April 10 Birthdays in History - April 10 Deaths - April 10 Events
1989 Haley Joel Osment, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Matt-Jeff Foxworthy Show
1984 Zoe, Melbourne Australia, 1st frozen-embryo child
1984 Mandy Moore, born in Orlando, Florida, singer, songwriter, actress, films include 'A Walk to Remember', teen pop albums include 'So Real, I Wanna Be with You'
1981 Michael Pitt, American Actor
1979 Sophie Ellis Bextor, English Musician
1979 Rachel Corrie, American Activist
1978 Jessica Davis, born in Greenbrae, California, rhythmic gymnast, 1996 Olympics
1977 Claudia Delpin, Miss Chile Universe 1997
1975 Eric Den Besten, Bettendorf Iowa, rower 1996 Olympics
1975 Steve Washburn, born in Ottawa, NHL center for the Florida Panthers
1974 Sherry Johnson, born in Owatonna, Minnesota, Miss America-Minnesota 1996
1972 Maurice Harrell, NFL tight end for the San Diego Chargers
1972 Richard Wearne, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1972 Sue Merz, ice hockey defenseman, USA, 1998 Olympics
1971 Karl Williams, wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1971 Mihai Bagiu, born in Timisoara, Romania, U.S. gymnast 1996 Olympics
1971 Nana Miyagi, born in Seattle, Washington tennis star, 1995 final Surabaya doubles
1970 Enrico Ciccone, born in Montreal, NHL defenseman, Chicago Blackhawks
1970 J. J. McCleskey, NFL safety, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals
1970 Sean Gilbert, defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins
1970 Wesley Barnett, born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Olympic weightlifter, Silver medal 1987 Pan American
1969 Billy Jacoby, born in Flushing, New York, actor, Brad-Silver Spoons, Maggie
1969 Dennis Vial, born in Sault Ste-Marie, California, NHL defenseman, Ottawa Senators
1969 Wayne Lammle, WLAF kicker and punter for the Scotland Claymores
1969 William Jayne, actor, Mikey Randall-Parker Lewis Can't Lose
1968 Orlando Jones, American Comedian
1967 Donald Dufresne, born in Rimouski, NHL defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers
1967 Kay Whitmore, born in Sudbury, NHL goalie for the New York Rangers
1966 Neil Smith, NFL defensive end, Kansas City Chiefs, Den Broncos Superbowl 32
1965 Karen Booker, WNBA center for the Utah Starzz
1965 Tim "Herb" Alexander, U.S. funk metal drummer, Primus-Prok soda
1964 Alan "Reni" Wren, English pop drummer, Stone Roses-Fools Gold
1964 Manon Bollegraf, born in den Bosch, Netherlands, tennis star, semi 1996 Australia doubles
1963 Claire Smith, born in Ottawa, Ontario, equestrian 3 day event 1996 Olympics
1963 Kirk Lowdermilk, NFL center for the Indianapolis Colts
1963 Marvin Freeman, born in Chicago, Illinois, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
1963 Mike Devereaux, born in Casper, Wyoming, outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles
1963 Warren DeMartini, heavy metal rocker, Dokken-Alone Again, Ratt
1962 Cathy Turner, born in Rochester, New York, short track skater 1994 Olympics gold
1962 Jukka Tammi, hockey goaltender, Team Finland 1998 Olympics Bronze
1962 Steve Tasker, wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills
1961 Jeb Adams, born in Hollywood, California, actor, Lt Jeb Pruitt-Baa Baa Black Sheep
1961 Olivia Brown, born in Frankfurt GFR, actress, Det Trudy Joplin-Miami Vice
1960 Julie Fulton, born in Evanston, Illinois, actress, Lime Steel
1960 Afrika Bambaataa, American Musician
1959 Brian Setzer, born in Massapequa Park, New York, rock guitarist and vocalist, Stray Cats
1958 Ken Griffy, baseball player, Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees
1957 John M. Ford, born in East Chicago, Indiana, author, science fiction and fantasy, poet, game designer, wrote, 'The Final Reflection', 'How Much Just for the Planet?'
