November 8 Events in History - November 8 Birthdays - November 8 Deaths
2014 North Korea releases Americans Matthew Todd Miller and Kenneth Bae; Bae was imprisoned for two years after arrest for missionary actions, while Miller was detained in April for 'hostile acts' after tearing up his visa and requesting asylum
2014 Actor Matt Damon announces that he will return to the 'Bourne' movie franchise, starring in the next film to be released in 2016; interim star Jeremy Renner will also continue his role as Aaron Cross
2013 Palestinian investigators claim their former leader, Yasser Arafat, did not die of old age or ill health; they believe Israel killed him because his exhumed body contained high levels of the radioactive element polonium-210
2012 2011 Tucson shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, is given 7 consecutive life sentences
2012 European Central Bank president, Mario Draghi, confirms the design overhaul of euro banknotes, beginning with the 5 euro note
2011 The IAEA releases a report stating Iran has performed activities relating to the development of a nuclear device, and that the project is likely still under way
2011 A new census measure claims that a record number of Americans, 49.1 million, are living below the poverty line
2010 U.S. talk show host Conan O'Brien returns to television on TBS after a ten-month absence
2010 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao releases pictures of the moon's Sinus Iridum, or Bay of Rainbows, taken during China's Chang e-2 lunar mission
2006 Donald Rumsfeld resigns as U.S. Secretary of Defense
2004 U.S. troops launch offensive on Falluja
1998 Japan Golf Classic
1997 Tampa Bay Devil Rays name their 1st manager Larry Rothschild
1997 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Countess Diana, Elmhurst, Ajina, Spinning World, Favorite Trick, Chief Bearhart, Skip Away
1994 Cleveland Cavaliers 1st game at Gund Arena, lose to Hous Rockets, 100-98
1994 Haitian government of Smarck Michel forms
1992 "Solitary Confinement" opens at Nederlander Theater New York City for 25 performances
1992 300,000 demonstrators against racism in Berlin
1992 Betsy King wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
1991 Paul Coffey sets NHL defensman soring mark with 311th goal
1990 "6 Degrees of Separation" opens at Vivian Beaumont New York City for 496 performances
1990 100,000 additional U.S. troops are sent to Persian gulf
1990 Darryl Strawberry signs 5-year contract with Los Angeles Dodgers
1990 Gina Marie Tolleson of USA, 21, crowned 40th Miss World
1990 Saddam fires his army chief and threatens to destroy Arabian peninsula
1989 Cubs Jerome Walton wins the NL Rookie of Year
1989 David Dinkins elected 1st black mayor of New York City
1989 Douglas Wilder elected 1st U.S. black governor (Virginia)
1988 900 die as earthquake hits China
1988 Arco Arena in Sacramento, California opens, Sac Kings lose to Seattle, 97-75
1988 George Bush beats Mike Dukakis for presidency
1988 Rafael Fernandez Colon elected if President of Puerto Rico
1987 11 die as a bomb planted by Irish Republican Army explodes
1987 Australia beat England by 7 runs to win cricket World Cup
1987 IRA-bomb attack in Enniskillen North Ireland, 11 killed
1987 Yuko Moriguchi wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
1986 "Song and Dance" closes at Royale Theater New York City after 474 performances
1985 Atlantis moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61-B mission
1984 1st-class cricket debut of Wasim Akram, 2 months before his 1st Test
1984 Anna Fisher becomes 1st "mom" to go into orbit
1984 STS-51-A mission; launch
1983 Martha Layne Collins (D) elected 1st female governor of Kentucky
1983 STS-9 vehicle again moves to launch pad
1983 W Wilson Goode (D) elected 1st black mayor of Philadelphia
1981 Christian Democrats looses Belgium parliamentary election
1981 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
1980 Voyager 1 space probe discovers 15th moon of Saturn
1979 Bernard Slade's "Romantic Comedy," premieres in New York City
1979 ABC broadcasts "Iran Crisis: American Held Hostage" with Frank Reynolds (forerunner to "Nightline")
1978 Tom Stoppard's "Night and Day," premieres in London
1975 Nick Bockwinkle beats Verne Gagne in St. Paul, to become NWA champ
1974 British Lord Lucan disappears
1973 Nevada approves pari-mutuel betting on Jai Alai
1970 Tom Dempsey of New Orleans Saints kicks NFL record 63 yard field goal
1968 Cynthia Lennon is granted a divorce from John
1967 1st local British radio station begins broadcasting (Radio Leicester)
1967 Silver hits record $1.951 an ounce in London
1967 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1966 Edward Brooke, Representative-R-Massachusetts 1967 - 1979, becomes 1st African American elected to Senate
1966 Actor Ronald Reagan elected governor of California
1966 President Johnson signs anti-trust immunity to AFL-NFL merger
1965 "Days of Our Lives" premieres on TV
1965 British Indian Ocean Territory formed
1964 IMF grants Great Britain credit of $1 billion
1964 KUPK TV channel 13 in Garden City, KS (ABC) begins broadcasting
1964 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Tall City Golf Open
