 performances
1967 Branch Rickey and Lloyd Waner elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1967 Kees Verkerk becomes European skating champ
1967 WDAZ TV channel 8 in Devils Lake, ND (ABC) begins broadcasting
1966 "Sweet Charity" opens at Palace Theater New York City for 608 performances
1966 Lawry and Simpson complete 244 opening stand vs. England, Adelaide
1966 Snow storm in north east U.S. kills 165
1966 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
1966 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Allen
1964 9th Winter Olympic games open in Innsbruck, Austria
1964 Beatles record in German "Komm, Gib Mir Diene Hand" and "Sie Leibt Dich"
1964 Most lopsided high-school basketball score 211-29 (Louisiana)
1964 NBC purchases AFL 5 year (1965-69) TV rights for $36 million
1964 Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove," premieres
1964 Unmanned Apollo 1 Saturn launcher test attains Earth orbit
1963 Jim Thorpe, Red Grange and George Halas elected to football hall of fame
1961 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Laurence Owen
1961 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Bradley Lord
1959 Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" released
1958 Murderer, Charles Starkweather, captured by police in Wyoming
1958 Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward wed
1957 Graham Greene's "Potting Shed," premieres in New York City
1956 Friedrich Durrenmatt's "Der Besuch der Alten Dame," premieres in Zurich
1955 John Williams Cox buys Yankee Stadium, sells grounds to Knights of Columbus, later leaves structure to Rice University (1962)
1954 Arnold Schoenberg's "De Profundis," premieres in Cologne
1953 1st movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premieres
1951 "Where's Charley?" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 56 performances
1951 Baseball signs 6 year All-Star pact for TV-radio rights for $6 million
1951 Liz Taylor's 1st divorce, Conrad Hilton, Jr.
1949 England, Belgium, Lux, Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland recognize Israel
1948 "Look Ma, I'm Dancin'" opens at Adelphi Theater New York City for 188 performances
1948 Commissioner Happy Chandler fines the Yankees, Cubs, and Phillies $500 each for signing high school players
1947 Arthur Miller's "All My Sons," premieres in New York City
1944 285 German bombers attack London
1943 New Zealand's Kiwi cruiser collides with Japanese sub I-1 at Guadalcanal
1943 Sidney Kingsley's "Patriots," premieres in New York City
1942 1st broadcast of Roy Plomley's "Desert Island Discs" on BBC
1942 German and Italian troops occupy Banghazi
1942 Peru and Ecuador sign Protocol of Rio (boundary determiniation)
1936 1st players elected to Baseball Hall of Fame - Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson
1933 German president von Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor
1932 Test debut of Bill O'Reilly, vs South Africa at Adelaide
1929 Seeing Eye Guide Dog Organization forms
1927 4th German government of Marx forms
1925 British Liberals choose David Lloyd George as party leader
1924 Ice cream cone rolling machine patented by Carl Taylor, Cleveland
1922 Union of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador dissolved
1921 Hurricane hits Washington and Oregon
1920 Walt Disney starts 1st job as an artist; $40 week with Kansas City Slide Co.
1919 Secretary of state proclaims 18th amendment, prohibition
1917 English submarine K13 leaves Gaire Loch
1916 1st bombings of Paris by German Zeppelins takes place
1913 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, at Howard University, incorporates
1912 Martial law declared in textile strike in Lawrence, MA
1908 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, at Cornell University, incorporates
1906 Coen de King skates world record time: 32,370 km
1904 1st athletic letters given (University of Chicago football team)
1903 Dutch railroad workers strike
1900 Boers under Joubert beat English at Spionkop Natal, 2,000 killed
1900 American League organized in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Minneapolis
1896 Emile Grubbe is 1st dr to use radiation treatment for breast cancer
1895 King Koko's Kopermannen assault on Akassa Niger, 100's killed
1886 1st successful gasoline-driven car patented, Karl Benz, Karlsruhe
1879 Custer Battlefield National Monument, Montana established
1872 Francis L Cardoza elected State Treasurer of South Carolina
1864 Battle of Moorefield, WV (Rosser's Raid)
1863 Battle at Bear River, Washington: U.S. Army vs indians
1861 Kansas becomes 34th state
1860 American College established in Rome by Pope Pius IX
1856 Victoria Cross established to acknowledge bravery
1850 Henry Clay introduces a comprise bill on slavery to U.S. Senate
1848 Sicily accepts new Constitution (choose parliament/freedom of press)
1845 Edgar Allen Poe's "Raven" 1st published (New York City)
1839 Charles Darwin marries Emma Wedgwood
1834 President Jackson orders 1st use of U.S. troops to suppress a labor dispute
1802 John Beckley of Virginia appointed 1st Librarian of Congress
1788 Australia Day
1781 Mozart's opera "Idomeneo" premieres, Munich
1732 Paris churchyard Saint-Medard closed after Jansenistic ritual
1728 John Gays' "Beggar's Opera," premieres in London
1676 Fjodor Aleksejevitsj becomes czar of Russia
1613 Galileo observes Neptune but fails to recognize what he sees
1587 Deventer and Zutphen surrender to Spain
1574 Sea battle of Reimerswaal - Admiral Boisot beats Spanish fleet
1523 Sermon of Constanz: Zwingli defends 67 Schlussreden