1955 Cary Middlecoff, born in Halls, Tennessee, professional golfer with what is currently known as the PGA Tour in the 1940s, University of Mississippi's first golf All-American 1939
1955 Lesley Garrett, English Musician
1954 Jouko Tormanen, born in Finland, 90m ski jumper, 1980 Olympics gold
1954 Peter MacNicol, born in Dallas, Texas, actor, Chicago Hope, Sophie's Choice
1954 Anne Lamott, born in San Fransisco, California, author and activist, wrote 'Grace: Thoughts on Faith' and 'Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith'
1953 David Moorcroft, born in Coventry, England, British athlete, long distance runner, 5,000 meters record holder, Chief Executive of UK Athletics from 1997 to 2007
1951 Mark Roth, bowler, 4-time PBA Player of Year
1951 Steven Seagal, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Above the Law, Hard to Kill
1950 Eddie Hazel, U.S. pop guitarist, Funkadelic-Uncle Jam Wants You
1949 Frank de Leeuw, Dutch rock guitarist, Bob Color
1948 Thomas Spencer, MEP, Conservative
1947 Bunny Waller, vocalist and percussionist, Bob Marley and Wailers
1946 Armand, Herman van Loenhout, singer, Blommenkinders
1946 Anne Boyd, born in Sydney, New South Wales, composer, professor of composition at the University of Sydney, recipient, Order of Australia, for contributions to music
1945 Vera Misevich, born in U.S.S.R., equestrian dressage, 1980 Olympics gold
1944 Danny Woods, U.S. musician, CEO of the Board
1941 Paul Theroux, American travel book writer, Mosquito Coast
1940 Gloria Hunniford, British broadcaster and actress, Old Curiosity Shop
1939 Alan Rothenberg, U.S. Soccer President, 1990-
1939 Daniel Oliver, born in New York City, CEO, Federal Trade Commission
1938 Don Meredith, born in Mount Vernon, Texas, NFL quarterback, Cowboys, and Monday Night Football
1937 Stan Mellor, British racehorse trainer and jockey
1936 John Madden, NFL coach for the Oakland Raiders/sports commentator, CBS, FOX
1936 Michael Naylor, insurance broker
1936 Robert "Bobby" Smith, U.S. singer, Spinners
1935 Jorge Mester, born in Mexico City, Mexico, conductor, Louisville Orchestra 1967 - 1979
1935 Patrick Garland, director, Doll House
1934 David Halberstam, born in New York City, journalist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner, wrote about the Vietnam War
1933 Philip Corner, born in America, composer, visual artist, taught by Fritz Jahoda, teacher, Modern Music at the New School for Social Research