1964 Orioles Frank Robinson unanimous choice as AL MVP
1962 Canada government orders changing nickel back to round shape
1961 Whitey Ford is voted Cy Young Award winner over Warren Spahn
1960 John F. Kennedy, Senator-D-Massachusetts, beats Vice President Richard Nixon to become the 35th U.S. president
1959 KJTV (now KGET) TV channel 17 in Bakersfield, California (NBC) 1st broadcast
1959 Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba's Nes Destour party wins every chair
1958 "Maria Golovin" closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City after 5 performances
1957 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1956 U.N. demands U.S.S.R. leave Hungary
1954 AL approves Philadelphia A's move to Kansas City
1953 Salazars party wins all parliament seats in Portugal
1951 New York Yankee Catcher Yogi Berra wins 1st of his 3 MVP awards
1950 1st jet-plane battle ever, in Korean War
1950 Boston Red Sox 1B Walt Dropo wins AL Rookie of Year
1950 In the Korean War, 1st jet battle takes place
1950 Walt Dropo of Boston Red Sox selected AL Rookie of Year
1947 Bradman scores his 99th 1st-class cricket century, 100 SA vs. Victoria
1946 Jean-Paul Sartre's "La Putain Respecteuse," premieres in Paris
1945 "Girl from Nantucket" opens at Adelphi Theater New York City for 12 performances
1945 Riverboat sinks off Hong Kong; kills 1,550
1944 25,000 Hungarian Jews are loaned to Nazis for forced labor
1944 Last German troops at Walcheren surrenders
1942 Allies under Eisenhower land in N-Africa (Casablanca)
1942 Hitler proclaims fall of Stalingrad from Munich beer hall
1942 Operation "Torch" began as U.S. and British forces land in French N Afr
1942 Vichy-France drops diplomatic relations with US
1940 RAF bombs Munich
1939 Failed assassination attempt on Hitler in Burgerbraukeller, Munich
1939 H Lindsay and R Crouse' "Life with Father," premieres in New York City
1938 1st black woman legislator, Crystal Bird Fauset of Philadelphia
1934 Ford Frick, NL publicity director, is named league president
1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt creates Civil Works Administration
1932 "Make Mine Music," debuts
1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D) elected 32nd president for 1st time
1930 Friedrich Wolf's "Die Matrosen von Cattaro," premieres in Berlin
1929 Jean Giraudoux' "Amphitryon '38," premieres in Paris
1929 New York City Museum of Modern Art opens in Hecksher Building
1928 George and Ira Gershwin's musical "Treasure Girl," premieres in New York City
1926 George Gershwin's musical "Oh, Kay," premieres in New York City
1924 Austria chancellor Ignaz Seipel, resigns after assassination attempt
1924 Fortune Theatre opens in London
1923 Hitler stages unsuccessful "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munchen (Munich)
1920 Actress Edna Lewis Thomas debuts at Putnam Theatre Brooklyn
1920 Baseball meeting to depose Ban Johnson is set for Nov 12th
1918 Pro-German supreme commander general Cutters lay-offs
1917 People's Commissars gives authority to Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin
1917 Telephone Co runs 1st ad for Army operators, gets 7,000 applicants
1910 1st Washington State election in which women could vote
1904 President Theodore Roosevelt (R) defeats Alton B Parker (D)
1900 Theodore Dreiser's novel "Sister Carrie" is published
1895 Wilhelm Roentgen (Germany) discovers X-rays
1892 Grover Cleveland (D) elected president
1889 Montana admitted as 41st state
1884 German government recognizes King Leopold II's Congo Free State
1883 English freighter Nisero stranded at Atjeh (crew taken hostage)
1880 Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, made U.S. debut at New York's Booth Theater
1870 Democratic governor elected in Tennessee
1864 Abraham Lincoln (R) elected to his 2nd term as president
1861 Battle of Mount Ivy, Kentucky
1861 U.S. removes Confederate officials from British steamer Trent
1842 Belgium King Leopold I proclaims child labor laws (for 1889)
1838 Victor Hugo's "Ruy Blas," premieres in Paris
1837 Mount Holyoke Seminary in Mass-1st U.S. college founded for women
1833 Train derails at Hightstown, New Jersey; 2 die
1793 Louvre in Paris, opens
1789 Bourbon Whiskey, 1st distilled from corn by Elijah Craig, Bourbon, Kentucky
1734 Cook Vincent la Chapelle forms Free Masons Lodge
1731 In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin opens 1st U.S. library
1701 William Penn presents Charter of Priviliges
1658 Battle of Sont: Swedish fleet beats Dutch
1638 Anne Hutchinson banished from Massachusetts
1627 English fleet under George Villiers leaves Rhe
1620 Battle of White Mountain, Prague
1598 Spanish troops under of Bernardino de Mendoza conquer Doetinchem
1576 Pacificatie of Gent: 17 Dutch provinces signs anti-Spanish covenant
1575 French Roman Catholics and Huguenots signs treaty
1519 1st meeting of Montezuma and Hernando Cortes in Mexico
1494 Uprising against Piero de' Medici in Florence Italy
1322 Pope John XXII names John van Diest, bishop of Utrecht
911 Duke Koenraad I chosen German king
618 St. Deusdedit I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
392 Emperor Theodosius declares christian religion, state religion