1933 Poncie Ponce, actor, Kazuo Kim-Hawaiian Eye
1933 Robert Rhodes James, historian, Gallipoli
1932 Adrian Henri, poet and president, Liverpool Academy of Arts
1932 Delphine Seyrig, born in Beirut, Lebanon, actress, Freak Orlando, Reperages
1932 Hari Rhodes, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Mike-Daktari, Roots
1932 Mae Heriwentha Faggs Starr, born in New Jersey, 4x100m runner 1952 Olympics gold
1932 Nathaniel Nelson, rocker, Flamingos
1932 Omar Sharif, born in Egypt, actor, Dr. Zhivago, Top Secret
1931 Marcel van Maele, Belgian poet
1930 Lord Morton, of Shauna, senator, College of Justice, Scotland
1930 Shuja-ud-Din, cricketer, batted in 19 Tests for Pakistan 1954-62
1930 Ray Blanton, American Politician
1929 Max Von Sydow, born in Lund, Sweden, actor, Hawaii, Exorcist, Dune, Dreamscape
1926 "Alvin" Junior Samples, born in Cummings, Georgia, country singer, Hee Haw
1926 Jacques Casterede, composer
1926 Johnnie Tillmon, civil rights activist, National Welfare Rights Association
1924 Johanna M van de Berg, actress, What See I?
1924 Kenneth Noland, American Artist
1923 Floyd M. Simmons, actor and decathlete Olympics bronze 1948, 1952
1923 John Watkins, cricketer, South African all-rounder in 15 Tests 49-57
1921 Chuck Connors, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Rifleman, Branded, Cowboy in Africa
1921 Peter Herbert Penwarden, priest
1921 Sheb Wooley, born in Erick, Oklahoma, vocalist, Purple People Eater, Hee Haw
1917 Robert Burns Woodward, organic chemist, Nobel 1965
1915 Harry Morgan, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, December Bride, M*A*S*H, Dragnet
1915 Leo Vroman, Dutch/U.S. poet and biologist
1914 E. A. V. "Foffie" Williams, cricketer, WI all-rounder 1939-48
1914 Jack Badcock, cricketer, Tasmania Australian batsman of 30's
1913 Stefan Heym, German/U.S. author, Crusaders, Family Benda
1912 Clarke Hinkle, NFL fullback for the Green Bay Packers
1912 Martin Denny, rocker and actor, Forbidden Island
1912 Roy Hofheinz, engineer, Houston Astrodome
1911 Maurice Schumann, French statesman/writer, La Voix du couvre-feu
1910 Abu-Bakr Khairat, composer
1910 David Gilroy Bevan, politician
1909 Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish Businessman
1908 Aidan Crawley, CEO, London Weekend TV
1907 Pete Desjardins, U.S., platform and springboard diver 1928 Olympics gold
1906 Fud Livingston, composer
1906 Kathleen Major, principal, St. Hilda's College, England
1906 Lili Darvas, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, Szerelem, Cimmaron
1905 Jan H van Roijen, diplomat and Netherland foreign minister
1903 Clare Boothe Luce, U.S. ambassador, to Vatican
1903 Nick Stuart, Romania, bandleader
1900 Jean Duvieusart, premier, Belgium 1950
1898 Hans Ehrke, German writer and poet, Narrenspiegel, Fuer
1896 Edith Day, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1894 Ben Nicholson, English painter and sculptor, Circle
1892 Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt, German anthropologist, Rassenkunde
1892 Victor de Sabata, born in Trieste, Italy, conductor and composer, Il Macigno
1891 Tim McCoy, Saginaw, Michigan
1887 Bernardo A. Houssay, Argentine physiologist, Nobel 1947
1887 Heinz Tiessen, composer
1886 Val Paul, born in Denver, Colorado, actor, director, silent film era star, appeared in 99 films 1913 - 1922
1882 Simon F H J Berkelbach Van der Sprenkel, theologist, Fear and Religion
1880 Frances Perkins, 1st woman to hold cabinet-level position, Labor
1877 Alfred Kubin, writer
1873 George Black, Canadian Public Servant
1868 George Arliss, born in London, England, actor, Devil, Green Goddess
1864 Eugene Francis Charles D'Albert, German pianist and composer, Golem
1864 Tully Marshall, born in Nevada City, California
1857 Henry Ernest Dudeney, mathematician and puzzle maker
1854 Jozef M T Orelio, baritone
1847 Charles Swinnerton Heap, composer
1847 Joseph Pulitzer, born in Hungary, publisher, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, New York World
1835 Henry Villard, American Journalist
1833 David McMurtrie Gregg, Major General Union volunteers
1833 James Edward Rains, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1829 William Booth, founder, Salvation Army
1827 Lewis Wallace, Major General Union volunteers and author, Ben Hur
1827 Lew Wallace, American Soldier
1823 Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1808 Auguste Franchomme, composer
1806 Leonidas Polk, Lieutenant General Confederate Army
1797 Claude Ambroise Seurat, born in Troyes, France, World's skinniest man
1794 Matthew Calbraith Perry, Commodore, opened Japan
1783 Hortense E de Beauharnais, French queen of Netherlands, 1806-10
1778 William Hazlitt, essayist and critic
1755 Samuel Hahnemann, German physician and originator of homeopathy
1737 Francois Giroust, composer
1695 Balthazar Huydecoper, Dutch translator and historian
1633 Werner Fabricius, composer
1583 Hugo Grotius, Holland, jurist, father of international law
1569 Emilia van Nassau, daughter of Willem of Orange and Anna of Saxon
1512 James I, king of Scotland, 1513-42
401 Theodosius II, the Younger, Eastern Roman emperor